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Welcome to our private and confidential non-profit Medical Cannabis Collective inspired by the journey of our compassionate care counselors, whose helped facilitate treatment for patients of degenerative diseases and multitude of health issues. We work directly with multidisciplinary physicians, patients and support groups to help families gain reliable knowledge and safe access to medicinal cannabis. Our personal commitment is to provide the medical cannabis patient community with quality medicine, to offer no obligation education and to raise awareness about the healing benefits of cannabis through consultation and delivery of this integrative medicine and individual treatment regiment.
ENTER DOOR: MCC Medical Cannabis Caregivers (1) HAPPY HOURS!!!!!!!! 12:00PM - 2:00PM - Everyday $12Gram = $10 $14Gram = $12 on select strains. (2) TBT - THROWBACKTHURSDAY!!! 5gs 1/8ths (select strains) - All day!!! CHECK IN FOR DAILY SALES!!!
ENTER DOOR: MCC Medical Cannabis Caregivers FREE GRAM - minimum donation 50

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