Medical Patients save 25% on marijuana purchases in 2018.  Cannabis Law, marijuana ID, doctors weed recommendation,

Why a medical cannabis card in California? Save hundreds of dollars in tax, have access to the best weed, added employer and judicial protection, and more.


Medical Patients save 25% on marijuana purchases in 2018.  Cannabis Law, marijuana ID, doctors weed recommendation,


"With the legalization of recreational cannabis, a medical cannabis card or doctors recommendation is no longer required., but having cannabis ID saves clients about 25% on their purchases."  

In 2018, having a medical cannabis card is even more advantageous than before legalization, that is if you consider the meter to be cash savings.  If you consume half an ounce per month, that is 6 ounces per year.  At a price of $250 per ounce, that is $2,000 per year, with $500 of it tax.  Meanwhile the cost of a medical cannabis recommendation and card is about $50 bucks and there's more.


7 Reasons Why should I have MMJ ID

*Patients save 25% on tax or more.  That amounts to several hundred dollars per year savings for the average user.  If you consume only one gram of weed per day, in 2018 the tax is about $2.50. That's nearly $30 per week or $120 per month.  This savings is enough to go on a cruise by the end year.

Busted for Pot in California?  Really?

How a Medical Marijuana Card can Save you from Getting Busted.

*MMJ-ID provides protection from failing drug tests, whenever the employer disallows recreational use, but allows medical use.  Also, medical marijuana users sometimes receive a mulligan and are given a warning instead of being straight out fired.

*In divorce or litigation, the opposition may claim you abuse weed, but charges are less likely to stick if the evidence is that you're taking marijuana responsibly for medical reasons.

*If you are stopped by a Federal officer, you can still be busted for pot (somewhat rare), but it happens at airports, parks and federal facilities.  Feds tend to be more lenient and let you go without charges if you have valid medical cannabis ID.

*If you are from Canada or Mexico, you can be deported from the country if you possess weed at an airport.  Having medical cannabis ID sometimes stops officials from prosecuting you.  This is a big deal.

*Medical ID allows access to all dispensaries, not only those set up for recreational sales.  Medical customers sometimes get a better deal and service.  Some dispensaries save elite strains for their medical customers.

*Some precincts in Nevada accept California Medical Cannabis ID.


How to Qualify in 15 minutes using Telemedicine

You need be an adult California resident,   Acceptable ID includes Driver's license, Residents State ID, passport.  Foreigners that live in California can get a MMJ-ID card too. They simply need to get a California Driver's license or Canadians and Mexicans only need a passport and a bill or some other document that shows they are living in California.

A licensed California doctor must recommend Medical Cannabis in writing.  According to State law, described in Proposition 215, MMJ clients must have a qualifying medical condition.  Most major diseases automatically qualify clients for MMJ.  California Doctors commonly recommend MMJ for Cancer, Chemo, Epilepsy, MS, psychological disorders, stress, anorexia, ADD, PMS, nausea, Parkinson's.  Click on the links at the left of this page for detailed information about each condition/symptom and how Medical Marijuana can help.

Once you have a Recommendation letter can also get a MMJ Card (and at the same time).  Prices vary, internet providers are by far the fastest and cheapest.  Several counties, walk-in clinics, websites provide MMJ-ID Cards.  You want to make sure you're dealing with a legit operation, many a vendor has been busted in the MMJ business.


Getting MMJ ID over the Online is Legal

The Medical Board of California encourages Physicians to use telehealth (online medicine), provided that the standard of care is equivalent or superior to an in clinic visit.  In the case of Medical Cannabis Physician evaluations, teleconferencing or internet applications meet these described requirements.  In practice, Telehealth actually raises the quality of medical services because the rapid and efficient processing of routine cases frees up a lot of professional's valuable time.


Click here to check out an affordable online Doctor's Recommendation and ID Card service.

If you have health issues, you may qualify for a medical doctor’s cannabis recommendation in California.  Here is how.



Employed at a company that tests for Cannabis

Cannabis is not legal in all states and countries.  As the various California companies have international, national and local roots, workers must comply to a variety of standards for employee drug use.  A Doctor's recommendation for Medical Cannabis and MMJ ID card may or may not protect you from termination at your place of employment.  However the cost of MMJ ID is negligible and offers effective protection in many cases.

Also, companies may be in violation of the law by dismissing and discriminating against an Epilepsy sufferer that needs the medicine to work and even stay alive.  The best thing to do is to get your doctor to ask your employer, in confidence if legal Medical Cannabis use will result in termination.  Your doctor may be able to get you an exemption - so they can avoid litigation.  What a horror show it would be if a large company was subject to a class action lawsuit by its employees over smoking pot.


Divorce - Custody Nightmare involving Weed

When it comes to Divorce and separation, you better believe the sage advice: all's fair in love and war (not).   Your Ex can play the "drug" card, you're not worthy to hang with the kids because you're a worthless pot smoking, drug using bump.  Equipped with an MMJ Card, you can call BS on those charges.  What would your reply be when you're in court, battling for your kids.  Without the a Cannabis Card or Recommendation, in court, what are you gonna say? Yes, your honor, my Ex is right, I was too lazy to get ID.  Now you know it, don't go there.


Medicinal Use - Get your Medicine

The reason Medical Cannabis was legalized is because many prominent and powerful people wanted legal access.  These elites knew Medical Cannabis works.  As we move forward, more medicinally potent strains are available to afford outstanding results in "untreatable" conditions such as Cancer, Alzheimer's, Dementia, AIDS, and Parkinson's.


MMJDOCTORONLINE Notes: You don't have to go book an appointment with a doctor or stand in line at a walk-in clinic.  Medical Cannabis clients new and old can apply online to get: legal Medical Cannabis Card, licensed Doctor's evaluation and recommendation, growers permits, document verification and renewals.  Everything is done online in minutes - and clients don't pay until they are approved to legally possess, grow, transport and medicate with Medical Cannabis in the State of California!  Click here to see all our more than affordable packages.





List of CA Cannabis Legislation Pursuant to Prop 64

Adult use of cannabis is legal in California under Proposition 64, the Adult Use of Cannabis Act (AUMA), approved by the voters on Nov 8, 2016. In general, AUMA allows adults 21 and over to possess, privately use, and give away up to one ounce of cannabis, and to cultivate no more than six plants for personal use at their residence. It also legalizes the commercial sale, distribution and production of cannabis for adult use at state-licensed facilities beginning January 1, 2018, under terms spelled out in the Medical and Adult Use of Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act approved by the legislature in 2017.  City and county governments can restrict or ban cannabis businesses in their jurisdiction.

Cannabis remains legal for medical use by patients of all ages who have a physician's recommendation under California's 1996 medical marijuana law, Proposition 215. Proposition 215 affords somewhat broader rights to possess and cultivate for personal use than AUMA. Prior to AUMA, the sale, production and distribution of medical cannabis by so-called patients' collectives was authorized in loose terms under a law known as SB 420 of 2004. However, SB 420 collectives will be phased out and subsumed in the state regulation and licensing system beginning in 2018.

The Bureau of Cannabis Control in the Dept. of Consumer Affairs is in charge of licensing and regulating retail sales, distribution, and testing; the Dept. of Food and Agriculture is in charge of cultivation; and the Department. of Public Health is in charge of manufacturing. Prior approval by local city or county governments is required for all state-licensed facilities. Further info on state regulations may be found at the California Cannabis Portal.


Regulations - Statutes



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CA State Patient ID Cards

If you are not a U.S. citizen, think about whether you should carry your medical cannabis recommendation with you. Reports are that ICE is asking if people have their cards and/or use medical marijuana, and using that as grounds for deportation on grounds that they are in violation of the federal Controlled Substances Act. This means permanent residents, Visa holders, and those who are not naturalized nor are a natural-born citizen.


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