2016 Presidential Candidates - How They Stand, REALLY, on Medical Marijuana

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Ranking the 2016 Presidential Candidates on Medical Marijuana.

This in-house study ranks the 2016 Presidential Candidates, in an attempt to discover how the various Presidential wannabe's stack up, when it comes time to make intelligent and honest decisions on issues relating to Marijuana use in America.  

Perception of Integrity of a Candidate was a deemed to be the most important component to assess a probable outcome. Integrity was assessed in part using data from:

http://www.politifact.com provided an archive of about 100 statements made by each Candidate with scores of truthfulness.

https://www.opensecrets.org provided lists of funding for each Candidate. Candidates with sizable funding from anti-Marijuana interests scored lower.

After cross checking the data and boiling down the findings, we came up with the following results:

Candidate                          MMJ Score

Bernie Sanders              38

Rand Paul                        38

Donald Trump                 32

Marco Rubio                      7

Jeb Bush                            2

Hillary Clinton                     2

Ben Carson                       0

Ted Cruz                             0

The higher the score, the more favorable the Candidate seems to be toward responsible, medical and scientific use of Medical Marijuana in the United States.

Encouraging Results for Medical Cannabis Patients

From a pro-Medical Cannabis point of view, the results were surprising and very encouraging.  All the successful Candidates to date (Feb 28, 2016) supported the use of Medical Marijuana and saw recreational use as a minor offense.  Anti-Cannabis hardliners and Johnny come latelies to the cause, fared poorly.  Maybe it is better said that, ALL hard core anti-Marijuana-ers were literally wiped out.

Lyin Ted Cruz marijuana

Ted Cruz - Republican Presidential Marijuana Score: Zero

Two Big Surprises;  Trump Thumbs Up, Clinton Thumbs Down

Donald Trump scored much higher than expected, in reference to preconceived notions.  While Trump was found to be staunchly against recreational Marijuana, he supports Medical Marijuana.  His track record is relatively consistent all the way back to the 1990's. 

Hillary Clinton's score was dismal despite her saying "all the right things".  Clinton's great political power over the past twenty years provided little traction for the cause and did not find a way curb the Fed's appetite to suppress Marijuana as an important Medicine.  Her integrity is debatable given ongoing scandals.  Clinton's sponsor's were found to be adamantly anti-marijuana.

Our analysis focused primarily on the Candidate's track record relating to Medical Marijuana, but considers forward moving statements and other desirable leadership qualities that are in short supply, such as acumen and integrity.

We seek answers to the basic questions.  Does the Candidate:take the democratic process and the constitution seriously?  Do they have any idea about what they are talking about?  What are their credentials or demonstrated aptitude in Medicine? 

What is their track record, do they do what they say or are they prone to lip service?  Many Candidates talk a great story, but the research often reveals that their major funding comes from big special interest groups that wish Medical Marijuana would disappear from the map.  Regarding integrity, are they prone to inconsistent behavior in other important issues? 

Green Sanders for Medical Marijuana

Bernie Sanders - Democratic Presidential Marijuana Score: +38

For example, Donald Trump called for an audit of the Fed and Ted Cruz said the same.  However, Cruz failed to show up and vote for his supposed cause.

"It is so important to audit The Federal Reserve, and yet Ted Cruz missed the vote on the bill that would allow this to be done."

--Donald Trump

“However, by skipping the vote on auditing the Fed, Cruz risks jeopardizing some of the credibility he has built in [the libertarian] faction of the Republican party. Auditing the Federal Reserve has long been an animating cause of Paul and his supporters and it has taken on major symbolic significance,”

--Ben Jacobs, The Guardian


The Constitution of the United States and Medical Marijuana

Candidates attitudes and behavior toward rule of law and respect for the Constitution are considered all important, not only in the Medical Marijuana issue, but every issue.  Why? 

The constitution establishes the division of Federal and State power.  Each State joined the union as a member of the United States under a legal contract. 

In the case of Medical Marijuana and other drugs the Constitution’s Supremacy Clause states that:

“The federal government has preeminent authority to regulate interstate and foreign commerce, including commerce involving legal and illegal trafficking in drugs such as Marijuana.”

The observation here is that Candidates that believe that the Federal Government can overrule State decisions on Marijuana, do not respect the constitution, rule of law and due process. 

The War on Drugs

Why are Candidate attitudes on the War on Drugs important?  Hardliners typically supported incarceration for the possession of minor quantities of Marijuana and played an important role in creating legislation effectively blocked Medical research and prohibited citizens from an effective treatment for many disorders. .  In this study, we analyzed each Presidential hopeful's past activity, their voting habits, public statements made toward both recreational and Medical use.

Hardliners from the War on Drug's camp have advocated and passed bills to jail Americans for the possession of small amounts of Marijuana.  In contrast, most citizens, especially intellectuals, have smoked pot.  As of February 2015, nearly half of federal prison inmates were sentenced for drug crimes, that's more than a million people.  The majority of Americans (58 percent Gallup) think that pot use should be legal in the United States. 

People who smoked Pot at some point in the US

  • 65-70% of College students
  • 80-85% of Graduate students
  • 65-70% of Presidential Candidates
  • 40 to 50% of Americans

-- Various Sources, Google

In conclusion, using hardliner logic, most intellectuals and Presidential Candidates deserve a criminal record for Marijuana use and/ or jail time.  

Presidential Medical Marijuana Score System

We assigned points from zero to five stars, with zero points being most unfavorable and 5 stars being most favorable to the cause of supporting Medical Marijuana therapy and research.

What is the Candidate's position on:

  • legalization of recreational and Medical Marijuana use.
  • legalization of Medical Cannabis only
  • Experience with Marijuana
  • The War on Drugs, including Marijuana

Candidate Integrity and Acumen Track Record

  • Do they make contradictory statements a plenty?
  • Can they get the job done, oversee complex tasks?
  • Do they understand and respect the constitution and state rights?
  • Are their statements prone to be meaningless, robotic cliches?
  • Do they understand the related issues of medicine, science, biology?
  • Have they ever had a real job or are they a career politician?

MMJDOCTORONLINE Notes:  It would seem that most Candidates support the use of Medical Cannabis with guidance provided by individual states rather than the Fed.  This would mean that Medical Recommendations, Cannabis Consultations, Clubs and dispensaries will likely continue to operate unaffected in the State of California after the upcoming Presidential election.


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