Real branding and marketing experts command mid six figures salary.  And few of them come from the mainstream.  Unless you are in the upper echelon, you're better off educating yourself as opposed to getting shafted by a fake it till you make it firm.

Why you can brand your own product better than the "experts"




In the cannabis business consumers respond very well to brand names.  What people are especially confused about now is, past branding techniques used by Nike, Coke, CNN don't work anymore.  Why?  People simply don't believe very much of what big corporations.  They've been spoiled so long, with their monopolies (no competition) that they've stayed on top simply through blunt force trauma marketing, just blowing their logo in your face until you're brainwashed.  


Well, that technique isn't going to work for you, nor is the typical marketing approach seen round the net.  You see, ninety nine percent or more of the groups that advertise as marketing gurus can't really sell, and just squeak by if that.  The good news is that you can brand your own product.  While you won't be as effective as an expert, you probably won't be able to find or afford a real one.  Educating yourself in branding and marketing as an entrepreneur is much better and cheaper than hiring what will very likely be a fake expert advertising firm that follows the failed big corporation approach.  Such is the nature of the paradigm.  Up is down and left is right, and fake it till you make it is the rule not the exception.

Now that cannabis is a legitimate and legal product, people want to buy quality, a quality recreational experience or a quality medical experience.  They want consistency and reliability.  

As with most every other product, people look at what others are doing, and what the experts think.  

Cannabis FUBAR Scenarios



Branding allows products to gain a good reputation, of trust and quality.  In Cannabis product branding turns out to be especially important.  Back in the day, when there was only black market weed, branding was important as well, but it was harder to nail down.  A drug dealer with a good reputation for buying good weed from a consistent supplier, in effect, branded his own product through his reputation to select good product.  Strains like Acapulco Gold were a brand upon themselves because of a relative consistency and potency of product.  Then there was the excitement of not knowing what the high was going to be like when the weed came from an unknown source.  


Building a brand


  • Create the best product.

  • Prove the quality of your product

  • Have Experts that the public respects review your product

  • Promote the product by exposing the brand name to the public repeatedly

  • Avoid nuisance ads that inspire hate toward your brand

  • Produce interesting blog content consistently talking about the  benefits of your product

  • Give special pricing to key distributors in the brand building phase.

  • Hire an expert to convince alpha people in the business to sell or be involved with your product

  • Technical literature should describe simply and convincingly  the testing and quality of product

  • Youtubes, tours of your facility, links with alpha-sites in your business


Medical Marijuana in China Today

China Cashes in on Medical Marijuana

Strains themselves lend to a kind of branding.  If you have Blue Dream for sale, that means a lot to the market.  Better yet, having a reputation for honest testing for mold and pesticides places your brand at the top of the pack.  The problem is, brand strength needs to be created.  You can have the best organic pot in the world, but the issue is "proving" it to the public.  


Right now, thirty of fifty states have some form of legal marijuana.  Branded product is leading the pack in sales in these cannabis legal states: edibles, smokables, topicals, tinctures.

“People are claiming to be something that they’re not, It’s really important in craft products to protects branding rights. In California, you can’t call wine that’s not from Sonoma, ‘Sonoma Valley Wine.'”

Things you probably don't know about branding


  • Big corporations marketing is terribly, ineffective and out of date.  Do not copy these dead techniques unless you have a billion dollar budget to waste.

  • Use the Trump approach versus the Hillary approach, which is to use social media, energy, and passion, as compared to tired robotic TV ads and bad slogans.

  • The old style of marketing is dead.  CNN and their commercials are dead.  Whatever the mass media does, consider doing the opposite thing.

  • Honest Joe Rogan is in, where the audience will follow and buy what the experts say, even though they're not selling directly

  • The vast majority of marketing firms can't sell

  • Fake it till you make it is the usual in marketing

  • Originality, perceived quality and honesty sells

  • You can't afford anyone good to help you brand

  • The founder and inventor should learn the principles of marketing and run the branding program themselves

  • Hard work, intelligence, and perseverance are key elements to a successful branding program

  • Establish key alliances with obvious partners to co-market and drive your brand

At the moment, it is kind of a free for all in labeling, production, testing, storage and so on, despite manufacturer's claims to the contrary.  Into the future, however, statements on the label about the strain, regionionally grown, producer's name,the  distributor's name will mean a lot when it comes time to dispense the product.  


Patrick Murphy, who helped write the Humboldt marijuana ordinance, believes that fake labeling hurts small-scale farming and the big players are taking advantage of counties like Humboldt, who have a reputation for being ahead of the curve.  In this case, if people think Humboldt weed is better, and they believe the label - the brand, then that weed is going to fetch a premium price.  It is that simple.  That's the art of the deal, to ways to convince people.  

“For us, appellations are about realizing the way the practices we use make us different from large-scale commercial farming, for so long, people in this area could not be proud of themselves publicly. I’m not so keen on, say, an L.A. or Bay Area company capitalizing falsely on being based in Northern California.” -  Pat Murphy.



Specific Branding Techniques in the Cannabis Business


  • Test your product, put the precese product specification on the label

  • Don't use and prove that your product does not contain Monsanto and big corporation chemicals, sprays, and what not

  • Include a list of cannabinoids present in your product, including upfront and center THC and CBD values.  Other cannabinoid values are useful if present

  • Elite products should include terpene amounts if tested

  • The website should have information on each cannabinoid and terpene in your product

  • On the label, put the website name, have a full product description

  • Provide information that does not confuse the public but will impress an alpha user or influencer

  • Prove that your testing is ongoing and not a one off, again to convince influencers to comment positively or promote your product

  • Produce informational videos about your product

  • Don't sell the product directly, expose people to the advantages of your product in an informative way

  • Always present the opportunity to buy the product in an obvious, but discrete way

  • Find ways to get product testimonials and ratings, real testimonials have a lot more traction than people think

  • CNN and major News use bots to boost their ratings, but advertisers have routed them out, and their brand names have little integrity among people under the age to 40.  These techniques moving forward are not recommended

Monsanto's track record speaks for itself, if you listen.



MMJDOCTORONLINE Notes:  By simply getting your marijuana recommendation and Cannabis ID card, you are supporting the creation of this free content, which is not necessarily easily found on the Web.   A medical marijuana card allows Californians to be tax exempt in their marijuana purchases, which amounts to fifty to eighty dollars per ounce.  Our process is quick and simple, patients only fill in their personal information about their health issues, conditions and symptoms and a licensed medical doctor reviews your file with a response usually within an hour, depending on volumes.  Documents are used at online delivery services, dispensaries and other licensed vendors of cannabis products.  



Crowdfunding Marijuana - Cashing in Together


Crowdfunding is a way to raise money in small amounts from a large number of people.


"To get your arms around this, last year the global online crowdfunding industry raised $5.1 billion for thousands of cash strapped businesses, charities, and startups." Forbes Magazine


Everyone wants a part of the $50 billion dollar US cannabis business


What and the ins and outs of crowdfunding and how can I use it to fund my marijuana business? On the hand, as an investor, maybe you're really, really sick of Wall Street and those too big to fail investments.  Instead, people are turning to the real free market system.  With crowdsourcing, you can invest in an upstanding, achieving member of the community who's put out a very interesting crowdsourcing investment opportunity. 



Branding Experts Dedicated To The Cannabis Industry


We Are Your Branding Experts Dedicated To The Cannabis Industry

With the snowball effect carrying marijuana legalization across the United States, every type of cannabis entrepreneur is vying for a piece of the marijuana puzzle as a newly transformed industry is born. You've taken the leap with a dispensary, testing lab, or product in the cannabis market, and now you need the tools to stand out amongst the rest.

We can make that happen: BrandHigher is a marketing and branding agency dedicated to the cannabis industry, so we know just how to make your unique personality come to life. We pride ourselves in helping your business skyrocket in this exciting time. So let us help you become a memorable and functional face in the industry.


Cannabrand is the world's first full-service marketing agency


Cannabrand is the world's first full-service marketing agency dedicated to the cannabis space. We partner with companies who share our vision of stigmatizing cannabis and breaking ground in this dynamic industry. Cannon Brand is also a consultancy which offers support in Operations, Supply Chain Management, and Investor Relations. Our team is comprised of professionals from traditional industries and the cannabis space therefore having an agile approach to projects.


‘Where’s the weed?’ Branding is essential for cannabis companies


The complexity of cannabis’s “credence” and “experience” features make product branding important. Branding can be done via distinctive logos, packaging and advertising. This helps firms explain their products to consumers.

Consider Apple, Coca-Cola and Google. Their brand reputations let consumers know what to expect from products in advance.

With cannabis, recognizable brands could help consumers find the best product for their needs. Different customers may want a mild buzz, a powerful high or more medicinal benefits.

Good branding also builds trust. Consumers learn which brands consistently meet their needs



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