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The cookie club collective is much more than just a collective it is a remarkable collection of dynamic and innovative people dedicated to the constant pursuit of excellence. As the company continues to grow, so, too does its deserved reputation for unparalleled quality, service and value. The founders understood this implicitly from the very first day. One simply cannot occur without the other. The cookie club collective is much more than a collective. It is, quite literally, a family. An eclectic and ever-expanding mix of people, perspectives and skills which, collectively, work under the shared belief that whatever it does and wherever it does it, the company will forever be responsible to the people who use its products, to its partners and colleagues and, most importantly, to each other. From its very first day, the cookie club collective has held firm to a core system of beliefs that fuel's what the company does and precisely how it does it. The cookie club collective honors these standards in every phase of its business and in each member of the team. Indeed, it is only through the steadfast observance of this philosophy that the cookie club collective was conceived, has grown, and continues to thrive. Throughout the company, the cookie club collective employees share a common belief that how they get there is as important as where they are going. the cookie club collective remains true to the values that have guided its operations since its founding. The cookie club collective empowers all of its employees to strive for perfection in everything they do. It is driven by a passion for bringing quality and value to its customers and to embracing a true team perspective that encourages the very best in everyone, and celebrates success as a true family. From top to bottom, the sense of genuine pride felt throughout the company inspires employees to go the extra mile. The cookie club collective not only embraces the responsibility that comes with maintaining the legacy of quality it has earned within the industry, it thrives under it. Growing responsibly by sharing these values and work ethic with its partners and colleagues, the cookie club collective is able to think big by keeping things simple: Work as hard and as best as you can. Embrace the team around you and encourage each other together to continue to get better. Understand that every product the company has & will have is destined for someone??™s loved one. And never, ever forget that, no matter how large the company may become, its legacy and reputation lay firmly in the hands of each and every member of the cookie club collective family. The cookie club collective was forged by a diverse group of people whose individual talents were unified by an overall dedication to quality and integrity. The executive team perfectly exemplifies this legacy and is well equipped to lead the company into the future. cookie club collective is a company built by people, for people. And no matter how successful it may become, it will continue to honor the inspiration and the good fortune intrinsic to that success. The cookie club collective is profoundly fulfilled by the service of philanthropy as a core company value. Deep inside, from its founders to its newest employee, lives a genuine passion for gratitude and for giving back ??¦ to those most in need ??¦ to the general public ??¦ and to the communities in which the company is honored to do business. We are in full compliance to The Compassionate Act of 1996, Heath & Safety code sections 11362.5, 11362.7, and 11362.775 et seq.
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