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Cannabis Oils - Oral or Vape?

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Before you can understand much about Cannabis Oil, you need to know a little about the Marijuana plant what makes it such a medically useful Herb.  Once we cover the basics, then we will talk about Cannabis Oils.


What is the Difference between Marijuana, Cannabis and Hemp?


Cannabis, Marijuana and Hemp are the same species. The terms Marijuana and Cannabis mean exactly the same thing and are used for either recreational or medical drug use.


Hemp refers to Cannabis strains cultivated for industrial (non-drug)-medical use. Uses, including paper, textiles, bio-plastics, construction materials, nutritional super-foods, and bio-fuel. Hemp is one of tne of the fastest growing biomasses known and one of the earliest domesticated plants   Industrial Hemp is typically is low in THC at less than 0.3% THC, the psychoactive ingredient. 


What are Cannabinoids?  What is THC?  What is CBD?

Holy Smoke?



Hemp and Marijuana contain many medicinal ingredients.  The most important ingredients medically are called Cannabinoids. Cannabinoids have all the same molecular core, or body, with slightly different appendages (called functional groups that act like hands) that grip onto cellular components (receptors) that control body and cerebral functions.  Researchers found that Cannabinoids modulate the different kinds of receptors in unique ways. For example, THC and CBD both act to modulate - dial down pain.  But THC gets patients stoned, while CBD does not. 


The most famous Cannabinoid is THC obviously interacts with the brain, nervous system and entire body to produce psychoactive and other effects.   CBD is the second most famous and studied Cannabinoid.  Recently, much of the cutting edge research focuses on CBD because it does not grab onto the receptors that cause psychoactivity. CBD has been shown to treat many tough conditions like Epilepsy, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and horrendous psychological disorders.


There are many other Cannabinoids in the Marijuana that have medical properties too.  Now that Medical Marijuana is legal in many parts of the United States, researchers are enthusiastically investigating these other Cannabinoids in the treatment of disease and their symptoms. 


What is Cannabis Oil?


Cannabinoids themselves are fat soluble molecules.  Oil extracts contain most of the THC, CBD and other Cannabinoids in the Cannabis plant.  Hemp oil contains some non-psychoactive cannabinoids and a wealth of nutritional ingredients.including essential oils, terpenes, vitamins, minerals and amino acids.. among others!

It a Hemp Oil Extract is 50% cannabinoids, what makes up the other half? 


Most of the other 50% is composed of terpenes and fatty acids (Omega-)


Why take Hemp and Cannabis Oil?

Why I Changed My Mind on Medical Cannabis



Hemp and Cannabis, if properly prepared afford a very clean medicine and nutritional supplement.  Oils can be infused into edibles, taken sublingually - in an alcohol formulation, smoked or vaporized. 


What should I look for in a Hemp-Cannabis Oil?

You need to find a supplier you trust.  If you don't know a grower or producer personally, you better see that their raw materials come from a state or country where they are legally allowed to cultivate Medical Marijuana and produce Oils.  For MMJ Oils and extracts, you always want to see a test for residual solvents.  If the manufacturer doesn't know what he's doing, then you could have benzene, naphtha or some other nasty in your meds.

What’s the percentage of cannabinoids in in oil products?

Cannabinoid content can range from 5% to 70%.  For tough conditions you normally want strong medicine, therefore look for higher concentrations.  Beware that some suppliers fake certificates of analysis for CBD especially, pesticides and mold.  If you buy from a supplier that is legitimate, with an actual address and you can trace down, then they're very likely to be OK.  Here is why.  If independent testing shows that the certificate wrong, then they can be investigated.  If they don't have all the correct testing procedures in place, they can be shut down.  FENIS.

What is the best method of ingestion?

Simply blend into food as any oil.  Vap is best for inflation. 

How much Oil Should I take?


Medical Marijuana patients should consult an experienced licensed MMJ Doctor to find out how much of a particular Cannabis Oil to use.


Dose should be unique to you.  What is your condition?  How does the medication affect you?  Can you tolerate or like THC? What time of day is it?  Do you have to work?  Some people find that 5 drops is best, others need 50.

What is the safety of Cannabis Oils? Are there side effects?

Provided that the Cannabis Oil does not have much THC (psychoactive ingredient), side effects are exceedingly rare.  Some clinical studies do report small side effects in high doses of CBD, but in every report we've seen, CBD is described as well tolerated.  As a food, if you take Hemp Oil as you would any other oil, side effects should be negligible.


What different kinds of Hemp-Cannabis Oil products are there?

Note first that MMJ products can't claim prescribe they be used for the prevention, treatment or cure of any disease or ailment. 

250+mg of cannabinoids per fluid ounce

1,500+mg per fluid ounce,

some people like to take very large serving sizes of our hemp extracts.


Alcohol Extracts vs CO2 Extracts

The myth is that state of the art CO2 extractions are the best.  CO2 extraction uses the liquid gas that extracts only the non-polar chemicals (Cannabinoids) but leaves many nutritionally and medicinally components behind.  The C02 extraction method, while not exactly catastrophic, does degrade the active ingredients somewhat.


Ethanol Alcohol, the kind you can drink, is natural and non-toxic.  Ethanol extracts almost all the valuable components in the Marijuana plant. Also, many compounds, both water soluble (polar) and fatty (non-polar) compounds, including Cannabinoids in the form of esters.  as it turns out, these esters are more bioavailable,  absorb better into our bodies. 
By adding purified mineral salts to alcohol (Spagyrics) plant acids are neutralized resulting in a better full spectrum extraction.  In summary, Ethanol extraction methods are relatively inexpensive, organic, simple, non-toxic and deliver the best product. 

How can I buy Hemp Oil online?

What kind of testing should be done on Hemp products?


Quality control should be performed by an ISO accredited Lab) for MMJ products including Oils Test parameters should include, Cannabinoid Profile, Pesticides, Herbicides, Mycotoxins, Residual solvents (extracts).  Terpene and nutritional information is optional but is very good to have.


What are the conditions and symptoms that licensed doctors Recommend Medical Marijuana for? 

  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Pain
  • Cancer, Chemo and prevention
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Skin protection
  • Glaucoma
  • Autoimmune disorders and especially Crohn's



CBD balanced (with THC) and CBD high oils are becoming increasingly popular with medical professionals and patients. 

Note: Though there is overwhelming evidence toward the efficacy of Cannabis and its derivatives to treat all these conditions, there is also some clinical evidence that smoking massive quantities of weed high in THC might damage the heart, and certainly can cause anxiety and paranoia in some. 


What is CBD oil?


CBD Oil is simply an oil extracted and concentrated from a strain of Marijuana that is very high in the Cannabinoid CBD.  THC is normally, but not always low in CBD oil.  Look closely at the product specifications, as THC can be illegal in some cases while CBD is not.


 Is CBD from Hemp as good as CBD from Marijuana?


It's the same thing. Hemp does not have very much THC in it and quantities of CBD are moderate, at best.  Specially bred strains like Charlotte's Web, contain up to 20% CBD and have been reclassified back to Hemp because they don't contain much THC (0.3%)! 


The cannabis strain Charlotte's Web is now considered a variety of hemp,


"In November 2013, Josh Stanley said that Charlotte's web was 0.5% THC and 17% CBD,and that it is as legal as other hemp products already sold in stores across Utah, including other oils, clothing and hand creams, but is illegal, federally, to take across state lines. The legalities of selling the product to people who transport it across state lines is complicated, with difficulties for both the sellers and transporters. Regardless of state laws in Colorado and Utah which would allow the practice, it is still a Federal offense to transport hemp products across state lines In September 2014, the content was measured at 0.3% THC."


CBD Oil if now legal in 16 States (Dec. 2015)

North Carolina
South Carolina
New York


MMJDOCTORONLINE Notes: How Can I buy Cannabis Oil through the Internet?


The legal status of many Medical Marijuana is in the grey area.  Sometimes nobody knows.  There is a lot of chaos out there. The Feds, States and Counties have yet to synchronize their laws and policies.  Best you check with your supplier and tell them where you live and what your Medical Marijuana status is.  If you want to buy quality products online, legitimate providers In California, Medical Marijuana Patients will ask for a licensed Medical doctor's recommendation for MMJ.  Click here to learn about or quick, affordable 100% online application.  It only takes a few minutes to apply and client's don't pay until they get what they want; the documents to purchase medical cannabis from any legal dispensary, club, cooperative or delivery service in CA




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