Mailing weed is like a lotto.

Mailing weed is like a lotto.

"Based in part on United States Federal Post Numbers, a guesstimation is that the odds of a small marijuana containing package being opened are on the order of 1/3000."




The purpose of this article is not to encourage the mailing of cannabis, but to lend information about what the current status of affairs is relating to the mailing of small amounts of cannabis for medical use.


Petitioning for the Reduction, Recall, Dismissal of Sentence and Re-sentencing to non-felony


The situation is as clear as mud.  Mailing cannabis is both illegal and legal at the same time and depends on your luck, time and place.  In Canada, malling is the preferred and government suggested method to ship medical marijuana. Only a few years hence, sending that same packet could land you in jail for a significant period of time.


"Yes it is possible to transport your marijuana via mail and it happens every day and most people get away with it. But remember, you're playing the odds. The best advice we can give our clients is not to use the mail to ship your pot. At the very least, mail no more than 28 grams - California's limit on recreational marijuana possession – and only within the borders of California." -


In the United States of 2018, the individual states quote the constitution to uphold their individual cannabis laws, and under this interpretation which appears to be ruling the day, means that you can transport cannabis within your home state, that is if your state government has legalized it.  The executive of the Federal government has only recently (May 2018) approved in a memo of understanding that the State's rights to oversee their own cannabis affairs and legislation.


Technically, this means you have the green light to ship legal amounts of weed around your state.  However, the reality is that the Fed's policies are all in the grey area right now, and the Feds could get on your case if the postmaster discovers your package has cannabis in it.   


"Schedule I Drug cannabis trafficking can still result in arrest time of no more than 5 years for the first crime - at the Federal level -  for 50 grams or less, and penalty rises dramatically according to the weight."


If you carry marijuana and get stopped at any moment, you will want to have handy your valid medical marijuana card  - which allows for the possession, transportation, and consumption of medical marijuana.


The US Postal Service played a significant role in the dark history in the Fed's Drug Wars. It is now common knowledge that the real criminals are the drug cartels, which often work in collusion with many government organizations and officials, and this is what does the real damage to society.   The little guys end up in jail, and the big guys who make the rules, profit. That is your War on Drugs. At the same time, smaller players, obscure traffickers and the common person are those who are trapped when the curtain comes down, and once in a while, they are snagged by the US Postal Service, even for sending rather trivial amounts of medical marijuana.


Do you possess a Cannabis ID to protect you?


If you get caught somehow mailing or receiving cannabis, if the amount is small and you have a licensed medical doctor's recommendation to treat your specific conditions and symptoms, the odds are heavily in your favor, that you'll be given the minimum penalty, a slap on the wrist.  


Marijuana Card worth it's weight in Platinum




Our personal interpretation of the law is that the US Constitution leaves no doubt, when it declares CLEARLY that marijuana is a substance to be individually regulated by each State. Further, it also states that trade or any business deal related to marijuana that involves two or more States of the Union, is considered to be interstate commerce and is therefore under the jurisdiction of Federal Government Agencies.    in the US case, cannabis falls under thumb of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) department 666.




The postal service providers such as FedEx, UPS and DHL can inspect any letter or package at their sole discretion.


If marijuana is found and the origin is another State, if the amount exceeds the State specified limits, or if they are illegal in the State in question, you are in deep legal shit.  But, the UPS defends that your letters and packages are protected under the 4th Amendment of the US Constitution, therefore, they cannot be searched with no valid search warrant.  In effect, the courier companies are violating the constitution.


 Either way, sending marijuana in big quantities is not recommended.


US Postal Service is the favorite carrier of many companies because it provides protection under the 4th Amendment, mandating that postal inspection agents must have a valid search warrant with due justification before opening letters and packages.  This means that if there is nothing suspicious (smells especially) about your package, it can't be opened.




At this moment, federal government and its various agencies do not necessarily respect State law and individual rights, or even the US Constitution for that matter. Even when the substance is inside medical marijuana facilities, federal agents do whatever they deem necessary and, from time to time, go to the tribunals with ridiculous justifications, such as invading CBD-licensed State pharmaceutical manufacturers, arresting the CEO, freezing his and their relatives accounts, treating them as drug traffickers.


“A warrant is required to access your package. However, FedEx and UPS employees are encouraged to work with authorities and report any packages that present odd smells or that look like drugs. The UPS also encourages snitching, third parties to get involved in identifying packages containing illicit drugs, offering a reward up to $50,000 to anyone who gives information leading to the imprisonment of a drug dealer. "


The couriers UPS and Federal Express behavior goes beyond the recommendations in the constitution and the goals or a profitable private corporation.  Thus, the major courier companies are complying with the enemies of cannabis, the Washington Swamp creatures who are controlled in turn by big-corp. Welcome to Amerika, USSA.


Double bag it using thick plastic or something similar.


420 Medical Marijuana Doctor & the Law

420 Medical Marijuana Evaluations & the main Cannabis Laws that affect patients in California

There are many ways used to detect weed.    Detection systems can find marijuana, by sensing volatile molecules that leak from containers or an X-ray can capture images that detect organic materials, such as marijuana.


Dogs are used to smell containers and even plastic bags that contain marijuana. A dog's scent is 50 to 100 times more sensitive to a human nose, therefore, if you can smell through the bag, be sure that a drug sniffing dog will most certainly do the same. You can test it by putting some smelly substance in the container and leaving it in a ziplock bag during the night, after some time open the zippered pouch to see if you can smell it.


"The post office is being used for drug trafficking... It is shocking to see the amount of illicit drugs thrown into cities across the US throughout the postal system, and we have to solve this scenario." - US Government


In cases involving the non-psychoactive CBD component of cannabis, DEA agents, commonly abuse their power, intimidate and search the houses of "suspected traffickers", claiming that they are only doing their job by extirpating drug traffickers. however, CBD is not a narcotic or psychedelic, it is just medicine with no street value whatsoever.   The literature indicates that CBD appears to be the most medicinal of marijuana components and in legal marijuana States, there is an overall decrease on opioid sales, overdose cases and DUIs.


In all honesty, the # 1,2 marijuana enemies are large pharmaceutical and alcohol companies. A handful of old white guys and old money owns the addiction market and is in control of Washington related politics.  But make no mistake about it, those old white guys could care less about your race, overdose by black, white, yellow, blue people, it's all fine and dandy, for you are units of consumption, or useless eaters.


The US Postal Service, a Federal Entity, is in compliance with the said addition market, using the DEA to give muscle and application to anti interstate trafficking laws. Even if it is technically legal to send marijuana in your state, nobody can say what the federal agents will do at any particular time, regardless of what your law says.


"If the package goes through another State, it is federal jurisdiction, and don`t forget that, under federal law, marijuana is still considered a Class I drug with no medical use or medicinal value, therefore, the propensity for abuse is huge. Remember that even if you did not send the package, for just being the recipient of it, your knowledge and participation in the mailing of it makes you as guilty as the person who sent it."




The Silk Road was a largely illegal online deep web platform created for the commercialization of illicit drugs.  It was maintained as a hidden Tor service where users could anonymously and safely surf for drug deals. If a narcotic was purchased on the Silk Road and posted or sent by a messenger, the resident of the receiving address could be accused of drug trafficking. Thus, for marijuana, Silk Road became popular in places where marijuana was considered illegal.


"US Postal Inspection Service commits into the elimination of illicit drugs on their US postal venues. Looking for traffickers of all forms of illicit drugs - including marijuana, that remains an illegal substance under Federal US Law, under the Controlled Substances Act, hence, the postal services cannot be misused for the practice of crimes. The drug interception program aims to disrupt organized drug trafficking crimes and aid in employees and customers’ protection from drug-related violence and prevent the continuous use of not postable or illegible substances in cities across USA."




Yes, but it is not likely if you ship small legal quantities discretely within you home state.  For sure, we advise against sending marijuana out of your home State by postal services because you have no legal defense or recourse if caught.  If you send legal marijuana inside your State, you will want to send it in a suitable manner, in order to avoid detection (smell proof containers) to avoid unwanted complications. Many police officers concord; they do not want to get their hands dirty on petty cases of marijuana possession.


Oh Canada,  what a mess you're making out of your new weed laws.

New Weed Laws for Online Sales in Canada

Therefore, in your and the public's best interests, wrap a lot of plastic and bag it well.


But what is the real chance of having trouble? Out of the millions of packages sent each day, what is the probability that any package will be opened and you being in prison?


"Once seized, a person can face charges in the sending or/and delivering State, depending on the prosecutor of the case.  Moreover, in Colorado and Washington cases, there has been an additional indictment of smuggling, which represents an additional 12 years of federal prison."


Billions of letters and parcels are sent each year though the United States PS. More or less 2,000 are arrested every year by US federal agents on drug trafficking and money laundering charges though mail post. At the national level, in 2012, there were 2,299 arrests and approximately 42,000 pounds of packaged marijuana confiscated from approximately 7,600 packages. In 2013, the executing agencies had 2,622 cases and prosecutions for the shipment of illicit controlled substances. Marijuana packages seized fell more than 12% in 2014, continuing into 2015, when marijuana seized in packs were only of 34,305 pounds.




Taking in account that 3 out of every 1,000 marijuana packages in the mail are found and that there are 300,000 senders. With a total of 2,000 indictments a year, the chances of being caught are of 2 between 3000.


Quoting fav Clint Eastwood, "Do you feel lucky, punk?" If you are transporting marijuana and it is intercepted, you absolutely need to have a valid medical marijuana card that permits you to own and transport marijuana for medical reasons.




Use FedEx, have them send it right before the FedEx location closes, send it for early am delivery, have your correct address but a different name on the package. Track your package and pay attention to where it is at what time. This is very unlikely, BUT if It gets caught, they'll keep it. You can call to inquire, obviously from a phone not in your name, but if they want you to come down to the depot, don't it might be a trap. This might be overly cautious as they might not be too fired up over an ounce, but technically this is a federal felony so be careful.

*** Send it through usps (they need a warrant to open your packages) and make absolutely sure there's no smell leaking anywhere. Don't have a return address. If the package gets found you'll receive a letter saying that they confiscated a package headed to your house, but they can't do anything about it unless they have concrete evidence you had expected the package.

***It's fairly risky, but a domestic package with no smell shouldn't raise any eyebrows and won't go through customs.

*** You should definitely have a return address, but obviously not connected to a real sender

*** That's what I meant, they won't accept the package without a return address typically.


MMJDOCTORONLINE NOTES -   To buy marijuana without much of the tax, you must have a medical doctor's recommendation or Cannabis ID card.  Savings can amount to $50 per ounce or more. New patients can quickly qualify using our streamlined Telemedicine service.  The process takes only a few minutes and approvals are usually within the hour. Applying is free. No one pays until a licensed physician has approved your file.   Your Recommendation is valid in both California and Nevada, at dispensaries, online delivery services, cooperatives, collectives and compassion clubs.





Ignorance of the new Marijuana Laws is not only a defense, it'll be an epic fail.


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