The most popular strains for sex, old favorites, newcomers, and ways to mix in CBD and other exotic herb.

Various portions of THC, CBD, THC-V, CBG, arrayS of terpenes provide an endless variety or erotic effects




Hash or good weed is a game changer.  The right stuff can put you in another dimension, where everything is satin, dreamy and exotic.  As you exit this parallel universe and come back to this reality, you'll notice certain things. You can't hold onto a glass of water, you can't speak and you can barely walk, if at all.  


"There would be no wars at all if everyone got laid totally properly on a regular basis. There would be no point. Bitching would go extinct, just like that."


Weed smokers already know that marijuana enhances their sexual enjoyment.  Even so, people seem to happenstance into their weed choices, without delving into the science and alchemy of Cannabaceae.  


"Your local dispensary should have some very delectable strains.  With a little searching, you can probably find some of the weed on our list of recommended strains."


Sexy strains, and why not?




There are many new strains out there that are quite different in composition and effect.  Different strains affect different people, differently.  The exotic combinations include various portions of THC, CBD, THC-V, CBG, and an array of terpenes, each with their own special smell.  The different terpenes and cannabinoids affect one another, some moderate effects and others enhance the stone.  THC-V is an energiser and CBD is a mellowing agent, while regular THC tends to sedate.  


"What’s the difference between a G-spot and a golf ball? A guy will actually search for a golf ball."


There are so many combinations to try.  Of course, once you find that blissful strain, why continue looking?  The ingredients of one type of Asian hashish contained about equal portions of d8THC (non-psychoactive), d9THC (psychoactive), Cannabinol CBN (psychoactive) and Cannabidiol CBD (non-psychoactive).  CBN is a very dreamy, mellow cannabinoid, while THC has a little more pizzazz, while CBD is a balancer, while d8THC is very subtle.  Together, this mixture is well tolerated by most people.   With a glass of fine wine, and some of this exotic hash, you'll be feeling Morocco, with the Sahara breeze blowing through your hair, caressing your lover's satin skin....  


Been there, did it, done it.  The memories are good for a lifetime.




A few words of advice.  If weed affects you to become too mellow and sleepy, then you're probably going to enjoy a strain with uplifting qualities.  Mixing in a bit of a high CBD Strain like AC/DC, can really ramp up those warm and fuzzy feelings, while taming overwhelming effects of THC.   

Non psychoactive Cannabis strains



Without further ado, let's get onto the deliverables, the top sexy strains.



Blue Cheese

THC 17%, CBD? CBN?

MAKES YOU FEEL: Happy uplifting, euphoric, relaxed and AROUSING.


Purple Kush

THC  20%  CBD 0% CBG 0%

MAKES YOU FEEL: Attentive Happy Inspired Lazy Sleepy


Alaska Thunder Fuck  & Matanuska Thunder Fuck

THC 15%  CBD  ?% CBN ?%
MAKES YOU FEEL:  Attentive Creative Hungry Motivated Relaxed


Plush Berry- Pink Lady

THC 18% CBD 1% CBN 1%
MAKES YOU FEEL Aroused Creative Energetic Euphoric Motivated


Facewreck Haze - Gucci OG
THC 21% CBD 1% CBN 1%

MAKES YOU FEEL Aroused Attentive Creative Inspired Motivated

Amnesia Haze

THC 23% CBD ?% CBN ?%

MAKES YOU FEEL Happy Energetic Euphoric Potent Relaxes / Anxious?


What kinds of marijuana works best in sex and delivers the best orgasms?.


Black Beauty

THC 15% CBD 0.5% CBN 0.5%

MAKES YOU FEEL Alert Creative Energetic Relaxed Sociable


Buddha’s Sister

THC 17% CBD 0% CBN 0%

MAKES YOU FEEL Attentive Creative Euphoric Giggly Relaxed


Pineapple Skunk

THC 17% CBD 0% CBN 0%
MAKES YOU FEEL Alert Aroused Creative Energetic Sociable


Holy Grail Kush

THC 23% CBD 1% CBN 1%
MAKES YOU FEEL Creative Happy Lazy Relaxed


Juicy Fruit

MAKES YOU FEEL Creative Euphoric Giggly Inspired Motivated Relaxed


Afghan Haze

THC 22% CBD 1% CBN 1%
MAKES YOU FEEL Happy Hungry Inspired


Scout Cookies

THC 25% CBD 0% CBG 2%
MAKES YOU FEEL Aroused Creative Hungry



The People's Choice - Blue Dream


THC 21%, CBG 1%

MAKES YOU FEEL Alert Attentive Energetic Happy Inspired

Durban Poison

THC 20% CBD 1% THCV 2%
MAKES YOU FEEL Euphoric Relaxed Euphoric Focuses Aroused



THC 16% CBD 1% CBN 1%
MAKES YOU FEEL Creative Euphoric Happy Motivated Relaxed Sociable



THC 19% CBD 1% CBN 1%
MAKES YOU FEEL Euphoric Hungry Relaxed Sleepy


"What does the sign on an out-of-business brothel say? Beat it. We’re closed."






Which type of strain gets you horniest; Indicas, Sativas, or Hybrids? Any specific strain in particular?


devilIndicas for me personally...

devilThe specific genetic of Purple Kush. Works like an aphrodisiac better than brand name boner pills.

devilBlue Cheese. I know it is a pretty heavy indica, but my wife gets crazy horny when she smokes it.

devilBlue Cheese. I know it is a pretty heavy indica, but my wife gets crazy horny when she smokes it. Cheers! That's what I'm smoking right now!

devilSativa Alaska thunder fuck is the other blue pill for me...

devilBlue Cheese. I know it is a pretty heavy indica, but my wife gets crazy horny when she smokes it.

devilHahah I can say too Blue Cheese makes me crazy horny as well. Lmao

devilHmm I wanna say both, but I think indica would be it for me.

devilI have more intense orgasms on an indica (body high). A sativa will get me kicked out of bed for laughing when she is trying to turn me on.

devilTriple Berry Taint Og always revs my engine.


"What’s the difference between a tire and 365 condoms? One’s a Goodyear. The other’s a Greatyear."

devilI've been reading about how some people eat mangos to increase sex drive, and mangos contain the terpenes known as Myrcene which is also abundant in certain citrusy smelling strains of cannabis. I've been wondering if a strain higher in Myrcine, say Agent Orange (sativa), could have stronger effects inhibiting libido. Any input?

devilI've been reading about how some people eat mangos to increase sex drive, and mangos contain the terpenes known as Myrcene which is also abundant in certain citrusy smelling strains of cannabis. I've been wondering if a strain higher in Myrcine, say Agent Orange (sativa), could have stronger effects inhibiting libido. Any input?

devilBe nice if there was a cost effective way of testing the buds to try and increase things through breeding. At Least none that I came across, but cool theory.

devilI've been the horniest of maybe my life(?) with the purple cheese. I was insatiable






Pot Orgasm ???? From

devilHad a party tonight...and of course, my favorite homeboy Jimmy Ganja was the star of the party.
We were passing around a steamroller packed with herb, a nice two foot bong with a lift-up carb...and dabs. :) There was one chick, whose boyfriend was sitting next to me, who had an especially good time.

Call her Becky, because Becky won't know I ripped off her name. Anyway, Becky does not smoke with us because she is affected by the herb times ten. All she has to do is inhale our secondary smoke, and she's off to giggle land. We usually get stoned ourselves, then watch what Becky does with the contact high.

Tonight she met her match. Another chick, Samantha, was sitting next to her and doing a dab. She blew the hit right in Becky's face...and she got a snootfull. She got red faced, turned really silly and started rocking back and forth, laughing. Within a few minutes, she started having what was clearly an orgasm.  'Are you having a pot-gasm?' I asked. Her boyfriend, Bert, said, 'Oh she does this. One time it was so bad we had to leave.'

I was flabbergasted. I had no idea that pot orgasms were a real thing...and I've been a devoted disciple of the Reefer since the 80's.  Becky, meanwhile, continued on her adventure. She had multiple orgasms over the course of the next half hour...and at one point went into the bathroom to have a discussion with 'the drill sergeant' in the mirror (I'm not sure what that was about, but it sounded intense.)

We eventually opened a window, when it was obvious the poor woman wouldn't be able to stop cumming with the room full of smoke. When it was time to leave, Bert had to just about carry her home.I shit you not--this really happened. Anyone else see this? But she really seemed to be enjoying herself. ;)

devilYes oh my god, turns my BF on so much. Happens when you get REALLY high of off certain strains, ones that have a good amount of CBD too (mentally relaxed). And you have to be mentally wanting sex before you get high, like your brain has to be prepared
Sir Vapesalot said:

devilHappens when you get REALLY high of off certain strains, ones that have a good amount of CBD too(mentally relaxed).

devilI would like to add those strains to my collection.

devilCare to share which strains? Please. :)

devilI don't care about that shit honestly, so I don't know. If it gets me high I'll smoke it

devilMy boyfriend just noticed the pattern and said noticeable CBD levels, and high THC is what the strains have in common.

devilWe were smoking the dabs, which just concentrates everything. I doubt the strain makes much of a difference at that point, unless it's to affect the CBD balance.

devilI have noticed that sex on edibles is particularly...groovy.

devilHaving a pipe on hand during sex is something I do, but I must point out that you have to be careful not to get sparks in the bed. Safety first.

devilWhat a lucky dude, man. Just has to smoke a blunt and his girl will swear she just got bulldozed by a tree trunk.

devilI'm sure Bert finished her off properly after they got home.


devilI used to experience intense 'waves' throughout my body when I started to smoke. The waves were so intense that I literally felt my body tingling and twitching every time as if I'm having an orgasm. Now I can only activate this feeling if I smoke when I am sick or when I mix weed with alcohol, which produce an even more intense feeling, or if I smoke a lot of good weed. Once, I was so drunk, and I closed my eyes and I immediately felt a strong rush of waves, so strong that I couldn't hold it in and had to open my eyes and breathe!! Its fucking amazing!!!!

devilI had one once when I was in the shower. I remember I had to sit down and then I had a huge wave go over me, felt like I was in another universe... This was one of the first times I smoked by myself.. Had another when listening to dark side of the moon w/ high-end headphones.

devilWell yeah thats whats i consider a blazed, positive vibe, i get them occasionally, depending how i feel.

devilWhen i get them i feel like my brain lifts off and floats into another dimension, then the extreme euphoria settles in for a little while, but i've had this one thought once, which made me realize how amazing being high really is.

devilOnce i was in the skys, and my mind had that ganja orgasm, afterwards i understood the universe for about 10 seconds, understanding the logic and mathematical reasoning behind it.. brilliant as hell. I once had a cupcake so good when I was baked my mouth had an orgasm, no joke.

devilThats why i love going to sleep baked.


"What did the banana say to the vibrator? Why are you shaking? She’s gonna eat me!"

devilYeah i use to go to bed baked all the time for a month or so. It sucked when i was out of budd and couldnt get to sleep though.

devili remember once when i was new to smoking i was really stoned on the cough watching tv layin back and i was taking deep breaths and could feel every part of my lungs get tickled by the oxygen like every square inch. It felt sso good and it made my whole body have a wave of pleasure.

devilSometimes when I smoke a lot my sit back on the sofa and I fell like I'm melting. it feels so good, like my whole body's numb and every suttle move I make is like a orgasm.

devilWhile listening to music, I sometimes get this chill running. It feels strange, but amazing... Funny :)

devilI have been having weedgasms for the past six months. Before I began having them, I had just gone from smoking once or twice a week to three or more times a day in the span of a month, which was a quick transition for me since I had been smoking off and on for the past 5 years. At first I thought this was why I was having them, but after reading some of these posts I'm not sure.

devilAt first I could only reach that intense euphoria after I was high, had smoked a cigarette, was alone and listening to music. They are exactly like the other descriptions, but after a few months of smoking at least twice a day I could make myself have a weedgasm just by thinking about it if




"What’s long and hard and full of semen?  A submarine."


devilI was stoned enough, and it all happens in the span of 30 seconds, from the time I feel the "waves" to my marijuana orgasm.

devilIt is similar to riding a roller coaster, without the gut-tugging feeling.
Does this happen to any guys?

devilIt was my first time, I took TEN hits out of this homemade bong, it hit me hard. I could barely handle it, it was this warm extreme fuzziness all throughout my body, as if there were multiple people in that exact same spot at the same time, inside me, moving like a flickering flame. I had to sit down, it was the greatest thing ever. Then I felt sick, I staggered back inside (my friend said I looked like a zombie) and went upstairs, then flopped down on these huge beanbags, feeling horrible nausea. Then the sickness went away about 5 minutes later and the fuzziness came back, it was like that static whitenoise crap you used to see on TV. The fuzziness got more and more intense until it got so crazy that I felt like i was on a rollercoaster. It's like the fuzziness started bouncing/rolling inside of me, this feeling would fluctuate, I would calm down, then BAM I went crazy again. I would close my eyes and see neon lights/shapes, it would be calm for three seconds, then the light would start bouncing like crazy. It was sheer euphoria. To this day I can't shut up about it. :smoking:

devilWay longer. If I'm really, really stoned, I usually can't even finish... unless I do the business on my own.

devilI'd say longer when I'm high. But at the same time, it's so much better!!

devilI think its just about the same amount of time for me.

devili love to fuck high.

devilIt makes me last longer... sometimes for hours. it makes me a more creative lover ;) damn do i miss sex

devilThe first couple times I had sex high I actually didn't last very long at all; eek:(.

devilGlad that changed. It's basically the same now.

devilI think a lil longer. And I definitely cum "harder" when I'm high. Can't wait til I experience high sex!!

devilI last waaaaaaaay the f*ck longer and the orgasm itself lasts longer as well after I've had my little presex visit with mary jane....Haha

devilIn fact....I don't even want sex anymore UNLESS I'm stoned.....just not the same without mary along for the ride......:cool:

devilThat maryjane can be a kinky little swinger.

devilI orgasm alot faster when I'm high, it takes me foreveeeeer to orgasm when I'm sober.

devilIt feels a lot longer. Then i look over at the clock and realize it's only been a minute. Then i'm like, shit, that took half the time it usually take me.


420EvaluationsOnline:  To purchase any of these sexy strains from your local dispensary, cannabis clinic, a cooperative, delivery service or compassion club, you'll need a medical doctor's recommendation for marijuana in both California and Nevada.  This process is easy and can be accomplished via the internet in a few minutes.  Just fill out the form specifying your conditions and symptoms and a doctor will perform a 420 evaluation the same day  Patient's don't pay unless they're approved.




Sex and Marijuana

Sex and drugs are often spoken of together when discussing the taboo acts of many adolescents. Many people experiment with both sex and drugs, sometimes at the same time. Marijuana is a commonly used drug-herb that is often used in conjunction with sex. Marijuana can have a varied impact on the brain, body, health, sex, and relationships of everyone.


Marijuana Sex Advice: Hallucinogenic Orgasms From Cannabis Extracts

In the first article in this sex and marijuana series, I explained that my goal is to help you use marijuana to enhance your sexual pleasure and relationships.

I noted that my sexual life including sex while high and sex without marijuana—had not been particularly interesting or satisfying.

But then I learned how to use marijuana extracts as an aphrodisiac and female form of non-pharmaceutical Viagra, and it turned me into someone who now writes about sex online!

After I read about the marijuana Viagra method, I followed the instructions by putting a quarter gram of high-quality, very clean medical marijuana extract inside my vagina.

In about 20 minutes I felt like somebody had poured a pleasant liquid fire into my crotch, a fire that lit my whole body aflame.


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Discover The Marijuana Sex Secret Viagra Makers Don’t Want You to Know

What's the Best Sex Pot? 4 Sexy Marijuana Tips

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