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Marijuana is the Cash-Crop King  - Tops Vegetable Sales and Everything Else

At an estimated $50 billion per annum, Marijuana is the largest cash crop in the U.S, by a wide margin.  Cannabis sales are about three times greater than all vegetable recipes combined; Tomatoes, potatoes, lettuce, squash, carrots, etc.  OMG.

Yes, Pot is #1 and has obvious won,  hands down, the eighty year battle with the world's most powerful government, the US Feds. Since the mid 1930's, the Fed has thrown and wasted literally hundreds of thousands of employees and billions of dollars in their misled campaign to snuff out drugs, which most unfortunately included Marijuana. 


Over the last forty years, the War on Drugs has cost > $1 trillion with more than 45 million arrests.  

Think about it, these incredible statistics are generated largely from word of mouth - from the man on the street - with no big Corp marketing-push whatsoever.  MMJ is well on its way to be the most popular medicine despite the fact that MMJ is not covered by insurance.   More recently, however, scientists and informed MMJ Doctors are now profoundly influencing the public and are introducing a large, new portions of the population to Medical Cannabis. 


Crop                            Billions / year 2015 est.
1  Marijuana                 $51
2  Corn                         $28
3  Soybeans                 $23
4  Hay                          $14
5  Vegetables               $16


Source - Drug Science - Actuary Extrapolation


North Korea has Marijuana Freedom?

Marijuana is completely legal in North Korea, of all places.  This fact might be a wake up call to Americans who think they live in the land of the free.

North Korea common law allows the distribution, possession and consumption of Marijuana but officially it's not clear exactly what the rules are precisely.   Cannabis has been used in Korea continuously for hundreds of years and grows wild along the highways and the State declares Marijuana is better than cigarettes.  Pot is especially popular among working class Koreans who have a few puffs after a hard day's work.  A blogging backpacker reported that he bought a shopping bag full of pot at a local market for a dollar.

Nerds open Pandora's Box with Cannabis Deal - The World's First E-Transaction

The first recorded Internet e-commerce transaction was the sale of Cannabis in 1971. Was this groundbreaking crime perpetrated by some criminal genius?  Hell, no - Stanford University Artificial Intelligence students made a drug deal with their counterparts at Princeton. Later on, some other brainiacs gone wrong developed what is now known aptly as the Silk Road, the first modern Darknet market, which sold everything, including every kind of drug - deliverable to your doorstep.   With Bitcoins as their currency, the FBI estimated Silk Road's last  two year's revenue to be $1.2 billion before they brought them down (temporarily) in 2013.

Holy Smoke?


US Government Experts were as Batty as Bat Shit

Dr. James C. Munch stated under oath in court that a couple of tokes turned him into a bat.   Equipped with this batty  acumen, Munch went on from 1928 to twenty seven years of service as the Chief Federal Expert on Marijuana.  Another doctor Strangeglove "injected marijuana" into the brains of 300 dogs brains.  One died,  proving that Marijuana is dangerous.   Harry J. Anslinger  Chief of Bureau of Narcotic 1938 cannot be topped, Marijuana makes darkies think they’re as good as white men, smoke a joint and you'll kill your brother, most violent drug known to mankind.  Of course the powers that be knew these people were nuts, they knew many gullible citizens would try to be good Americans and  follow the Fed's "moral" guidance.  As the Presidential Candidates found out,  today you just can't get away with that Bat Shit.  They're on to you by now.


Burger, Coffee or MMJ?  Home Spun Dispensaries Outnumber Starbucks

Who'd a thunk it? In Colorado, there are more MMJ dispensaries than Starbucks.and MacDonalds combined.  Of 2,500 marijuana business licenses in Colorado, storefront dispensaries account for 600.   Read more in the related sub-article below, Turkish Sultan of Swing and his gift of Hash to America - that inspired thousands of businessmen to open then-legal smoking dens.


Mr X: There is some incredible weed out there waiting to be smoked.
Carl Sagan wrote under the pen name Mr. X advocating Marijuana use, while keeping up his politically correct portfolio.  More proof that MMJ does not make everyone stupid then.

Sagan: “The illegality of cannabis is outrageous, an impediment to full utilization of a drug which helps produce the serenity and insight, sensitivity and fellowship so desperately needed in this increasingly mad and dangerous world. It would be wryly interesting if in human history the cultivation of marijuana led generally to the invention of agriculture, and thereby to civilization.”


Kaneh Bosm Cannabis in the Bible

Kaneh Bosm - Cannabis in the Bible

Rastafarians can Finally Smoke Ganja in Babylon

Rastafarians are legally allowed to possess marijuana in Roman Catholic Italy.  Marijuana was approved as a ‘sacrament’ of religious value.  Bizarre, that a Rome judge sides with Bob Marley disciples, while Jamaican cops preyed upon their own, busting Rasta for a bag of weed.   Maybe embarrassed, Jamaica lawmakers following suit and decriminalized Pot. Truth is much stranger than fiction.

“The Babylon police use'd to abuse the Rastaman for smoking the herb. But the times are changing and the agitation has to stop.”


During Prohibition 1920-1933 - Whiskey with Marijuana was Legal

It's like, huh, say what?  That's right, while alcohol was illegal to buy in the 1920's, Marijuana was perfectly legal.   And with a doctor's prescription you could get a regular supply of Whiskey anointed with Medical Marijuana.  Marijuana was quite a business, in that time when the world was turned upside down. Each person was permitted one pint every ten days. A family of 5 could survive very nicely.

"Candy is dandy, but whiskey (with MMJ) is probably quicker"  Old East Coast saying, modified

Turkish Smoking Parlors - An Historical MMJ Starbucks  

In 1876, the Sultan of Turkey gifted choice Cannabis to the US government.  If he had a plan it worked, by 1880, Turkish smoking  parlors were opened all over the northeast. We have to add, history repeats itself, for sure.

By 1883, hashish dens had spread to every major American City, Philly,  Boston-Mass, Orleans, Chicago, St. Lou.  New York - New York sported over 500 hash parlors alone and remained open during of alcohol prohibition.  The phrase - come full circle  -  is brought to mind.


Death by Marijuana - Can you Smoke 1600 Joints in a Second?

You probably never heard of anyone dying from Marijuana OD. If you do, send us an email and if authenticated, we'll post it on our Blog up front and center for a day. .  According to toxicity data, to OD, you would need to smoke 1,500 pounds of marijuana within a quarter of an hour. This computes that to smoking about 1600 joints per second.  :)


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