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Emotional Support Animal Letter Benefits

Still irresolute as to whether to certificate your pet as an emotional support animal?
Check the major advantages you get together with the esa letter:

No More Pet Fees
and Pet Deposits

Never more you have to pay the pet fee whatever airlines you choose. The Air Carrier Access Act defines that your emotional support pet has a right to fly in the cabin together with its owner absolutely for free. Get the emotional support dog letter and save up to 300 USD a trip!
Housing with pets gets easier and cheaper, too. Property owners do not charge extra deposits or fees if you have a certified esa dog (regulated by Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1998).

Travelling With a Pet
Made Easy

When planning a trip, it is always a question of how to arrange the pet business. Leaving the dear friend at home is stressful for both the pet and the owner. Travelling together is currently made almost unachievable by the airlines: either it is prohibited at all or the fee is going tremendously incredible. However, with the emotional support animal letter, you get the right to travel by plane together with no extra charges for the pet. Your emotional support cat or dog (or another animal) will in this case be placed in the cabin.

Comfortable Housing

Housing restrictions on keeping animals do not apply to the emotional support animals (Federal Fair Housing Amendments; Rehabilitation Act of 1973 – section 504). Property owners are not allowed to make any discriminations regarding the officialemotional support animal certification, so, their owners are provided with a legal tool that allows arranging a comfortable residence without worrying about animal housing policy.

Sense of Relief

The principal idea of having the ESA lies in being inseparable from the friend that gives a great support and comfort to its owner. Communication with animals is generally proven to help people who suffer from depression, uneasiness, fear complexes, anxiety and different intellectual problems. It can help to fight loneliness or can bring calmness and sense of overall comfort. Moreover, if your pet is a dog, the necessity to have the outdoor physical activity daily also significantly boosts your health and reduces the risk of heart diseases.

Social Interaction

ESA pets can do the same degree advantage to the lonely people and those who prefer frequent social interactions. From one side, they can be perfect partners for the solitary individuals being the ones who never judge and always encourage their owners. From the other side, having a pet friend nearby helps to make an easy start of the conversation and reduce the communication tension.

Additional Motivation

The motivational effect of having the emotional support animal always with you regards three major aspects. First, it is a sense of pleasure and inspiration that people get from communication with their favorite ones. Secondly, the mood boost happens due to the necessity to live life that is more active and to have more outdoor activities. The last thing is the sort of purposefulness that appears when you know you are living not only for yourself alone.

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ESA Housing Letter

  • 12 Months ESA Housing Letter
  • Exempt from "no pets" Housing
  • Exempt from Landlord's Pet Deposit and Fee
  • Exempt from Airlines Pet Fee
  • Fly in the Aircraft Cabin
  • ESA ID Card
$99/ year

ESA Combo Plan

  • 12 Months ESA Housing and Travel Letters
  • Exempt from "no pets" Housing
  • Exempt from Landlord's Pet Deposit and Fee
  • Exempt from Airlines Pet Fee
  • Fly in the Aircraft Cabin
  • ESA ID Card
$149/ year Most

ESA Travel Letter

  • 12 Months ESA Travel Letter
  • Exempt from Airlines Pet Fee
  • Fly in the Aircraft Cabin
  • Exempt from "no pets" Housing
  • Exempt from Landlord's Pet Deposit and Fee
  • ESA ID Card
$99/ year


Is it legal to get my ESA Letter online?

Yes. Our doctor's are licensed in California, are HIPAA compliant and follow the California Board of Medicine guidelines for telehealth care. The application of emotional support animal letter qualifies as a valid Telemedicine service in California. Get cheap and legit esa letters online, register emotional support animal, first time and renewal patients may qualify.

What Is An Emotional Support Animal (ESA)?

An emotional support animal (ESA) is a person’s pet that has been prescribed by a person’s licensed therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist (any licensed mental health professional). The animal is part of the treatment program for this person and is designed to bring comfort and minimize the negative symptoms of the person’s emotional/psychological disability. All types of domesticated animals can be Emotional Support Animals (cats, dogs, and birds) and they can be any age (young puppies and kittens, too!).

How do I qualify for Emotional Support Animal?

For a person to legally qualify for an emotional support animal (ESA), he/she must be eighteen or older and considered emotionally disabled by a licensed physician, as evidenced by a properly formatted prescription letter. Some airlines and property managers will accept a verification form completed by a family doctor, however.

When is your esa doctor available to look at my application?

A licensed emotional support animal doctors are available 24/7 for esa evaluations. Typically, the emotional support animal application process takes a few minutes on the patients part and then the application is reviewed remotely on our physician's tablet. Video conference consultations are available as well.

How to get an emotional support animal?

The process of getting esa letter takes only a few minutes on our website and can be completed anytime online. Patients type in basic personal info and answer a short medical questionnaire describing their conditions and symptoms. Once completed, a medical doctor reviews your application, usually within a few minutes. If your esa recommendation is approved, you will get a Digital Copy of your ESA letter by email and a hard copy mailed out the same day. Note: Customers don't pay unless their application is approved.

How will my landlord or property manager be able to verify my letter?

Your landlord or property manager can verify your letter by calling the verification number that is included on the prescribing physician’s letterhead 24/7. This is the verification phone number of the doctor that issues your prescription.

How should I prepare my dog for airline travel as an emotional support animal?

Your dog may not be familiar with the airport environment, the confines of sitting at your feet on an airplane, or facing the scrutiny of airline personnel and other passengers. If you are flying with a dog please be aware that airline staff (including gate agents, TSA, and flight attendants) can deny passage for your emotional support animal (and you) if the animal is deemed to be a health threat, bother, or nuisance to other paying passengers, even if you have had your ESA pre-approved to accompany you on the plane.

Can my landlord refuse my request to accommodate my emotional support animal?

Only in certain circumstances. If the animal’s accommodation could mean additional administrative costs and other adjustments that would affect housing arrangements, then the landlord might refuse your request. For instance, the animal is disruptive or poses a threat to the health, safety, and property of the other tenants. Make sure to train your ESA so they are not unruly and you are always in control.

Can I bring my emotional support animal to hotels?

The law does not require hotels, restaurants, trains, and busses to accept emotional support animals on their premises, but you could call them ahead of your trip and ask about their policy. Some establishments are open to accepting emotional support animals at their own discretion.

Does the ESA letter Expire? How often do i need to renew?

Your emotional support dog registration will last for one year. You can then have the opportunity to renew your ESA Letter via ESADOCTORONLINE at a discounted rate.

Rules that concern emotional support animals

Emotional support animal registration provided by the ESA Medical Doctors protects you from the following difficulties that you and your pet may experience: pet discrimination, inability to travel with the animal, housing refuse on the ground of no pets allowing, apartment rent increasing and, finally, separation from your valuable friend. The ESA letter allows you to always have your emotional support animal beside you.
Regardless of your accommodation type, you are officially permitted to keep the animal that brings you comfort and relief with you because your medical state is proven to require it. Registering pets as the emotional support animals is becoming widespread because more people get informed about the benefits of such decision. A favorite pet can treat or significantly decrease many psychological, intellectual and sometimes even physical problems that a person experiences.

The rules that concern the support animals define three types of animals that have principal differences:

Emotional Support Animals.
They do not have a need in specific training, it is enough that they have a certain value to the individuals they belong to. Any domestic animal can be recognized as the emotional support animal, regardless of its kind and breed.

Therapy pets.
They are usually the pets that serve people in hospitals and medical centers and help them gain the emotional stability again. These animals do not belong to the specific owner and, thus, they do not create such tight bonds as the emotional support animals and their owners do. Therapy pets need to have a registration.

Service animals.
These are the animals that have passed the specific training to be able to help their owners function properly in everyday circumstances. The bright example for the service animal is the guide dog that helps the blind owner find its way. These animals are definitely registered but they are not obliged to have any identification marks. Some USA states set the criminal responsibility for the fraudulent actions regarding the service animals.

Register your pet as the Emotional Support Animal and stay assured in your comfort!

price from: $99/ year