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Closed this Saturday for the 805 Cannabud Cup on August 20! M.Y Farm is Santa Barbara's premier Medical Marijuana Collective, offering an array of services to members only. Qualified Patients can easily join by visiting M.Y. Farm Collective in person. We welcome members and qualified patients by appointment only. Appointments are available immediately upon calling (805) 451-0676 during normal business hours. At M.Y. Farm Collective, members can interact with products and ask questions from experienced staff to obtain the best product for their particular health needs. Members can also make an appointment to view the gardens and watch how their medicine is cultivated and cared for. What sets us apart from other dispensaries, deliveries or collectives is that we are a caring community, providing top quality medicinal marijuana, fun events and educational classes on a beautiful, private ranch! We also provide a loving, safe and supportive environment to our members. We take great pride in providing top quality organic products and a variety of other trusted brands. M.Y Farm Collective looks forward to meeting your individual needs, quickly and safely. Staff are available 11-6 PM Monday through Friday and 11-3 PM Saturday, to serve you immediately upon receipt of your call or text at (805) 451-0676. We look forward to meeting you! Please note, we do not have wheel chair access, however we do provide delivery services by appointment. M.Y Farm specializes in organics, top shelf, outdoor, rosin, concentrates, wholesale options, nursery products, well-being,education and community. *Please note we are NOT a store front or dispensary. M.Y Farm is a Medical Marijuana Collective where members can obtain a variety of products to meet their health needs by visiting the Farm Center in person or thru delivery. Open by appointment only during normal business hours.
Closed Sat Aug 20 for Cannabud Cup! Now accepting Visa/ MasterCard! 10% discount and gift for vets or military every time! Thank you for your service. Sales Tax included in amount shown. NO ATM ACCESS ON M.Y FARM PROPERTY.
First time patients get a free gift or 5 dollars off! 50% off M.F genetic seeds CASH DONATIONS ACCEPTED VISA/ MASTERCARD ACCEPTED!

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