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1944 Ocean Cooperative carries the freshest strains like Northern Emerald's Titan OG and The Village's Purple Punch! If Edibles are your thing, we offer discounts on delicious products like Glowing Buddah, Korova, and Strictly Edibles on Mondays (more info below). Check our weekly and daily deals for discounts on your favorite brands like Moxie, West Coast Cure and Higher Ground! Our Meds are kept fresh in jars and weighed out at time of visit. We offer 4 gram Eighths and 1/16 ths (2 Grams) 10% discount for Veterans, Seniors and Students (must show class schedule/ Valid ID), Volcano Vaporizers on-site (No Purchase Necessary) We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover card with a minimum of $9. We are very pet friendly, feel free to bring your furry friend. ________________________________ Daily Deals!!! Sunday through Thursday *** Sundays *** Sun-DAZE; 20% off all concentrates w/ $35 donation. ________________________________ *** Mondays *** Mouthful Monday; 20% off all edibles, tinctures, and capsules w/ $20 donation. _______________________________ *** Tuesdays *** Trippy Tuesday; 20% off all $45 eighths. _______________________________ *** Wednesdays *** One Love Wednesday; 20% off all shatter w/ $30 donation. 15% off already discounted concentrates. 20% off Vapor kits and batteries with $30 donation. _____________________________ *** Thursdays: *** Trichome Thursday; 20% off all ice wax, rosin, bubble hash, an cold water hash w/ $35 donation. ______________________________
New and Renewal Patients receive a free gift, choice of: House pre-roll or Edible with a minimum of $35 donation. REFER A FRIEND, GET A FREE JOINT! Follow us on Instagram: @1944OCEAN_SF

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