Everyone wants a part of the $50 billion dollar US cannabis business

Everyone wants a part of the $50 billion dollar US cannabis business


We've said it before and we'll say it again, by getting the right pro-marijuana message across, Donald Trump might effectively drive a stake through the hearts of the rabid left, releasing many hypnotized followers from their stuppor - to think it might actually might be possible to make America great again, an America where people can smoke a joint if they want in peace.


A generous portion of the masses might be described as left; we have the snowflakes, the environmentalists, the old and new hippies, the generation Xers, smokers, medical marijuana patients, house-wives, sportsmen, entertainers.  Then we have the hired protesters, the establishment and the welfare state left would rather burn down the country than see Trump succeed.

Trump simply has to hire a competent person that is respected in the marijuana community and outside to oversee policy.  And that policy would be to simply allow the states govern over all aspects of medical and recreational marijuana.  Also, amending the constitution to specifically say that cannabis issues are not interstate trade narcotic affairs

Right now both Illinois and California State Treasurers are urging Trump to get banks to assure marijuana.


money for marijuana


Assure Banks for Marijuana
Both Illinois and California treasurers have recently sent  Donald Trump correspondence requesting that the administration guide banking regulations relating to medical cannabis business.

Right now, for fear of reprisal, banks are hesitant to serve cannabis related businesses because marijuana is federally classified as a narcotic, a schedule I substance.  Under current federal law, banks are prohibited from processing money used in the state-legal marijuana industry.  Without banking services, obviously cannabis vendors have to use cash or in some cases bitcoin.  

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With that said, the top 4 banks in the US have served the cannabis business.  But this is not the case everywhere.  In Canada several major banks have refused to be involved in the cannabis sector, despite there being no public outcry or profit motive.  

All of this hanky, banky, panky goes back to the international War on Drugs, run out of the UN, with various compliant mega corporate and government factions.  Now the bankers and Jeff Sessions just want the law to be consistent, and they can go about their business.  What everyone does not want is the double standard, where laws are not enforced, but tomorrow they start raiding everybody, legit or not.


“This conflict between federal and state rules creates a number of problems for the states that have legalized cannabis use, including difficulties collecting tax revenue, increased risk of serious crime, and the inability of a newly legal industry under state law to effectively engage in banking and commerce,” - California State Treasurer John Chiang


“Medical marijuana is not right for everyone. However, its positive results for those with debilitating conditions, including Veterans and children threatened by seizures, are undeniable.  Updating our banking laws to embrace commonsense change will allow Illinois to properly manage this reasonable program, guarantee uninterrupted access to medical users, and protect financial institutions that serve the industry.” - Treasurer Michael Frerichs of Illinois


Frerichs said that Trump should clarify that the attorney general will not threaten the state's licensed cannabis industry.  Sessions has said that if he was to keep his hands off marijuana, the federal law should be clarified or changed so he can do his job - which is to follow and enforce the law, no double standards.

Again Trump can win over a lot of fans from the left if he put to bed the perceived threat posed by Jeff Sessions.  Sessions referred to marijuana repeatedly as a dangerous substance, that good people don't smoke marijuana, that Obama was too lax on marijuana.  For what it is worth, what we're seeing is the the Obama-Clinton administration paid lip service to so many causes, small business, the plight of the black community, literal bullshit speak on all marijuana.issues.  Under Obama,  more black men were put in jail for marijuana related offences than any other president, by a wide margin.


the decline of black america



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What we're seeing, and the truth is soon to come out, is that Sessions will do what Trump says, or else.  So Sessions will do what Trump says.  And what Trump will do is be pragmatic, cut the red tape, and clarify the Federal law, bang just like that.  Time will tell.


"If Trump introduces marijuana friendly regulation, will the leadership (not the real left) block the motion?" - Conspiracy Theorist


The Obama’s administration and the Justice Department promised to not go after cannabis businesses operating legally under state laws, however after eight years - nada, zip, zero, nothing, worse than nothin'.  Last year Congress refused an amendment that would protect marijuana-friendly banking institutions.

green card - will we see it?



"I assure you, we will not penalize or prosecute banks that service state licensed cannabis businesses." - Putting words in Donald Trump's Mouth


Another senator from Massachusetts,  Elizabeth Warren and  nine members of Congress support banks that provide services to cannabis-related business in states where marijuana is legal.   28 U.S. states (and counting) have so far passed medical marijuana legalization laws and 8 states have approved of recreational marijuana.


Are we deluded in thinking that the marijuana issue could be the tipping point for Trump in what appears to be a festering civil-war?  The right move by Trump can steal him an instant 50% support from the left.  Right now he's got what? 55-60% support?  What a landslide-mandate of popular support that would be.


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What Jeff Sessions Said About Marijuana in His Confirmation Hearing ...

Sessions, who in the past has been outspokenly opposed to legalized marijuana, admitted during questioning by his fellow U.S. senators that disrupting state's' legal marijuana markets by enforcing federal marijuana laws could create an undue strain on federal resources. However, responding to a question from Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont, Sessions (a Republican representing Alabama) also said he "won't commit to never enforcing federal law.....


Jeff Sessions' Coming War on Legal Marijuana - POLITICO DIATRIBE Magazine

President Trump’s reported belief that the issue should be decided by states, marijuana law reform groups like the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) are hopeful that neither President Trump or Sessions will interfere in the decisions of states to relax restrictions on marijuana. Enforcing the national prohibition of recreational marijuana would eliminate much of the oversight set by states which allow its use, and create “very messy gray area,” said Robert Capecchi, MPP’s director of federal policies. It’s also costly, and would strain the financial and personnel resources of the DEA, which only employs about 4,600 special agents.

“They just don’t have the resources to do that ... And I don’t think that the taxpayers in Tennessee want their federal tax dollars going toward [DEA] action busting medical marijuana patients in North Dakota, for instance.”is about to put into the nation’s top law enforcement job a man with a long and antagonistic attitude toward marijuana. ...” Capecchi


Jeff Sessions Will Drastically Harm the Marijuana Industry - Weed News

Is it all smoke and mirrors.  What is the reality?


I want to be wrong. I want to be “Y2K will cause a massive global financial meltdown!” wrong. I want to be “the Rapture will happen May 21… er, October 21, 2011!” wrong. I want to be “Hillary will win Michigan by five points” wrong, even though that’s what has gotten us to this point in the first place. But I’m not. Alabama Senator Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III (2016’s runner-up to Detroit Lions’ offensive coordinator Jim Bob Cooter for “Most Redneck Name”) will be our next Attorney General and he will begin a massive federal backlash against states that have legalized medical and adult-use marijuana. Would he revive the war on drugs...


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