The Star Wars of Grow Operations

Aurora Cannabis - From Blue Collar to the Highest Tech



Traditional builders, financiers, food manufacturers and farmers are rapidly adopting their skills to the marijuana sector to good effect.  With the freedom for the people to move, we're seeing some pretty phenomenal innovative projects.  Typically, western governments impose regulation and tax that strangulates business, a plain and simple fact that is increasingly gaining traction among the formerly gullable public.  The marijuana sector is bloated with patients ready to spend cash,   and  governments have let things happen naturally, and fantastic innovative projects have been allowed to happen. 


One instructive example is a mega-operation in Alberta, Canada is captained by Aurora Cannabis Inc. CEO Terry Booth.


Riding the Cannabis Wave




Terry is an electrician by trade who climbed the ladder from blue collar worker to big boss of one of the most ambitious medical marijuana projects in the world.  They call their main  project, the “Aurora Sky Buildout;” a million-square-foot facility in Edmonton, Alberta.    

Ignorance of the new Marijuana Laws is not only a defense, it'll be an epic fail.



Terry states that their product is low cost, high quality. By the end of 2016, the operation had grown to 5,700 patients.  The rate of growth is astounding, with a 30% increase from month to month.  Despite the high volumes of production, such is the success, Mr. Booth worries about being able to provide customers with enough cannabis.


 "It’s a terrible thing when you have to say you don’t have medicine for a patient." - T. Booth CEO


How much medical pot does Aurora sell?  5,400 kilograms / yr but they expect to up production to 7,000 kilograms at full capacity, with a crop every 9 to 10 days.

The new 800,000 sq.ft. facility construction is in motion.   Where others talk, Terry makes the dream come true.  Over the course of a year, with many trips to Holland and back, he met with the best designers and numero uno suppliers in the world. At the top, it is the only way to start. With Amsterdam having such a rich and old tradition in cannabis - coupled with its northern clime, it is natural for the Dutch to have developed into a worldwide leader in greenhouse technology.  

Combining good old fashioned Canadian know how, with their already formidable pot growing skills, the Canadian-Dutch hybrid operation is set to produce the best of strains at the most affordable prices.  This is an example of how the medical marijuana industry very quickly out competes the stale mega-corp pharmaceutical company model.  Into the near future, people like Terry stand to become ultra-rich, as companies like Monsanto and their sibling enterprises seek to buy out the entire industry, and raise prices.  




Japanese Advanced Hydroponics.


Cannabis FUBAR Scenarios



The facility combines sunlight with automated hi-tech grow lighting.  The growth cycle is automated, unbelievably, as Terry puts it.  One room has more light output than large grow operations, liked the Company's 6,000 kg operation in Cremona.  It is a star wars operation, cranes move and place plants, conveyor belt systems move product.  The whole idea Terry says is to keep humans from interacting with humans as best they can.


"While we support many of Aurora's concepts, the idea of removing humans from the equation is repugnant, and that clean can mean - not organic - plastic - and contains chemicals.   Terry wants to look at the real organic quality of his weed."


The strength in Aurora is really in creating relationships and negotiation.  Well, that and the start up cash.  Terry has been able to establish the operation within the community, at the right time and place.  Politically, the CEO says all the right things, he supports and even encourages  home grower education, supports and feels for the patient's, and works with the community.  Very good.


"I think that if any marijuana connoisseurs are listening to what you just said, they’ve fallen out of their chairs. Marijuana has a number of different strains, a number of different flavours, a number of different smells, and a number of different effects. We’ve got alcohol and beer and wine, no matter how much you drink, you’re going to get drunk, right? Or what you drink. But with marijuana, there’s a number of different effects you could have psychoactive, or with your body."




The new million square-foot facility (800,000 actually) will allow for the production of 100,000 kg MMJ, with production commencing in October, 2017.  Though the project is not set in stages, when 1/3 of the facility is built, it is able to operate.  In the next year, the Canadian government will hopefully table legislation that will allow for the appropriate permits.  While we don't know the exact details, the operation apparently will commence in June, 2017 in some shape or form, come hell or high water?  Or something like that.  Of course, Health Canada's foot dragging on licensing will cost Terry and everyone else in the industry a lot of money. 

If you judge by past and current performance, then Health Canada cannot complainers that say they're trying to screw up the industry for the small guy and the newer players.


Regarding legislation, it appears that Mr. Booth sees April 2018 as being D-Day for the Canadian Medical Marijuana Industry.  In the foggy as hell world of the Canadian government, they have apparently tabled a proposal to meet UN requirements.  Why on earth the UN has got anything whatsoever to do with Canadian Marijuana ?? is another thing to ponder.  We think the UN is a corrupt archaic and useless entity, whose function is to cater legislation compliant fascist interests - that of big government in bed with mega Corp and mega Bank.  


"Certainly the connoisseurs are all about the smell, the aroma, the flavour, the smoothness. So I don’t see it being commoditized anytime soon. If you’re going to be growing at our scale, you better be growing select strains at that scale. They’d better be high quality, or you won’t survive in the existing recreational market."


Moving forward, Aurora's plan is to support the adult usage market, and create a boutique system ,elite and exotic medicinals and strains something along the lines seen in beer and wine.  Certainly his strains will have to be of the highest quality if they want to compete against the existing recreational street weed market.



Mr. Booth says their grow team isn't just growing weed abundantly - without appropriate pot-healthy environment - and then getting it irradiated to control molds and mildews. They don't want to be compared to others like Aphria, Tweed Farms, Supreme or any other standard greenhouse operation.  Aurora states that their concept and practices are at another level, and cater to expert requirements in taste, flavour and cleanliness.

Bayer & Monsanto - Mass Proction of Peasant Chemicals, Foods, Drugs, Chemcial Weapons, etc.

Decent Jobs in Medical Marijuana Industry

How To Get A Job in the Medical Marijuana Industry in California Part I



At the end of the day, Mr. Terry Booth appears to have brought the right stuff to the table and was able to appease the community and their concerns, plus the politicians and maybe even the UN; all the while, building an impressive state of the art marijuana production operation.... that is iIf all goes right with the final permitting of the Aurora Sky project, Mr. Booth and select shareholders will be made for life.  At that point, we put the question to this speculatively wealthy group.  Are you going to sell out to Monsanto?  Is your product really organic?  Are you using pesticides and herbicides? Will you use GMO.  Do you really know what you're doing when matters require legitimate scientific understanding.



This section is entirely speculative. It may well be that this group will succeed in producing millions of grams of superior strains at an affordable price.  Companies like Aurora are in the crosshairs of Monsanto right now.  An Auora can cash out for a ton and ride off into the sunset. The evil though is the public is stuck with Monsanto. 

The only thing left on the table the requirement; the main requirement to get out of the danger zone, is to successfully navigate the Canadian Government, that gang of politically correct individuals with a track record that reflects nothing but compliance with the big corporations that have made a royal mess out of the planet, our medical systrem, education system and our paycheck. 


Be careful what you wish for and good luck with it, Aurora Cannabis.  


MMJDOCTORONLINE Notes:  Thanks to the forward thinking by the California Board of Medicine, we can offer 420 evaluations, cannabis ID cards, renewals, and grower's permits for patients in California and Nevada.  Documents are used for deliveries, at dispensaries, cooperatives, clinics, and online cannabis based medicine providers.  

Our 100% online process only takes a minutes - just answer a few question about your conditions and symptoms and personal info - and then a doctor reviews the request same day - to see if medical marijuana might be useful in treating your conditions and symptoms.  Patients don't have to pay unless they are approved.  A hard copy of your document is mailed in a discrete envelope (no mention about marijuana) and an e-document is emailed.  


Farming Year 2017



Aurora Cannabis CEO gets set for the big recreational game
Aurora, one of Canada's largest producers of cannabis, announced plans to acquire CanvasRx, the largest medical cannabis patient outreach service in Canada. Terry Booth, CEO with Aurora joins BNN to explain how this will impact his company. And he tells us why he's raising $15-million to get ready for the legalization of recreational weed.


Terry Booth – CEO & Founder Aurora Cannabis

Terry founded Aurora in 2013 when Health Canada announced the creation of the new MMPR program. Investing $2.5 million of his own capital in start-up funding Terry secured a 100 + acre parcel of land and began designing and building Aurora’s state of the art marijuana cultivation facility in Canada. To date he has served as President/CEO of 6 other highly successful companies including one that was awarded one of Canada’s top 50 fastest growing companies.

Terry was instrumental in submitting and obtaining a Health Canada License to Produce Medical Marijuana for Aurora. Terry oversees the corporate strategy of the company including operations, sales, patient acquisition, doctor education programs, genetics development, regulatory affairs, facility expansion as well as the daily requirements of communicating with local and foreign capital markets and investors. Terry is a well-known community leader in his town of residence, Edmonton. There, he is known as a philanthropist and supporter of many worthy charitable causes such as early childhood development disabilities.

Aruora Company Website

Aurora Stock Prices

Market Cap (Feb 2017, $700M)

With recent legalization, Marijuana stands to rival Silicon Valley in revenues in the world's 6th largest economy.








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