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NOW EXCEPTING FIRST TIME PATIENTS! Welcome to Positive Holistic Solutions Delivery Service, Our Medical Delivery Service Operates Under A Full License with a Very Strict Compliance of California's Proposition 215 & SB420. The minimum will be a $25 donation or more for us to come out and it will quick and will be no longer than 15-25 mins to deliver. Also our hours will be between 10A.M. - 5P.M. We have pretty much everything you need as far as Top Shelf Quality, Mid-Shelf & Low Shelf Quality Medication.
HAPPY HOUR EVERYDAY FROM 420PM - 5:20pm top shelf 2 for 25 or 1 FREE gram of your choice w/ any top shelf 1/8 or more
Welcome to Positive Health Solutions, the Antelope Valley's premier Medical collective located in Lancaster, Ca offering the best in quality medical cannabis and patient service. FIRST TIME PATIENTS RECIEVE A FREE GIFT!!!!!!!

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