How cannabis cures cancer

How cannabis cures cancer

How can cannabis cures cancer, we ask Dorian Yates about cannabis and the art of living.


Dorian Yates: I'm very interested in how you can improve your health with cannabis, but a lot of it is mental, a lot of it is down to controlling your thoughts.

You can literally make yourself sick or make yourself healed.  With your own mind, you know because I saw everything is projected from the mind and that's why controlling your thoughts and or first of all to control them, you have to be aware of them.  By doing meditation, it slows you down, and you start to be aware of these thoughts coming in.  Negative thoughts coming in and you recognize. It's coming in negative thought ... well I'm not going to react to it ... whereas before you wouldn't even know.   You wouldn't even be conscious of what's motivating, what’s making you reacts, what’s making you behave the way you are.  


Brian Rose: Tell me about your thoughts on that and cancer.




Dorian Yates: Yeah, the cannabis oil and I understand when people first hear this, this sounds strange and unbelievable, and even me I remember, I was.   But I've always smoked a bit of weed, and I know that it's beneficial for a lot of things and I know that it's a super antioxidant.  It can delay a lot of diseases, age-related diseases, and it's huge benefits.  I knew this.  But I met a guy in Brazil, it was on the beach in Brazil and it was like, show us counsellor as well and I'm like, Oh,  I like this stuff and everything that's cool, and then I was got a lot of benefits.  But that's a bit taken a bit far (cure for cancer) but then I started reading about it, and I read about this guy called Rick Simpson.  

I think it was from Canada, and he published a book and a movie about his experience.  I think you I don't know exactly, but he had some kind of illness and he found this (cannabis oil treatment), he said I didn't invent this shit.   This recipe or formula is thousands of years old.  People used to use it before and it's in all the old Ancient texts from Egypt, from India, they call it different things: elixir of the gods.  Something that give you wisdom and give you health and it was a drink that they had Some guy wrote a book about it, and he's broken it down.

It's a form of Cannabis. So what it is? THC is the active compound in cannabis that makes it psychoactive. That's the one that makes you high and gives you the munchies or whatever.  THC, the basis.. it causes apoptosis of the cancer cell so the cancer cell commits suicide, it just folds in on itself and so it promotes the healthy cells, and destroys the cancer cells without any side effects.

But the problem is it’s not paid to tambour. You can't patent it. You know it's from the plant and it's cheap and it's easy to make.  I know personally four people that were cured of cancer, I know that had cancer and took the Cannabis oil and literally their cancer cells just dissolved and went away,

They went back to the doctors and oncologist, and they're like Oh wow, and they it's a miracle now. It's not a fucking miracle THC cures cancer and it's not like maybe or maybe in some people. It works as far as I can see,unless somebody's like got one day to live.  It works even in people with Stage 4 terminal lung cancer and they are now surviving.




Brian Rose:  Do you think it's similar to like pharmaceutical companies that don't want anything to do with the psychedelics because it's a plant medicine You can't patent it, and we've got all these Opiates.

Dorian Yates: well there's a there's a company in UK, can't remember the name of them (GW Pharmaceutical), they invested a lot of money in finding a Cannabis like drug to do something.  But if they've got to change the structure, so they've got you (at the cash register), but they can't Patent the fucking plant and the THC so they've got to try and do something different (make a new molecule like THC) and guess what?  Invested all that money and it doesn't work.  Why don't just (natural herb) take it’s ready?  Its working (perfectly) but they can't patent it.  They can't make any money from it.  

They've got no interest in that (free cure), that's just the way the industry is, it's not black and white.  It doesn't mean that everyone that works in the pharmaceutical aspiring to evil, but you know if you're into an industry that you're  gonna promote something?  That's gonna make you lose money (promoting a natural cancer cure) or lose your job. Why would you do that?

Brian Rose: Yeah! I had a guest here named Anita Moorjani, and she was just inundated with cancer, reduced to a really low body weight, and she just had this kind of transformational mental experience, that kind of brought her out of it.   She was actually cured and later just talked about the mentality and she thought it was a mental change that brought on the cancer in many ways mentally.

Dorian Yates: That's so I think most of these has become somewhat brought on mentally, and you need to change, but here's something that really physically works as well.  You know so a combination of having the right mindset and the right nutrition, getting oxygen to the cells through various means. You've got to get rid of this fear.   If you get cancer, you can get rid of it. I know okay.

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Medical Marijuana: CANCER

Gliomas/Cancer - Medical Marijuana Research Papers Worldwide

"Researchers worldwide have shown that cannabinoids kill cancer cells, by activating their suicide switch and by shutting down of blood supply, while enhancing healing by improving appetite and sleep, all without harmful side-effects, as the following 30 research papers attest."

MARIJUANA THC KILLS CANCER CELLS d9-THC activates apoptosis (programmed cell death) in C6 glioma cells. Guzman et-al 1998. FEBS Letters 436- 6-10.  Results thus show that d9-THC-induced apoptosis (programmed cell death) in glioma (brain tumor) glial (neural maintaining) cells may rely on a Cannabinoid-1  receptor-independent stimulation of sphingomyelin breakdown

Cancer & Medical Marijuana

Cancer, is a group of diseases characterized by uncontrolled growth genetically abnormal cells.  There are more than one hundred Cancer types that affect humans. Cancerous tumors may be confined to a local region or can spread, at any moment, to the entire body.  

“The evidence is overwhelming that Marijuana can relieve certain types of pain, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms caused by such illnesses as Cancer — or by the harsh drugs sometimes used to treat them. And it can do so with remarkable safety. Indeed, Marijuana is less toxic than many of the drugs that physicians prescribe every day.“ --  US Surgeon General

Most types of Cancers are now commonly treated with Medical Marijuana by Physicians in the US.  New strains and derivatives in combination with better medical knowledge Medical Cannabis afford increasingly effective results in the treatment of all diseases, including the dreaded Cancer.  


Cannabis Oils - All you Need to Know

Medicinal Miracle - Cannabis Oils.  Before you can understand much about Cannabis Oil, you need to know a little about the Marijuana plant what makes it such a medically useful Herb.  Once we cover the basics, then we'll talk about Cannabis Oils.  What are the conditions and symptoms that licensed doctors Recommend Medical Marijuana for?

  • Stress and Anxiety

  • Insomnia

  • Pain

  • Cancer, Chemo and prevention

  • Cardiovascular disease

  • Skin protection

  • Glaucoma

  • Autoimmune disorders and especially Crohn's

CBD balanced (with THC) and CBD high oils are becoming increasingly popular with medical professionals and patients.



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