10 Major Diseases Impacted by Medical Marijuana

Photo credit - Woman with Migraine

Photo credit - Woman with Migraine

These are really exciting times for Cannabis researchers, doctors and patients. 

About 400 compounds have been identified in Medical Marijuana, many of which show efficacy or potential to treat human diseases.  Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, was the first Marijuana ingredient to be identified and studied.  In fact, the study of Marijuana's psychoactive effects led to the discovery that the human body had it's own "pot" like chemicals that regulated many of the body's functions; pain, emotion, immune system, nervous system and cardiovascular system.  The Cannabinoids in MMJ work by modulating / normalizing receptors which corrects systemic dysfunction.

This discovery of what is now known as the endocannabinoid system, opened the door to many of the outstanding research breakthroughs of today. In this article we briefly describe the 10 Diseases that have been impacted in a big way by Medical Marijuana.


There are many studies that find that AID / HIV positive toking patients feel and sleep much better than non-users.   In one study, HIV sufferers appetites improved in 90%, with 83% experiencing substantially less pain. 


Alzheimer's Disease
There are very few even modestly effective treatments available for this dreaded disease.  Many research studies are finding evidence that the medicinal ingredients of Cannabis called Cannabinoids show not only great promise, but efficacy right now. Researchers have found that Cannabinoids CBD and THC stop the deposit of protein in brain tissues and also reduces inflammation of arteries and tiny blood vessels to boost energy.  With further research, other Cannabis Cannabinoids might have similar or even greater benefits.  MMJ used in combination with other therapies offers the realistic promise to slow or even halt the disease. 



There are studies that imply that Medical Marijuana is not effective in Asthma.  However, few of the many newer strains and Cannabis medicines, particularly those high in CBD produce a profound anti-inflammatory effect in animal studies.  These findings support patient testimonials that Marijuana helps control asthma.  With clean vaporizing CBD medicines and oral preparations, afford treatment to those who fear irritating the lungs with smoke.  Other studies found that Cannabis components act to widen airways, which is an obvious benefit to Asthma sufferers.

Cannabis based medicines have been shown to kill various kinds of cancer cells in many animal trials conducted worldwide.  The psychoactive ingredient of Cannabis, THC was shown to weaken cancer cells, making Chemo more effective.  The side effects of Marijuana, such as improving appetite and reducing nausea complement the therapy.  Fortunately for California residents suffering from Cancer and undergoing Chemo, their doctor has the option to Recommend Medical Marijuana and reap the benefits right now.


A Little Dab 'll Do Ya


Crohn's Disease

Medical Marijuana has been shown to reduce inflammation in many studies.  As an inflammatory disease, Crohn's patients have shown a remarkably positive effect.  In one study, patients using MMJ registered an overall improvement rate of  83%- to reduce pain, spasms, and diarrhea while balance body weight in many patients



Depending on the study, type of Epilepsy and patient, Medical Marijuana reduced or halted seizures in 40 to 85% of patients.  The active ingredients of Medical Marijuana THC and CBD both affect each individual differently.  Researchers are excited to consider what the gains might be by optimizing the ratio of CBD:THC specific to the nuances of the patient and condition., Scientists believe that there is good chance that the right form of Cannabis based medicine might effectively treat up to 90% of Epilepsy sufferers in the not so distant future.


Scientists have found that Marijuana's THC can lower inflammation, dilate blood vessels and helps protect or even regenerates nerves.  In the case of Glaucoma, MMJ acts by reducing eyeball pressure on the optic nerve and improves blood supply.  MMJ is not only a promising treatment, tens of thousands of patients already use Medical Marijuana to treat their Glaucoma. Right now there is a boom in creating new and more effective MMJ products, including eye drops, edibles and non-psychoactive medicines.

Multiple Sclerosis

Marijuana has been used to treat neurological disorders for thousands of years. Recently, Medical Marijuana components have been found in clinical studies to reduce tremors, spasms and pain in animals.  These findings are supported by human studies and the many MS patients testimonials saying that MMJ is a godsend.



Medical Cannabis extracts and potions were regularly prescribed in America for more than 100 years and was, in fact, a standard practice described in US Pharmacopeia.  MMJ was found to be particularly effective in treating women's conditions, such as PMS.  Famous people, like Whoopi Goldberg - who could afford any kind of treatment - found that Marijuana was the only thing that got her through the day or performance. Many scientific studies find too, that MMJ does reduce pain, in anywhere from 30-90% of sufferers, depending on the pain type and group studied

How, What, Why, When and How Much CBD?



Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid Arthritis as a inflammatory disorder, where the body's immune cells go wild and attack its own tissues- and nerves.  Scientists found out that some of Medical Marijuana ingredients affect the receptors, the switches that ring the attack alarm bells.  Basically, smoking pot or taking a Cannabis drug switches off the alarm -the bodies attack on itself stops  -and the pain subsides.


While this article's description of the 10 major Diseases that MMJ Impacts is somewhat brief, the curious can learn a lot more here; conditions and symptoms.


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