Historically, California has been a cannabis tolerant state, being the first to decriminalize marijuana in 1975 and to legalize medical marijuana in 1996.  In 2016, The Adult Use of Marijuana Act (Proposition 64) was passed on November 8th, 2016, legalizing the recreational use of marijuana for adults over the age of 21, but those laws only come into effect for buying and selling in 2018.  


Under the new marijuana laws, adults may legally possess up to one ounce of marijuana at a time, and cultivate up to 6 plants - as long as they are out of public view.  Patients can get a medical marijuana identification card if they are over the age of 18 and live in California and have a licensed physician recommend medical marijuana. A qualified patient can possess up to 8 ounces (half pound) of marijuana and grow up to 6 mature plants or 12 immature plants.



Culturally, California is pretty accepting of recreational pot and growing of marijuana outdoors, but illegal growers are getting a bad reputation for damaging the forests and environment by polluting with sprays and chemical fertilizers, uprooting native vegetation and littering.   This type of activity is of course illegal on many fronts.  

Look for the Green Police to increase their activities, not so much to bust people for growing pot, but for being environmental criminals.  Growing on Federal land is 1000% illegal, that is the property of Washington, and even possession of small amounts of weed on Federal land is illegal and could land you in a Federal Penitentiary.



It is perfectly legal to transport less than half a pound for your own personal use.  It is technically an offense to go across state borders into Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona, however, in practicality, with these states recreational marijuana is legal or nearly so in practicality, the local police could care less about you and your tiny stash.  If you are transporting many ounces over state lines, this is an activity that they're looking out for, the Feds and State police.

Canadians often partake in Kush tourist activities and under the laws this is perfectly fine, except if they are caught with weed at airports or federal lands they can be deported.   Federal agents, though they don't have to, tend to let foreigners go if they have a medical marijuana card.  Canadians and other foreigners can get a Medical Marijuana Card in California, to avoid this hassle.  An even better idea is: don't carry pot through the airport.


coolWhen can I buy recreational marijuana in California?

Prop 64 MMJ & Cash


January, 2018.

coolCan I get my Medical Card if I am not a California Resident?

No, legally you cannot get your medical marijuana card if you are not a California resident.

However, proving that you are a resident, some people only require showing a receipt with your home address in Cali.  


coolWhere can I buy cannabis?
If you have a Medical Marijuana Card you can shop at any of the thousands of state-licensed dispensaries in California. You can find dispensaries on the web - Weed Maps, on this site, Yelp.  Under the new laws, many dispensaries have closed, so best you double check by phoning ahead.


coolWhat do you need to purchase cannabis in marijuana shop?
As of January 2016, you need a medical card, which you can get from specific doctors in the state. After November 2016, once recreational shops open, you will just need any valid form of government-issued identification proving that you are over the age of 21.


coolWhat types of marijuana will the dispensaries sell?

Everything.  Sativas, Indicas, hybrids, loaded with THC, CBD strains, concentrates: essential oils, edibles: Cannabis infused foods, candies, or drinks plus transdermal Products (Topicals): creams, lotions, massage oils and such infused with cannabis.

Are e-cigs toxic?



coolCan I buy marijuana seeds?

Yes, and clones, up to 6 to 12 which is your personal limit.


coolHow much will it cost?
The price of marijuana depends on strain and quality, in the $10 and $30 per gram range.


coolHow much Marijuana can I buy?
With your California Medical Marijuana Card, you are allowed to possess 8 ounces of usable cannabis and in 2018. expect the limit of possession to be up to one ounce of marijuana flower or bud.


coolCan I take cannabis home if I live in another state or country?
No. All marijuana and marijuana products purchased in California must be consumed in California.


coolWhere can I consume my recent purchase?

You can only consume in a private residence, yours or a friend.  Another choice is a green zone, where smoking is designated to allow cannabis smoking.  In practice, if you don't smoke in a place where you might offend non-smokers, police will likely leave you alone.

coolHow Many Marijuana Plants Can I Grow in California?
Adults over the age of 21 are allowed to grow up to 6 plants.  Given the fertile nature of California soil, why not pop some seeds in the ground in the backyard and see what happens!

Just choose a hearty autoflower feminized seed variety, which means, the plants will produce potent bud in 10 weeks plus or minus.


coolCan I smoke Weed and drive?

No.  Weed smokers don't get in more accidents than sober citizens, and it can be impossible to distinguish by observation if a driver is stoned, except they may be driving too slow or cautiously.   Despite the fact that stoners prefer to chill rather that drive, and are not particularly dangerous if they get behind the wheel,  nonetheless, our police forces around the world have to account to their superiors, who, in their not so infinite wisdom, are going to implement on roadside THC testing.   Concerned citizens are sure to report local goings on in this area on Reddit.


"Defense lawyers are calling foul, characterizing the saliva tests as "junk science". Not even preliminary breath tests for alcohol -also administered at the roadside- are admissible in court. Rather, the preliminary test results may establish probable cause to conduct a more accurate, but more intrusive search: a blood test. Refusing the saliva test is treated in the same manner as refusing a preliminary breath test when suspected of drunk driving: liability of a civil infraction and exposure to law enforcement being able to use the refusal as a component of the probable cause to arrest calculation."


coolCan I buy Hash legally in 2018?

Yes, you can buy Hash, Dabs, Honey Oil and other concentrated forms of the cannabis plant; that is if you buy from a dispensary or point of access that has a license to sell cannabis products in California..

coolWhat is a Dab?

Dabs are great if you want to get really stoned.   Dabs are also very good if you are THC tolerant, or are a medical marijuana patient with a debilitating condition: cancer, spinal injury, chronic pain.   In any case, it is highly recommended that people Dab in a friendly space, well away from challenging situations and chaos.

Dabs are often compared to the hard liquor of the cannabis world, and can be found in many forms. Dabs are the essential oils and waxes of the cannabis plant that are extracted and concentrated into a potent wax from.  The danger of taking too much THC by "dabbing" is very real, however, unlike alcohol, you're going to be fine the next day.   Paranoia, anxiety, panic attacks and inability to function can result from over indulgence.

420 Medical Marijuana Doctor & the Law

420 Medical Marijuana Evaluations & the main Cannabis Laws that affect patients in California

WARNING: Dabs that have not been lab tested can contain nasty chemicals such as residual solvents used in extraction: butane, hexane, gas, toluene, benzene, xylenes, wood alcohol, naphtha. CO2 extractions of CO2 oil is pretty safe because CO2 does not stick around in the final product, and no other solvents are generally used in this procedure.



Marijuana is big business in California and everywhere else.  Legalization means that a lot of the industry will be "above board", but many customers and growers will still do their thing under the table.   Legal pot offers potentially a cleaner and more consistent product free from contaminants, or this is the hope.  

The reality is that when big-corp gets involved, things get sprayed and denatured, as seen in the factory food that is the blight of America, and much of the world.  Keep an eye out for actual organic marijuana suppliers and sniff around, find out if they are cheating.  If they are cheaters, bring them into the sunshine; like a vampire, they'll turn to dust.

coolAre there Marijuana tours in California?

Kind of.  The industry is in its pioneering states and niche and fly by night operations will probably be officially formatted come late 2018?, when all new laws have clicked in.  See further reading below for more on Marijuana Tourism in California.


MMJDOCTORONLINE NOTES:  In 2018, recreational users will pay up to 30% more than medical marijuana card holders.  A medical cannabis ID card reduces the cost of marijuana by about $80 per ounce.  To get medical tax exempt status, patients must have an evaluation completed by a licensed physician.  

We provide this service 100% online and the process takes only a few minutes to complete.  Patients don't have to pay until they are approved.  Documents are used at dispensaries, delivery services, cannabis clubs, cooperatives, compassion clubs and other points of access in the State of California.



"They do have a right to screen for nicotine, companies just don't. If its a large corporation, they may still view smoking marijuana as bad for their company image. Its legal to go out and get shit faced or to attend KKK rallies but that doesn't mean a company has to allow it."

"Some companies definitely do test for (and will fire employees for using) tobacco. They'll do it to get discounted health insurance plans. A buddy of mine worked for one such company and said you could always tell who smoked because they came back from lunch drenched in cologne."


"Point is, if you sign an agreement when they hire you that says some behavior is grounds for termination, it doesn't matter if the activity itself is legal or not."

"Yes I believe many companies adhere to the drug free workplace act to get discounted insurance rates."


"I watched a documentary a while back about a lot of dispensaries using safe houses to hold their money. This money was then delivered in an armed transport vehicle by veterans or other security type people. Which is pretty cool if you ask me, because it creates a whole new job market for vets...also fuck the federal banks, it's their fault they're missing out on all the dough."


"I realize that by 2018 the overall price will drop, an sales should remain steady if not increase like it did in Colorado. Initially, I can keep costs way down by doing my own work until licensing is resolved in 2018, but unless there are some gnarly ordinances (currently there is only a county ordinance I have to obey) and restriction to stop me then there shouldn't be issues until I need to up the amount of plants I grow to more sizeable amounts, when legal, and move to automation and hydroponics."


"I imagine the price per LB will drop drastically like it did in Colorado as well as pricing over all but hopefully there will be other ways to sort of supplement that and it seems the overall sales will jump up, something I always expected as a smoker. There seems to be a lot of uncertainty until its next year and we get answers."


"I'm not going to try and compete with the quantity being produced as much as become just as legitimate as you are on paper and match up all the possible regulations that I have to. There are some major concerns I would have with growing 4000 plants, even thought I could pick them up this weekend if I had to do it now. There would be people ready to help at a moment's notice, but I am not willing to project myself to that level because it would be catastrophic and most likely operating in a moderate gray area as far as the law is concerned, not that we aren't anyways."


"As long as you know the rules and are willing to work at it and produce a good product with some luck you will hook up with some buyers/retailers and with a bit more luck turn it into a regular growing opportunity (pun intended). Balance how much you wish to risk, follow the rules and do not chase sunk costs then make the decision."

Oh Canada,  what a mess you're making out of your new weed laws.

New Weed Laws for Online Sales in Canada






What is the difference between Hemp and Cannabis?  

Actually, they are of the same species, like a cat or a dog, cannabis comes in all shapes and sizes.  In industry, hemp is legally defined as a type of cannabis that contains little THC (usually less than 0.3%).   Hemp, therefore has no appreciable psychoactive substances and is farmed for its fiber, vegetable oil and food source.  Marijuana or cannabis legally refers to plants with more than 0.3% THC and now CBD is sometimes included in the definition.  

What are the two main types of cannabis (non-hemp)?
Indica and Sativa
Indica plants and leaves are short and broad.
Sativa plants and leaves are tall and thin.

What is the difference between Indica and Sativa?
This is where urban myth is exposed. On the street, the word is that Indica's are sedating, while Sativas are energising.  However, the plant's appearance and its effects is not necessarily consistent as seen in the clinic.   A strain's actual genetics as seen from proper laboratory testing with a cannabinoid and terpene profile is the only reliable way to predict its medicinal properties.  However, the flower's aroma and casual observation of a strain's effects and physical appearance is still of value (if limited) in breeding.  

What is Ruderalis?  ....




We don't want smooth talk without substance, bells and whistles and fake friendliness, we want a decent product at a decent price.  And if we're are a loyal customer, we would like first dibs on the latest delivery of our favorite strain.  We'd like our budtender to know our first name and remember something about our likes, dislikes and especially our medical history.  For example, if you are using medicinal strains with CBD, the budtender might say to you, hey Bob, we just got this new CBD strain in, Cannatonic, it has a bit of THC in it but it should be good for day use........ That would be nice.

We also want to check up on your dispensary to see if they do proper quality control.  We want the weed to be lab tested and see a certificate of analysis that shows the THC,CBD content, verifying that it is tested for Pesticides and Herbicides.  Under the new laws, if they fake the lab info, or don't test properly,


California Marijuana Tours  Half a dozen cannabis tour companies listed.


Exploration at a Higher Level
In the San Francisco Bay Area



Our expertly guided cannabis tours combine authentic fun, comfort, and world class cuisine.
Expand your perception of, and appreciation for, this ancient plant in all of its forms. From 3-hour exploration events to 5-Day Emerald Triangle Adventures. Cannabis, cuisine, and culture flow seamlessly at a Sea of Green event. Travelers and locals, newbies and veterans all learn and enjoy new insights when they join a Sea of Green Tour.

Our background in adult education, Five Star hospitality, and the marijuana industry allows us to involve you in authentic learning, not cliches. We craft experiences that make you feel a part of our amazing culture. Join us!

Dissatisfied with our own introduction to modern medical marijuana, we created a company that perfectly balances great information, deep connections with the best producers, and fun, safe and legal locations. Our venues allow you to explore at your own comfort level, without stigma, among a group of like minded adventurers.




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