PTSD & Medical Marijuana

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a mental illness that develops after a life threatening event such as; sexual abuse, war, accidents, physical and mental violence.

PTSD Symptoms surface a month or so after a traumatic event and include; disturbing flashbacks, avoidance or numbing of associated memories, hyperarousal and response.


"Mood disturbance, physical disability, and quality of life all improved significantly during study treatment with Medical Marijuana and its derivatives "

--  Department of Medicine, University of California, San Diego


"My doctors shunned me and didn't approve of me doing it.  One doctor said I could get some repercussions for doing it. But I did it legally. And I know for a fact — I'm a walking testimonial — that it works."

--  Emanuel Herrera, Former Army Staff Sergeant, Purple Heart recipient

Physicians Coming on Board - Veterans and Medical Marijuana

Dr. Sue Sisley, assistant professor of psychiatry at the University of Arizona, finds that Medical Marijuana can be extremely effective for veterans suffering from PTSD.  Dr. Sue comments that many veterans turn to Marijuana only after conventional medicine fails.  She goes on to say that her research is focused on establishing real efficacy as opposed to collecting hearsay evidence from "Potheads".

The political landscape for Medical Marijuana in the U.S. - is much different now, than it was, even five years ago.  As research and clinical trial findings come forward, from reputable medical organizations, an overwhelming case for the efficacy of Medical Cannabis is solidifying.  As a result, physicians  opinions and practices are changing rapidly.   In other words, prescribing Medical Cannabis is on its way to becoming politically correct and mainstream and not just a poor excuse for people to get stoned.

However, Michael Krawitz, Executive Director of Veterans for Medical Cannabis Access in Virginia, is adamant that not nearly enough is being done, that veterans are "mercilessly being denied treatment"; suffering veterans in many states do not have access to Medical Marijuana and cannot be treated legally by physicians.


"Veterans overwhelming consensus opinion is that Medical Marijuana is the most effective drug to their treat PTSD"


How to Access Medical Cannabis for PTSD

In California, Medical Marijuana has been legal for 18 years. Medical Marijuana Doctors now routinely recommend Medical Cannabis to treat many psychological disorders including PTSD.

Adults in California can get a Medical Cannabis card and recommendation letter if they and any 420 physician or doctor of osteopathic medicine agrees. In California, there are 12 conditions listed, 'or any condition agreed upon by the doctor and patient.  So, it is the doctor's judgement, in light of his medical training and experience., that is the deciding facto whether, or not to prescribe Medical Cannabis.

MMJDOCTORONLINE provides Medical Marijuana cards that allow the holder to access MMJ from any Medical Marijuana Club or Dispensary in the State of California.

Facts and Figures PTSD

  • 5  million of adults have PTSD episodes yearly
  • rape and war , the most common cause
  • 50% with  PTSD are untreated
  • 118,829  Iraq and Afghanistan veterans diagnosed 2002-2014 
  • $8,300  Average cost, first year of treatment, veterans
  • MMJ is the drug of choice by veterans who "have tried everything"

-- Source in part, PTSD United

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