Muscle Spasms & Medical Marijuana

A Muscle Spasm is a sudden, involuntary contraction of a muscle group often accompanied by a sudden burst of pain.  Normally spasms are relatively harmless and cease after a few minutes. However, in some conditions, spasms can cause serious damage, as evident in heart disease, multiple sclerosis and among other disorders. 

Medicinal treatment with pharmaceutical drugs may or may not reduce spasticity and are associated with intolerable side effects.

Medical Cannabis and Muscle Spasms

Cannabis, is best known for its analgesic (painkilling) properties, but also has a deep history as an effective and tolerable treatment for spasticity.   Surveys have shown that many people use Cannabis to manage spasms and their associated conditions.  Patients with severe spastic conditions have reported that Medical Marijuana actually keeps them alive. Recently, therapies combining Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) extracts have shown potential for symptom relief with reduced intoxication and other side effects.  New varieties of MMJ  provide a balance between THC and CBD. 


"We conclude that this CBM may represent a useful new agent for treatment of the symptomatic relief of spasticity in MS."

-- C. Collins Department of Neurorehabilitation, Royal Berkshire, UK


A survey of recent literature revealed many studies that systematically document the efficacy and side effects of whole Marijuana plant extracts, THC and CBD in treatment of spasticity.  Invariably, THC and CBD extracts were generally considered to be well-tolerated and afforded a significant improvement of most patients' symptoms.


"We found evidence that combined THC and CBD extracts may provide therapeutic benefit for MS spasticity symptoms."

-- Dr. Lakhan SE, Ford CT, Tepper D,  BMC Neurol. 2009

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