Big Pharma Synthetic Cannabis Kills

Another Big Pharma Nightmare

Death by THC?


Rather than use naturally occuring substances as medicines, Big Pharma patents synthetic derivatives for profit.


The overwhelming scientific and clinical evidence is that natural whole plant extracts of cannabis, containing a mixture of cannabinoids like THC, CBD and terpenes work much better together that in isolation.   However, the pharmaceutical industry ignores this fact and pursues its goal of producing profitable synthetic isolates.


Generally speaking, synthetic substances are much more toxic than naturally occurring molecules, because the cells of an organism don't know what to do with them.  Life forms evolve to use the molecules in their environment as building materials, as a substrate and dispenses with those substances they can't use.  Synthetic molecules have a strong tendency to be toxic because bodily reactions: enzymes and receptors cause malfunction similar to like installing the wrong type of part into a machine.   


Over the last 100 years, the entire medical industry has been taken over by synthetic drugs and surgery.  Vitamins, minerals, herbs, natural opiates, tranquilizers, cannabis and so on have been wiped from the medical books and replaced with synthetic derivatives.  While in principle, this idea of using synthetics over their organic cousin's molecules is counter intuitive and non-scientific, the powers that be have nonetheless succeeded in convincing a gullible public and medical industry that synthetic drugs treatment is the mainstay of modern medicine.   This is the power of propaganda, where populations can be convinced to go along with pretty much anything.


In the case of bottled water, a community may have the best fresh water supply in the world, but they can be convinced to buy demineralize water in plastic bottles contaminated with estrogen mimicking phthalates (common).


When opium and cocaine were found to be great painkillers and tranquilizers, the drug company scientists found ways to make chemical derivatives - to produce drugs that were many times more "effective" or at least stronger, and certainly more addictive and clearly more toxic.  Nonetheless, the big pharma machine was able to erase virtually every organic treatment from the text books.


Now, as medical marijuana has invaded their playground.  Millions of people around the world are now substituting cannabis for their toxic pharmaceutical drug counterparts.   In response, the big pharma strategy is to produce "better" synthetic derivatives, single molecules that can be purified, categorized for simple cause and effect.  Doctor's are sold on the simple cause and effect logic. They say, "I like to know exactly what's in it, and what it does.". The comparison is like saying that white sugar mixed with water is superior to an organic fruit juice.  However, this juvenile reasoning is paramount in the average physician's mindset.




Thus, synthetic cannabinoids have become a hot topic and the major drug companies are looking to make synthetic cannabinoids so they can reacquire full control of the medical industry.  Synthetic cannabinoids appear on the legal market in the form of Marinol (THC) and on the black market as spice.  Spice is a mixture of experimental cannabinoids that are hundreds or thousands of times stronger than their organic cousins.  Imagine drinking a beer that is 1000 x stronger than usual. Obviously spice is bad news and even the high is pretty bad for those that have been so silly as to try.   


"George Orwell got it right.  Doublespeak. While the 60's generation will tell you Monsanto GMO, pharmaceutical drugs are all evil, they're on an average taking six different medications at the same time, and they're spraying toxic roundup next door, if not at home.  They're cowards, it's pathetic." - Johnny Rodriguez


The way cannabinoids work.  


When researchers tried to figure out how THC worked in humans, they were discovered a new receptor on the membranes of nerve and brain cells that activated several bodily and cerebral functions.  This discovery led to the identification of a major body system, now called the endocannabinoid system. It is now known that the body produces substances - called endocannabinoids - that modulate many if not most bodily systems.  It turns out that there are several different cannabinoid receptors populate the membranes or the nervous system, organs, glands, immune cells and connective tissues.


THC affects one type of cannabinoid receptor, while the second most abundant cannabinoid in cannabis, CBD, affects another.  THC can dial down fear, anxiety and pain. However overdose can cause the opposite response of anxiety and psychosis. CBD can dial down immune activity, which makes it a great medicine for autoimmune disorders.  Synthetic cannabinoids can cause a response of 1000 times greater. Think about what 1000x more means. One cup of water versus 1000 cups of water. A fast ball of 90 miles per hour vs a fast ball of 90,000 miles per hour.  You don't do 1000x more of anything.

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But that's what they did in the case of synthetic opiates like fentanyl.  The lethal dose of heroin is around 100 to 200 mg. The lethal dose of fentanyl is 1 or 2 mg.  Then there is synthetic Carfentanil, which is 100 times stronger than fentanyl with a lethal dose in the 0.01 mg range.  Carfentanil is a schedule II drug, while Cannabis is designated as a most dangerous substance possible, Schedule I.


Natural cannabis has no known overdose deaths, while synthetic opiate deaths in North America.  The average death total per state is equivalent to the total deaths of 9/11. This is more than 100 times the death totals from terrorist attacks and renegade shootings.  This is your medical industry and mainstream press in action..


"Monsanto is working quickly on a GMO version, so the strains can be tainted and farmers sued for growing Monsanto’s seed unknowingly, just like they did with corn. Then it will be legalized Federally, when the GMO seeds are ready and semi-viable." - Comment from Orenda.


Marinol or Dronabinol, are simple a synthetic THC drugs.  


"Dronabinol – trade names Marinol and Syndros – is a synthetic form of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) approved by the FDA as an appetite stimulant for people with AIDS and antiemetic for people receiving chemotherapy.[1] THC is the principal psychoactive constituent of cannabis. , chemical name, (−)-trans-Δ?-tetrahydrocannabinol. The pharmaceutical formulation dronabinol is an oily resin provided in capsules available by prescription in the US, Canada, Germany, and New Zealand." - From Wiki


While synthetic THC in theory should not be overly toxic, there is disturbing news about issues associated with Marinol.  In a recent test with synthetic THC conducted by Biotrial by pharmaceutical company Bial in Ouest France, a left six people hospitalized in Rennes. One of those six people was declared clinically dead.    This big pharma disaster can be spun into a positive by the big pharma spin machine. We may see this issue of malpractice transformed into, this trial clearly demonstrates the real dangers in the use of THC and cannabinoids."  


It appears that the trial drug shattered the endocannabinoid system in ways nature does not allow.  


"Instead of embracing natural, plant-based medicine that can help a variety of conditions, pharmaceutical companies seem to be hell-bent on creating fake, synthetic versions of cannabis. Why would they do this when cannabis is non-toxic and effective? Why are research funds not poured into testing dosages and the effects of medical marijuana?  The answer is money, of course. Unable to make the massive profits they would like to from natural medicines, these companies resort to attempting to imitate nature by conjuring up drugs that are not nearly as effective and are actually dangerous to humans." - Well said, JULIA NELSON, fibro nation.


What is really weird about this lethal trial, is that the tests were conducted on healthy people. From this desk, it appears that the so-called synthetic THC was not entirely the d9THC isomer, which has a very high LD50 (the amount that it takes to kill 50% of people).  When you synthesize a bach, you check it through LC and GC mass spectrometry, NBR and other tests.  We would bet a large amount of money that the clinical trial team failed to follow the synthesis and isolation process properly, and also failed to categorize their synthesized end product.  


Furthermore, synthetic THC cannot cause the toxic effects seen in the trial, such as body parts or the head ballooning to double size.  This is an autoimmune dysfunction, something that is associated with another receptor that THC does not affect in a greater capacity. However, CBD does affect the autoimmune system, to dial it down.  In theory, there could be synthetic CBD like-cannabinoids that dial up the autoimmune response, and this should be looked into. In any event, this disastrous trial demonstrates the immense dangers of synthetic drugs.


"At the end of the day, the majority of the population doesn't believe the big pharma, big government and big corporation propaganda bullshit, but those same people can't get their act together as yet to effect change.  They have to lean that talk is not action. Action is Action." - Johnny Rod.


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Serious accident' at clinical trial in France leaves one 'brain-dead' and several hospitalised

One man has been left brain dead and three others face permanent brain damage after taking part in clinical trials for a new drug, the worst such accident in France’s medical history.  Ninety people from the Brittany area in western France took part in the trial, taking some dosage of the drug aimed at reducing pain and anxiety.


Synthetic Cannabis Drug Trial Results in Hospitalization and Death

Pharmaceutical companies have been trying to manufacture synthetic versions of cannabis for years. Recently, a Portuguese company named Bial produced a drug designed to treat anxiety and pain by blocking process by which the human body breaks down naturally-occurring cannabinoid compounds in the body. Biotrial, a French research organization, conducted the trial of the drug at its facilities in Rennes, France. So far, this resulted in one death and the hospitalization of five other participants.


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