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WELCOME TO TRU GREEN COLLECTIVE! We are a family owned, and operated MEDICAL DISPENSARY / DELIVERY SERVICE. We are focused on providing quality medicinal care to our patients. The mission of Tru Green Collective, is to actively promote and support rational access for the safe and effective use of medical canibus products, as a natural alternative, for healthy living and overall wellness; In accordance with California Regulatory Guidelines. Tru Green Collective, offers safe, reliable & discrete medical marijuana delivery throughout, Carmichael, Central Sacramento, Citrus Heights, Downtown, Elk Groove, Fair Oaks, Midtown, Natomas, North Highland, North Sacramento, Rancho Cordova, Rosemont, and Roseville. We provide services to our members who are qualified Prop 215 cannabis patients.
Deals!!! 1. Donate Towards Any 1/8th Get 2nd 1/8th Companies Choice For Donation Total Of $75 (Everyday Deal Does Not Include Caviar). 2. Hump Day Special Get 1/2 OZ Company Choice $150 Dollar Donation (Wednesday's Only).
1. LOCATED NEAR THE TOWER DISTRICT!!! 2. We Accept ATM & CREDIT CARDS 3. All First-Time Patients Receive A Free Item!!!

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