The Medical Marvel of Cannabis Cosmetics

The Medical Marvel of Cannabis Cosmetics


Cannabis applied topically can make beauty go all the way to the bone.



Cannabinoid are a medical marvel because they promote healing, bone, smooth muscle and collagen growth, are anti-inflammatory and even kill cancer cells.  Make no mistake, to reduce your appearance by 20 years, you're going to have to do everything, which means a combination of different techniques, with cannabinoid creams right there at the top of the list of things that will work over the long haul.   Still, all of this is possible without radical surgery.




Medical scientists and doctors have discovered many modern ways to treat wrinkles, skin discoloration, the breakdown of collagen and elastin, dehydration and the slowdown of cell turnover through manipulating or restoring biochemical reactions that trigger these structural changes.  Cannabinoids especially address the root core issues at the cellular level.


To get and maintain a twenty years younger appearance, you will need to change your diet, and eliminate everything that messes up with the lymph and sebastian's system.  You have to make corrective action about the muscles, hydration, bone density and skin tone. That means some combination of Botox, Plasma Rich Plasma, laser work, ultrasound, plastic surgery, facial yoga, lymph drainage, stress reduction, clean unpolluted air, the gambit.    


So, if you want to drop the 20 years, it is the same thing as attempting to go to the Olympics or go for the big stage.  Anyone can do it though, but it is going to take a lot of concerted and intelligent effort.


However, you can easily drop 10 or more years with relative ease, with smaller adjustments in diet and environment, coupled with Botox, laser work, cannabis and other creams, and half an hour a day exercising plus hot cold treatments (self).  For women, if they put together the proper program, they might even save time over their - most probably damaging (overall) routine of temporary gains, i.e. won the battle and lost the war.




  • Enhances Collagen Growth

  • Enhance Bone Formation

  • Reduces Scar tissue

  • Kills mutating cells

  • Reduces Inflammation

  • Normalize Pigmentation

  • Stimulates smooth muscle Formation

The Medical Marijuana Patch





Concentrated Cannabinoid Creams used in Conjunction of other therapies:Plastic Surgery, Botox, Platelet Rich Plasma, Laser,  Microdermabrasion, CBD, THC help heal and improve the foundations of the skin, bone and muscle

Cannabis creams with concentrated CBD and THC applied over several months in conjunction with other therapies will easily result in a ten to fifteen year reduction in appearance.  While most cosmetic procedures are just that - affect appearance only, there are regimes that truly make you younger in terms of better health, and improved function of the facial muscles, skin, glands and bone structure of the face.  

Cosmetic therapies itself can help heal the mind, though some of them are not technically a healthy thing do. Its good for your mental state when you look at yourself in the mirror and see something that resembles the real you and not a victim of a stressful, toxic life.  




After a life, with its drama, sizable ups and downs, long hours, stress, one's appearance can reflect not so much their real personality, rather an aberrant one, brought about by what we call life.    A diet and exercise regime - done properly - can easily result in a 10 to 15 year drop in appearance, the face is the area which most reflects your mood, and impressesses others.


"Facial lines caused by years of stress - often caused by others is passed on, sending an exaggerated message of stress to others.  You want to get that unfairness out of your life." - The Messy Maid


People respond to positive things, we're very primitive that way.  When we see a bright face and healthy looking person, we tend interplay with this individual in a positive way.  And on the contrary, a face that reflects stress, the suspicion about the individual in question is that they are bad news in one way or another.  In effect, the person that's been through hell and can use a break, the tendency is to treat them much worse than a lovely looking person that has just stepped off a yacht.  Such is the shallow paradigm of humanity right now, we all do this.


From another angle, a nice sunset, a nice beer, a lovely evening, relaxing music or a nice appearance is desirable in itself.  Why not? It's your life. You deserve it.



Normal skin is smooth and unblemished and with age as we all know, things go downhill.  Skin cells mutate and form patches, collagen production deteriorates, bones lose density, muscle tone goes out the window, and then there are lymph issues and inflammatory responses that gum up the whole system to exacerbate the whole aging process.   

Without doing anything special, simply through draining the lymphs, doing facial exercises and massage, combined with good air, eating good protein and cutting out processed foods laden with bad sugar and fats will take five and probably ten years off your appearance.  And if you keep it up, your body will actually be 10 years younger than the average.

Then there is the science, blood rich platelets, Botox, surgery, lasers, stem cells and super creams, containing peptides, retinol, pigmentation supplements and now add cannabinoids - to the front of the list.



Collagen-like peptide exhibits a remarkable antiwrinkle effect on the skin when topically applied: in vivo study.


"This double-blind clinical study evaluated the effect of a newly developed synthetic collagen-like hexapeptide on wrinkles. Twenty healthy women volunteers, aged 40 to 62 years old, participated in the study Volunteers applied either a gel formula containing 3% of the collagen-like peptide and 1% of a booster molecule that stimulates general cell metabolism with no specific effect on wrinkles, or a placebo gel, on the eye zone area twice a day for 4 weeks.

Control visits were performed at the beginning and the end of the study. Skin wrinkles were evaluated clinically and by silicon replica analysis followed by statistical treatment using the matched-pairs Student's t-test. The results showed that application of the collagen-like peptide on the skin significantly reduced the total surface of wrinkles and this effect was observed in 75% of the replicas. Similarly, decrease in number and depth of wrinkles was significant and was observed in about 70% of the replicas.

The effect of the collagen-like peptide on reducing the total and average length of wrinkles was also remarkable. This effect was statistically highly significant and was observed in more than 75% of the replicas. Moreover, these results were supported by volunteer questionnaires and clinical observation. The results demonstrate that the collagen-like peptide acts deeply and intensely on wrinkles; these properties are of great interest in the field of antiaging skin care research."




Some people's premature aging appearance can be fixed relatively easily.  When there are exaggerated and deep facial lines, the skin and tissue may otherwise be of good quality.  Also the skin itself may be victim of toxins that plug the oily glands, which results in local infection and inflammation that dramatically changes your look, for the worse.  This type of skin can actually be fixed rapidly by removing the substances, (largely toxins in the food) that are causing the issues.


Exaggerated expression lines on the skin, but by and large, the skin can be well preserved. Under a microscope, you generally see some signs of aging, a flattening of the epidermal-dermal interface and some breakdown of dermal tissue.

"In direct contrast, extrinsically-aged skin of the face, hands and chest is wrinkled, sallow in color and has areas of hyper or hypopigmentation. Skin may show a loss of tone and elasticity, increased fragility, areas of purpura caused by blood vessel weakness and benign lesions such as keratosis, telangiectasia and skin tags. Under the microscope, discreet changes are evident in the collagen and elastin, which are now fragmented and thick, indicative of the cross-linking that is associated with wrinkle formation."

Medical scientists and doctors have discovered many modern ways to treat wrinkles, skin discoloration, the breakdown of collagen and elastin, dehydration and the slowdown of cell turnover through manipulating or restoring biochemical reactions that trigger these structural changes.




You can get rid of your larger wrinkles, one way or another, for sure.

Wrinkles zs we all know are depressions in the skin’s surface,  coarse or fine, extending from a few micrometers to several millimeters.  Coarse wrinkles, often referred to as expression lines, appear on the forehead, the corners of the eyes (crow’s feet) and as vertical lines on either side of the mouth (laugh lines). Fine wrinkles are the more troublesome ones to fix, they are the shallower network of lines or indentations that appear on our skin, especially around the eyes, mouth, upper lip.




  • Wrinkles result from the loss of mechanical strength and elasticity of the skin, which is caused by:.

  • A reduction in muscle mass  

  • A reduction in skin thickness

  • A deterioration of Cross-linking of collagen and elastin in the dermis

  • The Dehydration of the Stratum Corneum


The Western Women don't have a clue that most EVERYTHING they use on their body and skin is toxic and full of  irritating chemicals, repeat in nearly EVERY mainstream soap, body wash, hair product, shampoo, perfume, deodorant, and skin product.   These skin care products damage not only the skin in the long run, they cause things like psoriasis right now, on the spot, yet such is the nature of the ignorant consumer, they scratch their head and don't get that they are simply putting an irritant on their skin.




Skin discoloration can be caused by a number of things, and the solutions can simple to complex.  Simple age spots and aberrant pigmentation can be removed via laser. Restoration of pigmentation loss is more complicated and needs to be addressed at the cellular level.  Supplements and creams, especially those with concentrated and effective active ingredients can make a big difference.


"Of course, it is our personality and heart that shines through our machinery to create our vibe and appearance, but cosmetics really are a big part of delivering the "real you" to your public."


Changes in skin color makes the skin appear older.  In reality, skin color is a composite of red, blue, yellow and brown reflecting materials, to combine and give an appearance of beauty, poor health or aging.    Veins, arteries and their oxygenation, hemoglobin, pigmentation, yellow carotenoids and flavins and the brown melanin, skin cells fabric, underlying muscles, all combine to give off an array of colors, which combine to vision of age.  Weak looking purple veins and capillaries combined with decoloration are especially indicative of internal and external aging.

So you see that the appearance of your skin can indeed reflect your health.  And if you are a picture of health, generally speaking the sad or good news is that  you will be treated better at work, in family, socially, everywhere based on your appearance.   

Hypopigmentation due to a reduction in the number of skin melanocyte cells; which decline with age and cause light skin, which in turn allows UV from the sun to do more damage, and is also associated with a lower immune response and mutant cell production (premalignant and malignant).




"Elastin is encoded by the DNA.  Elastin is a highly elastic protein in connective tissue and allows many tissues in the body to resume their shape after stretching or contracting. Elastin helps skin to return to its original position when it is poked or pinched. Elastin is also a load-bearing tissue, used in places where mechanical energy is required to be stored."


Skin quality comes from the lower layers of the skin, that nurtures and service the visible portion of the skin, the epidermis.   In other words, you need a good painter to paint your house nicely, it does not paint itself.


As we age, the skin gets thinner and thinner, where the dermis can lose up to 80% of its volume over a lifetime.  Collagen, elastin, glycosaminoglycan (GAG) biosynthesis decrease in number, but not necessarily permanently and fortunately their numbers can be restored in part through a number of therapeutic regimens.


"Not only is the collagen and elastin produced at a slower rate, which impacts the skin’s inability to repair itself, but the organization of the protein also changes, affecting the skin’s structure."


You can stimulate and regenerate skin cellular activity with hot-cold, electric micro-shock, platelet rich plasma, a host of nutrients, and now cannabinoids, like CBD and THC, that tend to balance most cellular systems, whereby normal growth can occur.   For example, in mice, fractures healed twice as fast and with greater density than the control group.  This amazing finding should have found its way into geriatrics as a mainstream therapy, however, in this day and age, the best medical treatments tend to be  reserved for those who seek it out.

The breakdown of collagen and elastin is controlled by the activity of Metalloproteinase enzymes = collagenase and elastase.. UV radiation activates these enzymes within hours of with long-term elevation of the MMPs found in people with prolonged exposure to sunlight, which results in disorganized and clumped collagen and elastin, a characteristic of photodamaged skin.

Insult to elastin fibers - an accumulation of amorphous elastin protein and breakdown results in decreased skin elasticity and tensile strength. This is why mature skin takes longer to return to its original position when pulled.



Like the collagen and elastin proteins of the dermis, the ground substance, or intercellular glue, that holds these proteins in place undergoes age-related changes and the distribution of GAGs, such as Hyaluronic Acid.. The amount of Hyaluronic Acid found in the dermis diminishes as early as our forties. This loss, in combination with a compromised barrier layer in the epidermis, is related to dehydration and loss, alteration as seen in aging skin.

In addition to dehydration in the dermis, studies have indicated a reduction in the moisture content of the epidermal Stratum Corneum, likely due to a reduction in with skin lipids, results in an poor binding and water retention loss. . The result is fine lines and scales. Fortunately, moisturizers and exfoliants containing Lactic Acid can alleviate these types of skin issues.


"Hyaluronic acid or hyaluronan, is sugar polymer = glycosaminoglycans distributed widely throughout connective, epithelial, and neural tissues. It forms in the plasma membrane of the Golgi apparatus.  Its molecular weight often reaching the millions! One of the main components of the extracellular matrix, hyaluronan contributes significantly to cell proliferation and migration, and may also be involved in the progression of cancer."


Did you know that the average 70 kg (154 lb) person has roughly 15 grams of hyaluronan in the body, one-third of which is turned over (degraded and synthesized) every day?!!  This means that Hyaluronic acid therapies can work extremely fast.


MMJDOCTORONLINE:  We provide quick recommendations and ID cards to new and old medical marijuana patients alike.  The process is 100% completed online and patients don't complete the payment process until they have been fully approved.   Medical Cannabis patients can grow many more plants, buy more concentrate, possess and transport more cannabis compared to recreational users.  


Medical patients don't pay much of the sales tax on cannabis ,saving 20,30,40 $ per ounce.  Also medical patients are allowed to buy the most potent strains and concentrates that recreational users sometimes don't have access to.  Our documents are used at dispensaries, online delivery services, cannabis clubs and at other points of access in the State of California.



Epidermal turnover rate slows from 30-50% between our thirties and eighties. In young adults, the Stratum Corneum transit time was as quick as 20 days, in older adults it is 30 days or more.  Stratum Corneum replacement rate also coincides with a subsequent slowing of the wound healing process typical in older people.  Older patients take twice as long to re-epithelialize after dermabrasion / resurfacing procedures compared to younger patients. A slowdown in the cell cycle is combined with a less-than-efficient desquamation process accounts for the characteristic dull, rough skin surface found in overly maturing skin.



The treatment of skin aging used to rely on addressing the structural manifestations of photoaged skin, such as wrinkles and loss of elasticity. Today, we can more effectively treat this skin condition by addressing the actual biochemical reactions that trigger these structural changes. Understanding these structural changes that occur in the epidermis and dermis, as well as the biochemical reactions that trigger them, will give us greater success in their treatment.




Date palm kernel extract exhibits antiaging properties and significantly reduces skin wrinkles.

Hormones play a central role in skin appearance and are implicated in skin aging. Recently, along with the remarkable increase in interest in natural products, the application of phytohormones in anti aging products has become very important. In this context, we developed date palm kernel extract. Date palm kernel is rich in phytohormones and we investigated the anti aging properties of date palm kernel in this in vivo study on wrinkles.

Ten healthy women volunteers, between the ages of 46 and 58 years, applied the cream formula with 5% date palm kernel or placebo on the eye area twice a day for 5 weeks. The evaluation was made both clinically and by silicon replica analysis followed by statistical analysis using the Wilcoxon test. Silicon replica results showed that topical application of date palm kernel reduced the total surface of wrinkles by 27.6%.

Moreover, date palm kernel reduced the depth of wrinkles by 3.52% . These results are statistically significant and were clinically confirmed where visual improvement was seen in 60% of the volunteers treated. This in vivo study demonstrates that date palm kernel exhibits a significant antiwrinkle effect and is therefore of interest in anti aging skin care products.


Quercus suber cork extract displays a tensor and smoothing effect on human skin: an in vivo study.

This effect was observed in 73.3% of volunteers. Two hours after cork extract application, a highly significant improvement of skin roughness was found in 78.6% of volunteers. Moreover, silicone replica treatment confirmed significant improvement in average of roughness at 2 h. These results demonstrate that cork extract provides a remarkable and highly significant tensor and smoothing effect on the skin, which could be of great use in anti-aging skin care products.


An oral nutraceutical containing antioxidants, minerals and glycosaminoglycans improves skin roughness and fine wrinkles.

The depth of skin roughness and fine wrinkles in the treatment group showed a 21.2% improvement, whereas improvement in the control group was 1.7%. This difference was statistically significant. With regard to the volunteers' satisfaction, there was no statistically significant decrease in the homogenization of skin colour, however, a statistically significant reduction in pore size and depth of skin roughness and fine wrinkles were observed). No side effects were noted throughout the study. The oral dietary supplement containing antioxidants, minerals and glycosaminoglycans improved skin roughness and fine wrinkles but did not affect skin colour change in female volunteers.


Review Role of topical peptides in preventing or treating aged skin.

Ageing, a basic biological process seen in all living creatures, is not preventable. Surgical and topical modalities have been invented and substances were applied topically to alter the ageing process. Peptides and proteins, frequently used for this purpose, were categorized into four groups: signal peptides, enzyme-inhibitor peptides, neurotransmitter-inhibitor peptides and carrier peptides. We comprehensively review eligible studies -including controlled ex vivo or in vivo efficacy studies on any topical peptide or protein that has been administered to treat signs and symptoms of ageing.



Review The role of dimethylaminoethanol in cosmetic dermatology.[Am J Clin Dermatol. 2005


The skin is an active site of acetylcholine synthesis, storage, secretion, metabolism, and receptivity. Muscarinic acetylcholine receptors have been localized to keratinocytes, melanocytes and dermal fibroblasts, whereas nicotinic acetylcholine receptors have been found in keratinocytes. The role of acetylcholine and the role of DMAE as a modulator of acetylcholine-mediated functions in the skin remain to be elucidated.Thus, the benefits of DMAE in dermatology include a potential anti-inflammatory effect and a documented increase in skin firmness with possible improvement in underlying facial muscle tone. Studies are needed to evaluate the relative efficacy of DMAE compared with other skin-care regimens (e.g., topical antioxidant creams, alpha-hydroxy acids).



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