Chemdawg Sour,  will surely be at the top of the marijuana charts in the near future.

Green Acres Pharm: Chemdawg Sour Strain Review, a downhome comparison with OG Kush, sour Diesel and OG Kush and the Sour Diesel


Warning... these people do partake!  The doc is straight, however.


"In the further reading section, at the end of this article we provide a wealth of medical information, testimonials and other material on Chemdawg Sour, a strain that looks to compete for the title, America's favorite weed." - MMJDoc


For those who love the extreme.  Like surfing a 40 foot wave, chugging a beer in 3 seconds, running a marathon backwards


Welcome to an interview with Green Acres Pharm, a boutique marijuana cultivation establishment from Washington that focuses on organic growing methods as factory farming - big corporation method, that sometime leave much to be desired.

While their English is down home and could even be described as hillbilly, we report on Green Acres Pharm, because they know how to produce massive crops of high quality strains, like ChemDawg.   In this article, as tourists, the Green Acres Crew sample some prime New York and comment on the quality, techniques of cultivation, home made fertilizers and valuable knowhow and whatnot.

Jay J Kitchen: So we are having some fun in New York City, its a little mini-vacation, I’m getting to be a tourist for a change.  I brought some goodies (weed) that we picked out, something from Green Acres Farm and this is their Chemdawg Sour stain.   I figured we’d try this one because the parents, Chemdawg and the Sour Diesel strains are very popular with anybody from New York, who is a pot smoker over the last 20 years.  You ask “what would you say is the most in-demand strain?” and its Diesel and then Chem after that, I would say.

Uncle Tweezy: OG Kush is up there too.  OG Kush, sour Diesel and OG Kush and the Sour Diesel, then the Chemdawg came along, and once people started finding out that the Chem, they realize where it came from.  But even still, there is a  whole bunch of stories, that it's just legal bagseed from way back. It’s been around for longer than what we really know.  

Jay J Kitchen: So what do you think of the Chemdawg Sour?

Uncle Tweezy: You know, this Chemdawg Sour is damn good …

Jay J Kitchen: It does taste really good. I mean I have to say, I think it’s grown in general organic style.   I mean, general hydroponics ,in the 3-part solution in all natural mix by Green Acres (the only plug here).

Jay J Kitchen: Cheers!


"Over that past several years, Chemdawg has developed quite the name.  It has  mysterious origins, ambiguous genes, and an assortment of crosses that pushed this mongrel into the upper echelons of the Cannabis Hall of Fame.  We're pretty sure or convinced that the original parents include various portions of source of Sour Diesel and OG Kush.

Chemdawg aroma is diesel-like, sharp and pungent. Amateurs be warned that Chemdawg is very potent. If the growing conditions are optimal the THC levels being at least 15 to 20% or more. The  effects are very cerebral, with a heavy body stone.  As a medicine, small doses are good for well being, for those who like THC, and a full on experience will put you out for the count and knock out the pain."


Jay J Kitchen: A bagseed is just a seed that is of unknown origin (reword) bag of seed, like it’s in a negative connotation.

Uncle Tweezy: Right (random bagseed could be anything, gold to dirt)

Jay J Kitchen: If the weed that you are smoking has a seed in it, and that weed is really fucking good, then that seed is a blessing. Ok?

Uncle Tweezy: Right (the proof is in the pudding)

Jay J Kitchen: I think a bag of seed always from a herming (both male and female characteristics that produces seed) plant supposedly, so go figure…


Uncle Tweezy: All bag seeds, when you really look at it, you what is it? People think of,  Oh, you know, that old-bricked Mexican weed.

In you like THC, you're probably going to love THC-V


Jay J Kitchen: I think that some people think of bagseed as the stuff we used to smoke, that brown shit with twigs and seeds.



Uncle Tweezy: Don’t forget some though, something I may not know ,that old that Mexican shit, that old black and chocolate on a compressed brick.  they had a lot of land raise generics. (land race is naturally growing weed in the wild, which is sought out for new genetics, by sorting the good from the bad shit.)


  • Strain Name: Chemdog

  • Grade: A-

  • Type: Sativa

  • Looks: Great. Medium size tight buds with lots of crystals.

  • Taste: Very sweet, clean, lemon-like taste. Great smooth smoke.

  • Buzz Type: Immediate head cloud. Strong but functional. Hard hitting.

  • Buzz Length: Long. I was pretty high for almost 2 hours.

  • Overall: This is one of my personal favorites.


Jay J Kitchen: There is a problem with how some weed is how it's processed… (edited for clarity)

Uncle Tweezy: if you get those seeds, and you take them and you percolate them, and they don’t get fertilize, they don’t get pollinated, they don’t get pregnant and none of that and you let them go to the end, you going to be like “nah this ain’t ready” yeah, that’s exactly what it is.  

It’s that the seed holds the true genetic of what the strain is.  Yeah, when you see the seeds you know that.   She (female marijuana plant) may not have reached a whole full potential because she got pregnant (pollinated marijuana has lower THC) so she had to put some (energy) into the seed.

Jay J Kitchen: Well, I smoked a lot of seeded weed, that’s what I grew, and it got seeded by accident…

Uncle Tweezy: Right and (seeded weed)  its still good.

Jay J Kitchen: Ya, its great weed.

Uncle Tweezy: You’ll hear some people say, Yo if my shit supposed to be loud (high in THC) and I find a seed, and I already can’t see... (has seeds and is still potent).  In Florida one time a guy said if I give some loud (strong weed) and it got one seed in it, I’m going back to punch in the face…  

Jay J Kitchen: Well that’s ignorant, that’s just fucking ignorant.

Uncle Tweezy: So I said, you serious? I said listen, anything can happen, I said the strain be so strong that she's growing in an environment where she knew that it there were no males there.  But she’s so strong, she want her lineage to live on (females can change sex to produce pollen), she would pop one out (fertilized flower.  You got to realize what kind of plants we dealing, we dealing with the Queen Mother, she’s the most complex plant, stop playing games (human manipulation).  




"At a Grateful Dead show at Deer Creek Amphitheatre, ‘joebrand’ (aka ‘wonkanobe’) and ‘pbud’ met ‘chemdog’ and sold him an ounce of very high quality pot for $500. joe and chemdog exchanged numbers and they later arranged for two ounces to be shipped to chemdog on the east coast. According to chemdog, one ounce was seedless and the other had 13 seeds."



I got a question for you all, I was reading someone people was talking about the CalMag and the molasses and all that.  We use to use the Geo CalMag, but now they seem to add Magnesium Nitrate to the mix and now it’s not the old formula that it used to be.

Jay J Kitchen: I think you want the Phosphate, not the Nitrate.

Uncle Tweezy: It used just fermented molasses and sugar and a little oyster shell, you know, crusted oysters.  Yeah, that’s what it used to be, zero zero zero, and it was water soluble, everything was water soluble.  There wasn’t no Nitrates at all in that, not even 1% and you put in CalMag now.

Translation: Crushed Oyster shell and molasses lack nitrates.  If nitrates are in short supply (in the soil) then growth will be sub-optimal for sure.  Cal Mag stands for Calcium and Magnesium.  Oyster shell contains mostly calcium and trace amounts of magnesium.

Jay J Kitchen: You use CalMag pretty regularly?

Uncle Tweezy: I use Calmag often

Jay J Kitchen: Some sort of Calcium, Magnesium supplement.

Uncle Tweezy:  For the most part I try to give them CalMag every time I water, because, if your plants don’t have no calcium or low calcium, she not gonna crash and burn, just like a person with weak bones.   At the end of the day,  the molasses you use it sparingly.  

Jay J Kitchen: Some people use 5 ml molasses, every once a week.

Uncle Tweezy: Right,  a dime shot or a nickel shot (of molasses,  which is 5ml shot glass, or maybe a little bit less…

Jay J Kitchen: say 5 or 10.

Uncle Tweezy: 10 millilitres is 2 teaspoons, 5 millilitres is a teaspoon, so we’re talking about maybe a dime shot, the size of a dime, that might be like 1.5 millilitres, 2.5 millilitres and a gallon of water.  But don't apply dimes and nickels  all the time.  Because again, you don’t want too much molasses, too much and they could build up make your plants ugly.  You use it with the CalMag…

Jay J Kitchen: and you can use the Hercule in harvest (huge) also…

Uncle Tweezy: I know Hercule in harvest, that’s bone meal, liquid bone meal.

Jay J Kitchen: So they’ve got some of the nitrates in it?  So you’re not using it anymore?

Uncle Tweezy: No, I didn’t know they changed it. I had purchased a gallon and I saw that and it just pissed me off.


Editor: Uncle Tweezy is pissed because he hates inorganic fertilizer, and when they added the nitrates, you can't call it organic, that is if your are truthful.


Jay J Kitchen: Well because your garden is pretty much a 100% as organic as you possibly can get….

The People's Choice - Blue Dream


Jay J Kitchen: I mean pipe water taste good in New York, but for your plants, if you want it pure you want it pure (use purified water and not "pipe" water).

Uncle Tweezy: But at the end of the day, you can get calcium from many different sources

Jay J Kitchen: Like eggshells.

Uncle Tweezy: I use eggshells all the time. I used that for calcium, ph stabilized (lower acid), aerate the soil (let in air) and also to up plant defense.  

Jay J Kitchen: yeah..

Uncle Tweezy: You know my aunt's back in the day used eggshells, they still keep the shells in the water and put in other stuff they used to grow.  And the plants got good protein and calcium.   I remember being little and having to water the plants with the stuff…

Jay J Kitchen: Tweezy! Water the Plants!

Uncle Tweezy: right it’s a couple of actually I seen my aunt she just turned 89, God Bless…


MMJDOCTORONLINE Notes:  We supply cannabis ID, 420 evaluations, grow permits, renewals for use at dispensaries, delivery services, cannabis clubs, cooperatives, clinics, and compassion clubs in California.  Until 2018 you must have Marijuana ID to buy from anywhere.  It is also illegal to transport marijuana from one state to another.  The Fed is still apprehending tourists and Americans alike, and though they do not officially recognize State MMJ ID, they often let "offenders" go, provided that they possess less than 1 oz. of grass, and have a valid 420 recommendation.  

Our process is 100% online, takes only a few minutes and approvals usually take an hour or two.  Note that patients are not asked to pay until they are approved.


Green Acres Pharma Blog



"I smoked this stuff in California over a year ago. i Have been searching back home ever since and finally found it by mistake. By far my favorite herb great for everything :) thanks for the history on it that was very interesting!" - Mle

"Man i smoked this stuff today. To describe it in one word : GREAT , amazing high , great munchies , this is the perfect strain." - highkidco

"Really liking this bud! Very clean smoke, great taste, definitely a head high. feeling fully functional and alert. Helps with my appetite. Excellent tree. And I smoked it out of a vanilla dutch!" - ThurgoodsBrother

"If i have a caregivers license ,would i be able to purchase a few cuts? I have always wondered where SFV originated from, and i am a definite connoisseur of the OG type of kush, me as well as my patients would love to implement the White Mustang into our daily lives. Please some feedback would greatly be appreciated, ty , and thanks for clarifying on how it all began Chemdog \ dawg."  - Shaun kumar


In ’91, chemdog popped the first 4 seeds. From these seeds, one male was found and disposed of (chemdog was young, you can’t blame him). The 3 females were labeled ‘chemdawg’ (now ’91 chemdawg), ‘chemdawg a’ (now Chemdawg sister), and ‘chemdawg b’. In ’01, chemdog and his girlfriend attempted to germ 3 more seeds, labeled ‘c’, ‘d’, and ‘e’. the ‘e’ seed never germinated, ‘c’ turned out to be junk (according to chemdog), and chemdawg ‘d’ was the keeper. In ’06, ‘chemdog’ and ‘joebrand’ reunited and joe was given 4 of the last 6 beans: Chemdawg phenos 1-4, ‘4’ being the chosen keeper. Joe thought the ‘4’ was the best representation of the original and thus dubbed it the ‘reunion pheno’. Chemdog still has two seeds left in his stash."



Jay J Kitchen from Uptown and  Uncle Tweezy

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LEAFLY Strain Highlights

Chemdawg has developed quite the name for itself over the years. Between its mysterious origin, ambiguous genetics, and the plethora of successful crosses the strain has produced, Chemdawg has practically secured itself a permanent place in the cannabis hall of fame. The original source of powerhouse strains like Sour Diesel and OG Kush, Chemdawg is known for its distinct, diesel-like aroma. Pungent and sharp, you’ll be able to smell this hybrid from a mile away.

Cannabis newbies be warned: Chemdawg tends to be very potent. Depending on grow conditions, this strain tends to have THC levels of 15-20%. Consumers can expect to have a very cerebral experience, coupled with a strong heavy-bodied feeling.


Chemdawg at Wikileaf

Chemdawg has medium-sized buds that look slightly different from those of hybrid or pure indica lineage. Long and tapered rather than popcorn-like, the flowers have relatively loose and wispy leaves. The spring green leaves are covered in sticky white trichomes, lending buds a silver-white appearance. Due to the combination of their loose structure and resinous texture, buds of Chemdawg are particularly difficult to break up by hand -- users preparing flowers for joints or pipes will have an easier time with a grinder. The sticky flowers are threaded through with red to orange pistils.

Chemdawg has a smell reminiscent of diesel fuel (which many say is the source of the “chem” in its name). The pungent flowers also give off odors of earthy musk and some pine. As long as flowers are properly cured, this strain has smooth smoke that tastes sour and when inhaled. On the exhale, Chemdawg smoke betrays its signature diesel taste with an ammonia-like tang that hits the top of the palate.


Oyster Shell - The minerals that are in it.  

Analytical Report.


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