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It has been an awesome 4 months with these guys and I never once had a bad transaction with them. The convenience goes from the messaging up to payment and delivery. What I love most about these guys is that they're very easy to talk to, nothing like the service I tried before. Keep it up guys!

sean o


can't say enough about these guys. there menu is extensive and they always have the high quality stuff. they have membership programs that allow you to max your money when buying bud. but most importantly- world wide weed is the nicest delivery dispensary in SD! these guys will treat you well- from ordering to the person dropping off your oder. they're professional and discreet if you don't want your neighbors in your business. they're also quick and wait for it... 24/7 seriously- nicest people to ever deliver your bud. try them out. & if you do their membership and have referrals- you'll earn cash towards bud from their purchases. :)

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