Parkinson's & Medical Marijuana

Parkinson's disease (PD), is a degenerative disorder that affects the motor system of the brain and spine. Symptoms result from the death of dopamine-generating cells in the brain that affect motor control. Parkinson's is most commonly found in people over the age of 50.

The active ingredients of Medical Marijuana are now known to mimic body chemicals and cause dopamine to be released in the brain, which results in improved motor skills and a reduction of other Parkinson's symptoms. 

Physical Symptoms

  • shaking
  • rigidity
  • slowness of movement and reaction
  • difficulty with walking
  • sensory and sleep issues

Mental Symptoms

  • concentration difficulties
  • behavioral problems
  • dementia
  • depression


 "I have no choice about whether or not I have Parkinson's. I have nothing but choices about how I react to it. In those choices, there's freedom to do a lot of things in areas that I wouldn't have otherwise found myself in."

--  Michael J. Fox


The Cannabinoids Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD), are the primary active ingredients in Medical Cannabis.  THC and CBD are commonly prescribed in the treatment of most Parkinson's symptoms including, rigidity, shaking, spasms, inflammation and depressions.

By reducing inflammation and errant immune function that destroys motor control cells, Cannabinoids like THC and CBD can slow or even halt neurological damage at the core.


"I have a form of Parkinson's disease, which I don't like. My legs don't move when my brain tells them to. It's very frustrating."

--  George H. W. Bush, Karma and the War on Drugs

MMJDOCTORONLINE Note: Perhaps one day, in the not so distant future Parkinson's sufferers like George Bush and Michael Fox will be cured.  And there is mounting evidence that the cure may come, in part from Marijuana based medicines.

Facts and Figures

  • one million Americans live with Parkinson's
  • more victims than multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, Lou Gehrig's disease combined
  • 60,000 Americans are diagnosed yearly in the US
  • about 10 million people have Parkinson's worldwide
  • medication costs an average of $2,500 a year
  • therapy, care costs and loss of economic function

-- Source, Parkinson's Disease Foundation

MMJDOCTORONLINE Note:  For best results, it is important that Parkinson's sufferers use the right strain or Medical Marijuana product type.  Our California licensed Marijuana Doctors provide Cannabis consultations online with a 420 evaluation and MMJ cards that allow clients access to the right form of Medical Marijuana from any Dispensary in the State of California. 

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Slowing Parkinson's

Select marijuana compounds, including THC, significantly slow the Parkinsons disease process and extend the life of mice with ALS.

Improving Movement in Parkinson's

Stanford University School of Medicine report that endocannabinoids, naturally occurring chemicals found in the brain act similarly to compounds (Cannabinoids) found in marijuana and hashish.  Cannabinoids were shown to trigger a dramatic improvement in mice with a Parkinson's like condition.

Marijuana reduces Parkinson's Symptoms

Therapy using oral cannabis extract is effective for reducing spasticity, pain, urinary dysfunction, and impaired movement.  There is a important psychological risk - side effects - in 1 % of patients.



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