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"Cannabis is the single most versatile herbal remedy, and the most useful plant on earth. No other single plant contains as wide a range of medically active herbal constituents." -Dr. Ethan Russo There has been increasing research all pointing to the benefits of medical marijuana. We invite you to come visit Bakersfield's only 24 hour dispensary.
We're constantly working to improve our shop for you. We invite you to share your feedback! Anything we can do to help, please let us know! WE NOW DELIVER FROM 12PM TO 8PM
OPEN 24/7!!!! PATIENTS THAT DONATE A MINIMUM OF $35.00 GET A FREE 300MG EDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! **MUST HAVE VALID I.D. AND RECOMMENDATIONS* NO EXCEPTIONS First Time Donating? We offer each new patient a gift! Come at 4:20 and get a $10 topshelf deal!

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