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ATTENTION MEMBERS: New patients must have the following available when arriving to the Dispensary: Your original full page Doctor's recommendation: Stamped & Sealed signed, with your California Drivers License or CA ID Card. For passports and out of state ID's, please bring proof of residency in California since this is a California program. Proof of residency consists of a utility, phone, cable bill, etc in your name. We are in full compliance to The Compassionate Act of 1996, Heath / Safety code sections 11362.5, 11362.7, and 11362.775 et seq. *CBD SUNDAYS* 10% ALL CBD PRODUCTS, ALL DAY. 15% OFF IF YOU ALREADY HAVE A DISCOUNT. (MILITARY, SENIOR, DISABLED, ETC.) *HAPPY HOUR** MONDAYS, WEDNESDAYS, AND FRIDAYS. 4:20PM TO 5:20PM* - 5G 1/8TH ON ALL TOP SHELF (MONDAYS ONLY, MAX 2 PER ORDER) - $5 OFF EDIBLES $15+ (MON, WED, FRI, MAX 2 PER ORDER) - FREE 1/2G CRUMBLE WITH ANY FULL GRAM WAX DONATION. (MON, WED, FRI, MAX 2 PER ORDER) *PHP EDIBLES BUY 2 GET ONE FREE. (TUESDAYS AND THURSDAYS, MAX 2 PER ORDER) Refer a friend, receive a free gift. Must be present with referral. ALL TOP SHELF: 2G FOR $30!!! ALL MID SHELF: 2G FOR $25!!! 4G 8THS ALL STRAINS AND WE SPLIT 8THS!!! (2 Strains Max) 10% OFF: MILITARY, DOD, VETERANS, SSI, SSDI & SENIORS 55YRS+! (ONLY ON NON-SALE ITEMS) REWARD PROGRAM: FREE GIFTS!!! ASK ABOUT OUR POINTS SYSTEM!!! We are now offering a renewal program. Because we appreciate you and your loyalty, Golden State CBD will pay half the cost of your renewal. Please- Be a member of our collective already. Bring your renewal recommendation within a week of receiving it. Bring a receipt with purchase amount. We will "reimburse" you for it (up to $25) in store credit towards your SAME DAY purchase. (Minimum $50.00 Donation)
1g Top Shelf Preroll OR $10 Select Edibles OR 10/gram on Top Shelf up to 4 grams ($10 Minimum Donation) New patients must have: Complete Original Doctor's Rec & CA State Identification. FTP's need to arrive 20 minutes prior to closing.

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