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Our Family's have been in the Ag industry for generations in the Central Valley, we take true pride in our work, and most importantly the quality medicine we provide our family of associates. We have a vast array of knowledge, from genetics, pest, nutrients, lab testing, allowances and site management. This allows us to provide the best medication for each unique member, and their special condition, in a professional and discreet manor.
New Association Members get our Heavenly Hawaiian pre-rolls, and a hardy DAB of some Lemon Larry Og. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT

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This place used to be good....good weed and good service, but lately they've been out of good product (indica) and they don't update their menu daily OR honestly...I'm a Latina and have never had trouble when the white guys help, but the last 2 times I went in, the Latin guy has to butt in and has been rude and doesn't honor their deals...Friday, you are supposed to get a gram of free flower w/purchase of an 1/8(I get 2 per week), never had any trouble getting anything before he started 'helping'....I noticed my bag said 4 gr, so I said what happened to the free gram, he says we don't do it like that, I said you always had before, I even had a bag with me with the same stuff and showed him that it said 5g, so he gave me $5 I left, NOT happy....went back one more time, was being helped by someone else when he decided to butt in and be rude AGAIN! ( I asked if I could call to see if they had what I like to get in stock because I drive more than an hour to get there) .....needless to say, I WONT be back!!!! If they don't have their top 4 indica products in stock, the rest of what they have is a waste of money!

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