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CBD before technical sports. What a revelation!

CBD before technical sports. What a revelation!

CBD is now used in sports medicine for pain, inflammation and stress, and it helps bones, nerves, and tissue heal and regenerate, and some sports federations are accepting CBD as a legal medication.


"CBD before technical sports. What a revelation!"

Athletes’ bodies take a real beating. Irregardless of the sport, the body's tissue is continually damaged and repaired and pain can be part of every practice and game.  Studies in Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) have shown the pain is often lifelong. Other sports related issues have crippled or deteriorated the quality of life many hall of famers.   Of course, these types of pain affect all of us, from weekend warrior to ex-collegiate athlete to the woman on the street.

It is reported that nine in 10 NFL players played hurt during their career, which is not far away from 100% playing hurt.  Players normally retire when the body gives out.  Without proper rehab and care, they're partially crippled - to crippled for life.  l

So, how can players maintain their careers and quality of life?


There are a lot of ways to heal.  The knowledge has been out there for a long time, but much of the great practitioners and methods were hidden from public view, or out of the mainstream.

With the advent of the internet, expert opinion is surfacing.  People like Joe Rogan, who is an authentic martial artist are getting traction.  On his show, major sports doctors that have been tested under trial by fire, are sharing legitimately useful information.  Information which you average GP has no clue about.  


A cutting edge way to heal is to use a non-psychoactive component of cannabis namely cannabidiol (CBD).  Extracts and certain strains contain concentrated amounts of CBD, and are available in medical marijuana legal states.


CBD as a Remedy

CBD not only treats symptoms, it is a preventative.  CBD works to shore up natural body signalling molecules that control pain, inflammation, anxiety and other symptoms.  While CBD dials down pain and inflammation, it also works at the root cause.  Studies have shown that tissues, nerves, and bones all heal or regenerate much better with CBD.  

CBD comes in a variety of forms and has many different applications; tinctures, concentrates, high CBD strains, transdermal creams, cosmetics.

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) was removed CBD from its list of prohibited substances, allowing Olympic competitors to use it as a healing option. Athletes should still monitor their medication sources incase they are contaminated with banned substances.





Getting High & Healthy - London Real

Dorian Yates on Getting High & Healthy - London Real

Former NBA Commissioner David Stern recently voiced his support for his league to remove marijuana, including THC and CBD from its list.  The rapidly declining NFL continues to restrict CBD and all other forms of cannabis, paradoxically supporting opiate use and indirectly abuse .

Not long to this sports world, embattled Commissioner Roger Goodell stands staunchly opposed to change, change that could help players, change that the rest of the sports world is now endorsing.  However, several owners and rivals, such as Dallas Cowboy’s Owner Jerry Jones, is pushing for a full cannabis repeal.  





Athletes across several sports are now finding the courage to voice their support for similar rule changes.  Athletes, like bodybuilder Damian Yates have had enough of playing it politically correct.  He uses cannabis and CBD as an important part of his post-competition healing regime.  Yates could care less what people think, he doesn't need the establishment's money and doesn't play the game.  


"Sadly, the NFL players are really a bunch of pussy's.  They take a knee for their cause, whatever that is, but don't stick up for their fellow players busted for pot, who uses it to control pain.  What a bunch of rats." - Johnny Rodriguez




"CBD has greatly reduced the pain and recovery time in my elbow after many injuries. I opted for CBD after being educated on the matter, even though I never smoked weed before." - Pro footballer (paraphrase).


In the NFL, it is a sad joke that only a few active players have come forth so far, when most of the players in all pro sports use weed or know its not harmful and many have come to believe in the medical benefits. Good on offensive tackle Eugene Morgan and Tennessee Titans linebacker Derrick Morgan for joining the campaign for the CBD research program for retired players,

heartEugene Monroe was once a dominant NFL player, Eugene Monroe now advocates for cannabis. Jeffrey Beall spreads about CBD usage and other athletes.
  Eugene Monroe retired after thinking about his long-term life and his family. When it came to managing his pain,Cannabis was a glaring option.


“You don’t have to take it, but you should at least know about it if it’s going to help you protect your brain and protect your body.” - Morgan


Jheartake Plummer, Ricky Williams and many others now champion the cause.

Mheartarvin Washington. never consumed cannabis before turning to CBD after retiring. Now, he is one of five plaintiffs challenging the 1970 Controlled Substance Act and the U.S. Department of Justice’s current stance.


"As a former professional athlete, CBD is oil for the tin man. I take a CBD tincture daily and using CBD based cream for muscular aches and soreness." - Washington


His participation in the case stems from two points;


  • It's unconstitutional for cannabis to be a schedule one drug, as the government has a patent on cannabis and knows it has significant medicinal benefits.

  • It's racist. Richard Nixon wanted to go after two groups, hippies and African Americans. Hippies because of their opposition to the Vietnam War and African Americans, because he was a racist.”


While we believe that the foes of cannabis hate all races equally, the Feds certainly played the race card time and again to get what they wanted.




Shawn Hermanson, CMO of cannabinoid-based nutraceutical product maker Boulder Botanicals and Bio-Sciences (BBB), is focused on CBD and giving damaged players hope. Many people are calling CBD a "miracle supplement" and that leagues might be warming to the idea sooner than later.


"A good sign that the stigma surrounding CBD is diminishing is that I receive calls from sports agents about once a week, inquiring about CBD and how exactly it helps athletes." - Shawn Hermanson

Former NFLer Ricky Williams and NBA player Cliff Robinson, have joined the canna-business. Williams admits that his was it was kind of true that he left the league to smoke weed, but not in the way some people would think.  He smoked it to heal his body and mind.

420 Games - Not what you expected


Other athletes are entering the CBD for athletes marketplace, people are seeing CBD being an immediate remedy to vicious hits.  Studies are showing that after an athlete has taken a blow to the head, degenerative proteins begin to build up. Administering CBD’s almost immediately reduces this build-up.  This news should be a god send to coaches and managers that should want their players playing at their peak. But in the NFL, this kind of research is still taking a back seat.  

The trend is that leagues and governing bodies are changing their stance on cannabis from
anti to pro with the mounting scientific data and ongoing acceptance and legalization.  


"I predict here that every major sports league will treat a joint in the same way as a can of Budweiser).  This move won't be for the sake of the players, it'll be seen as the politically correct thing to do. No matter, player will get their CBD." - Johnny Rodriguez




CBD for Sports

As a collegiate soccer player whose body is constant need of ibuprofen to endure games and practices that I need to do in order to pay for my tuition, I've been looking at CBD as a more natural-healthy-effective substitute for ibuprofen and it's minimal anti-inflammatory properties...  My question is what is the most efficient way of taking CBD? I do not smoke as a rule so my options would be either capsules/ oils straight from the pipet / crystals ? Capsules seem the easiest route, but I've read the oral bioavailability is very low of CBD like that so how can I take CBD without smoking it, while retaining its properties as best as possible?

blushI'm by no means super knowledgeable when it comes to CBD, but from a little research I found that I wanted to get a full spectrum product. I found one brand that I really liked (NABA), and have stuck with them ever since. They have an e-liquid that can be used with a vape or you can just drop it under your tongue. Sounds like that may fit your needs.

blushDepending on your product; if you are working with CBD-A you will want to activate it. Activating CBD-A isn't very different than THC-A. Stick it in an oven at 250 (some people prefer 230, 220, some ovens can do this or that) and go for 30 minutes ... Put it in a oven safe dish and bake it; stir it every 10 minutes and check on it and once it's brown yeah take it out.

Note, if it says CBD and it's tested as CBD then it's already activated and you can skip this step.
Then you'll want to infuse it into something in order to take; because you don't want to be rubbing that bud on your skin. It would work dry out that skin like sandpaper Coconut oil is pretty common; so is Olive oil. You can also infuse it into Butter


blushDouble boiler works great here; put your product and what you want it infused into into the top boiler it should take 1-2 hours.  If you go the Coconut route you could fill VCaps with a dose and make it a discreet dose on the go (can take 20-30 minutes to activate) if you go Olive oil just need to find a way to take it; it could work with a VegCap I assume just a little messy if you're not careful.  Lastly, I'm a fan of just Concentrate oil; activated, you can rub it on a sore muscle and feed the medicine right to the muscles.

blushWith THC (i've been rocking this Distillate 51% THC 35% CBD for an overall of 93% ) I just rub it on the muscle and there's not really as much of a high effect as if I smoked it (or took it internally) takes a few drops and that muscle won't be sore anymore. But your doing sports so it has to be pure CBD or you'll get in trouble.

blushYou bring up a good point at the end-Collegiate athletes, no matter what division, has the chance of being drug tested. Pretty much all CBD products (except for Isolate I believe?) have between 0-0.3% THC due to the way it's manufactured. Small risk, but still a risk nonetheless, as Marijuana becomes more acceptable in the Sports industry; the industry itself has not become more accepting itself. You can blame the DEA, but it isn't really that. It goes back to Russian Doping scares and other ways people can use drugs to artificially inflate muscles for example.

blushSo you would have to stick to the legal CBD that you could source online likely. But if there's even a small amount (0.001microgram) of THC in that; you can still test positive depending on the tests? (seems unlikely; but what is likely to one is unlikely to another). Worst part is you don't even really have to get high; depending how they test a little bit can ruin everything.
CBD is amazing; and if you can make CBD Isolate Extracts that are activated man you can really change up your game. Run too far; just rub some CBD into that muscle and let things calm down.  But yeah, I do that method with regular Distillate as it's quite therapeutic. My other half had brain surgery a few months ago, so picking up feet is still hard sometimes; rammed the 2nd toe and broke the nail... just 3 dabs around the toe and all the pain is gone and a semi-disconnected feeling as you can feel things but the pain isn't really there.

blushI agree with the drug testing-I doubt any routine urine analysis would show THC if only CBD products had been used. After feeling the results of using it at night after a hard lifting session, I could imagine professional athletes are taking advantage of this too. I'm stoked to hear about the therapeutic relief your partner has been getting from CBD. I love hearing success stories. I don't personally have any serious ailments, or know anyone with any where I could recommend CBD, so it's always cool to hear about someone else's success. Good luck with everything!

blushLife happens; it's nice to be able to take something other than Morphine for pain. She has a prescription for Opiates (Methadone) and a short acting Opiate that's more like closer to Heroin fortunately that's not used much. I'd much rather her use oils than get addicted to opiates; after years of being on them the chances are there but sigh I can hope for the best.

blushI'm planning on sticking to CBD extracts from hemp, making THC levels incredibly low. In addition to that, we only get drug tested at playoffs - at set times, so if my body allows I might just play play offs without CBD usage. But the 0.001% THC that might be found in my body from hemp should not be noticeable in a pee test, especially if you consider CBD's properties of breaking down THC faster (might be an urban myth tho ?)

blushPee tests really won't be your problem; drink enough water with your CBD Pill and the 0.1% THC should wash right through as almost undetectable amounts or undetectable. I don't even think Hair will be a problem with that.

blushTry and find some CBD Isolate like the person mentioned below me and your chances of avoiding THC are higher. If you can turn it into an extract that's activated, you can rub it into your muscles and take it easily. You won't have to worry about the 20-30 minute delay from ingesting it which can be an issue if you need immediate relief.

blushCBDA needs to be decarboxylated in a convection oven at 265 F for 65 mins. The times cited above are roughly what you would do for THCA --> THC (245F for 45mins), and using lower temps/times would leave unconverted CBDA.

blushYour temp and times are incorrect. I'd rather trust skunkpharmresearch.com than https://www.biocbdplus.com/what-is-decarboxylation-how-cbd-a-becomes-cbd but either way 265F for 65minutes you'd end up with a lot of CBN

blushThe vaporization temp of CBDA is 266F. For THC it's 248F. Different molecules = different amounts of heat required to fully decarboxylate. Which is also why CBDA takes longer to decarb.  Literally ran the experiment to determine this while working at a hemp facility. We had thermocouple probes in each tray of hemp being decarbed, then compared those temperatures against internal potency samples before and after decarb. I promise you, the temp/time for THC and CBD are different.  You can lower the temperature to 245F if you have a strain with both THC and CBD, but in that case you would want to decarb for 75 minutes in order to get full conversion of both with minimal loss. 230F for 30 minutes won't get full conversion on any acid-form cannabinoid, and anywhere that says otherwise either doesn't have the budget for hplc potency testing, or in the case of the above link is deliberately spreading misinformation to ensure people get under potent medicine should they decide to make it at home themselves instead of buying it.

blushAgain you are not citing any sources here; just your own results in a post.
If you work for a extract company they should post these results; because basically you're a random person trying to spout facts and without any evidence shown no one should take you at face value.  :( Could be useful information however I found myself that 266F to be too high.

blushSure. All edible marijuana products sold in Denver, including capsules and all concentrates, are in part regulated by Chapter 23 of the Denver Revised Municipal Code. For the mitigation of foodborne bacteria, the code requires a log 5 reduction in the number of pathogens on any food items sold. For marijuana specifically, this is applied by requiring that the decarboxylation of flower occur at a minimum of 120C (248F) for 30 minutes, and that the addition of cannabinoid oil to any food-grade oil (i.e. for capsules) be heated at a minimum of 110C for 60 minutes.

blushThen there's this GW Pharma patent which includes experimental data on CBDA -> CBD decarboxylation. And this line: "The heating time for CBDA was extended to 55 minutes at 145° C. as it became apparent from results that CBDA was slightly more resistant to decarboxylation than THCA. This difference between CBD and THC would be even more pronounced at commercial scale batches." We used this as a starting point, and found that lowering the temperature from 145C (293F) to 265 F while increasing time to 65 minutes yielded a full decarb with near-zero CBN conversion.  If there was considerable loss due to these requirements, probably a bunch of MIPs would complain about losing cannabinoids and petition for lower temp/time requirements.

blushThat document really doesn't talk about anything that we're talking about. The graphs on page 2, 3 and 4 talk about the loss of THC at 40C and the loss of CBD at 40C (page 3) page 5 gives you different details then you talked about. So I'm sorry what you cited isn't saying what you said. 100-150C to decarb and it doesn't exactly mention the time. (212-302f)

blushRaw supercritical co2 oil. All that was done prior to pulling samples was heating it to homogenize and purge residual co2. We tested potency in triplicate, so those are all from the same batch.  I get that all the weed bros on instagram and the homepages of CBD websites aren't as verbose as this, but I also left a direct quote from that patent for you to Ctrl + F. So please: Tell me how since I didn't also share the decarb batch record, that we probably didn't know what we were doing with our 46:1 CBD strain.

blushComing from a medical professional taking drugs and etc to alleviate pain just for a bit of cash is idiotic. You're basically destroying your body for chump change. Quit soccer, or at least competitive soccer while you can. Unless you become pro it is not worth it to keep at it. Just go get a loan, borrow money, get a side job, whatever you can to help afford school.

blushThat's not fair or true. If you're gonna get ahead at anything in life sacrifices have to be made. He needs to pay his tuition and this is his means. Doctors also aren't the most healthy people, especially when in the same position as op (trying to make it through school). If he loves soccer as much as I love basketball I'd have no problem sacrificing my body, especially if it's a means to better my life.

blushI'm considering OP's future health. Sports are great and fun. And I bet he finds as much enjoyment out of playing soccer as you do basketball, but the reality is that it's not sustainable if you're getting injured or experience pain due to the sport. It's not worth it for him in the sense that say he is experiencing pain, ex low back, knee, hip, it can and very likely can leak to a bunch of problems for him in the future. What he saves now from his scholarships and etc paying for his college expenses would come back as medical expenses in the future. Aside from medical expenses quality of life can be dramatically reduced due to the future. Again I'm being realistic and honest with him and all of this is very much true.

blushYou make completely reasonable points that are all true BUT if I had to choose between playing sports or a mindless job to put myself through school, I'm choosing the more enjoyable route 99/100. Yeah the toll on your body can be significant just move up here to Canada and all your needs will be taken care of (as long as you have health insurance lol).

blushFor what it's worth, in addition to my reply below, I'm a European citizen with paid for health care. So when I move back from the states at least I'll be taken care off.

blushI understand where you're coming from. My initial post might make my problems seem a bit exaggerated. I don't need ibuprofen for the pain killing properties, it just helps keeping inflammation down after a weekend of back to back games so by no means do I take a lot. However, I am very conscious of what I put in my body and I don't like the possible long term side effects on the kidneys as well as big pharmas. CBD should be the perfect natural substitute to keep my body completely healthy!

blushI totally get that. I always loved playing lacrosse, but it took a toll on my body. I don't think I could have stopped playing though. Now that I don't play anymore, I just stick to lifting. CBD definitely helps with recovery.

blushI took a lot of naproxen over 6 months for a back injury, because nothing else helped. Left me with a pretty nasty stomach ulcer. Be careful with continued NSAID use

blushThat's really where CBD (and unfortunately THC) are helpful at helping those sore muscles. There is some groupthink belief that some THC is needed for full CBD bioavailability. I have no clue if this is true or not  I just know that other than Sour Tsunami (0.5THC 16.5% CBD I still have this package, it's pretty full) we have a lot of 1:1 ratio strains in Washington (legal) for High CBD. But people love the energy that Sour Tsunami gives; especially for runners.

blushAny method of oral cannabinoid ingestion is going to exhibit terrible bioavailability (10 - 20% approx). Ideally you should look for CBD transdermal patches. They are extended release, you won't need to periodically re-up on CBD since patches last several hours, and you can place the patch on any particularly painful spots so the effect will be most pronounced in that particular spot (hide it underneath kinesio tape!). Also you can cut the patch to a smaller size, OR use more than one with the same level of discretion. There are a few companies selling hemp cbd patches online, and individually they're pretty cheap.

blushUnfortunately there probably won't be any company's marketing patches specifically as sports supplements. The knowledge and equipment required to make patches properly do not come cheap, the demand and margins aren't that great, and generally anyone looking at cannabinoid sports supplements are only in it for the money -- since the people who buy sports supplements most often have expendable incomes, the logic is that you can overcharge them and make a killing.

blushMost of those patches would have small bits of THC (larger than what you would get in CBD Isolate) which is a problem for people in sports.


CBD before technical sports. What a revelation!


blushOne of my real passions is technical support. Specifically, mountain biking and crew rowing.  Both of these sports require fast reflex, concentration, and big changes to motion on the fly. They're not sports you can zone out of, but they are sports you can really benefit from being in the zone for.

blushI've been using CBD primarily for anxiety and that great relaxed focus it brings.  With technical sports, you have to stay relaxed or you'll seize up at exactly the wrong moment and then at worst you're either eating dirt or taking an unexpected swim, or just struggling and not enjoying it.

blushI recently started using CBD before a row and my god the difference. I could feel the oars better, control my grips better, work with my crew better, hear the water properly and just 'flowed' through it better. Night and day difference.

Secrets from the Tour de France are going mainstream - microdosing is a very effective way to medicate.


blushPlus my focus didn't lag as fatigue set in as much, and the fatigue itself was notably improved.
The effect of CBD on concentration, relaxation and focus is well documented. But it's always surprising where the benefits show themselves.

blushSince returning from back issues, I've been taking CBD before playing hockey, and it's amazing. I'm no pro, but I'm playing better and feeling better.

blushI personally rub some CBD salve on my calves when I go snowboarding all day.

?What brand do you take and how do you take it? I just did and AMA on r/Mma about being a pro athlete and openly using CBD. It's been huge for me, glad to hear it helps you!

blushThis is really neat to hear. i work in the outdoors doing a ton of physical activity and CBD+caffeine before, and CBD+ bowl of bud after, decreases anxiety, and reduces recovery time. when used on its own or with caffeine, CBD increases my focus like you say.  This is why I love CBD


Has anyone used CBD for sports related injuries?


blushHas anyone used CBD for torn muscles, injured joints, Tendonitis, connective tissue damage, etc. I am not looking for a pain killer or something to mask the injury. I am curious if anyone has had experience with CBD actually helping the injury heal faster or better. Thanks!


blushI have had severe tennis elbow for about half a year before I started trying to use CBD with the healing process. I can't say with much confidence that it helped any. Although perhaps I consume too low of a dose (vape roa @ ~ 300 mg pure isolate/crystal per month. I also tried applying spot treatment of hemp infused salve to the affected area (elbow) which did nothing except cause it to break out for some reason so I discontinued use.

blushIf you are going to be expecting significant results stick to ingesting a product that contains a full spectrum extract. Coloradohemphoney.com would be an affordable product to pick up and experiment with.

blushLooks interesting, I love honey so definitely a plus. Have you ever used it to treat injuries though. If so, what was your experience?

blushI haven't used the honey alone for recovery, but hemp extract to get through a broken ankle a while back. We used the honey for helping my fiance heal up after having a cyst removed. Doc told her she was a few weeks ahead in regards to healing the wound in comparison to other patients she observed.

blushI've seen a ton of folks use the honey after knee surgeries with pretty awesome results.

blushOkay thanks!!! Just curious what hemp extract did you use? Was it just regular cbd oil?

blushI own a shop that specializes in US produced hemp products. http://thecbdboutique.com/products/concentrates. The CO2 extract was around 80% CBD with some pretty awesome concentrations of CBN and CBG. It helped out with my ankle a bunch for the swelling and pain. I had mixed some into some olive oil and made a custom tincture. I was also mixing it into lotions and vaping it.

blushCBD and full-spectrum hemp extract have an awesome anti-inflammatory effect. This, plus the muscle relaxation effect, plus the anti-anxiety effect (less fight-or-flight response, so your body can relax and heal) makes an awesome combo to help heal sports injuries. It also helps one stay calm and patient about the healing process rather than be frustrated. It is very helpful, but it is not a one-time-use and you're cured.

blushCombine this with regular ice/heat cycling to get fresh blood platelets into the affected area, and your recovery time should be hugely reduced. And definitely do physical therapy! Strength and flexibility exercises are amazing for recovery.


MMJDOCTORONLINE NOTES:  In California, medical marijuana patients will pay up to 80% more than recreational users according to Government press releases.  We provide - 100% online - medical doctor recommendations, Cannabis ID and grower's permits, for use at dispensaries, delivery services, cooperatives, cannabis clubs and other points of access.


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