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As Cannabis is Widely Legalised - China Cashes in on an Unprecedented Boom 


Until recently, in the last seventy years or so, Marijuana was a medicinal herb used without regulation by traditional Doctors. In the developed countries like the United States Marijuana was only recently classified as a controlled substance. And like the US, China is pondering the thought, shall we go back to square one and call Cannabis a legal traditional medicine? 


As far as the historical and archaeological record goes back, the Chinese have been using hemp and Cannabis medicines.  About 2,700 years ago, 500 years before the Roman Empire, Chinese physicians documented their medicinal use of Cannabis teas and extracts in the treatment of gout, malaria, madness and women's issues, to name but a few.


"In ancient Taiwan hemp fibers were used to decorate pottery dating - BACK TO THE END OF THE LAST ICE AGE! - about 10,000 years ago." - The Archaeology of Ancient China


Interestingly, the Cannabinoid profile of the 2,700 year Shaman's stach is balanced - the Cannabinoid profile of THC (implied), CBD, CBD and others resembling somewhat the latest (and most expensive) hybrid strains - that appear to have the greatest medicinal benefit!!


Cannabinoid Profile from Ancient 2700 year old "Chinese" Weed.  It's psychoactive!

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Monsanto's track record speaks for itself, if you listen.


Cannabinoid Profile of weed


Death of Tradition - Chinese Medicine & Cannabis

No one disputes the fact that Marijuana was part of Chinese medical tradition for thousands of years.  Cannabis was was never demonized until Western concepts of good and bad arrived very recently (in historical terms)  in the form of Marxism and Capitalism.  The proponents of these two seemingly opposed forces actually worked to control Marijuana in identical ways; control all drugs and medicines, opposed and demonize those that did not compliment their agenda, or wipe out competition as directed by industrial elites.  Thus thousands of years of real, in the field wisdom way thrown to the wayside.


The Lay of the Land

Today, the Chinese are very pragmatic in their approach.  Communism has morphed into a semi-free economy with contradictions and oxymorons being the rule rather than the exception. 

Basically, if the product or commodity in question is worth a lot of money, and the government is not significantly threatened, then that line of business will be permitted, officially or unofficially. 

Sorting through all the modern Capitalism and Communism mumbo jumbo, we're talking old school here. To do anything in Marijuana, in China or anywhere else, you'll need have the blessing of the local powers that be.


Marijuana "Rocket Science" meets head on with Ancient Chinese Medicine.

"The Yanghai Tombs near Turpan, Xinjiang-Uighur Autonomous Region, China have recently been excavated to reveal the 2700-year-old grave of a Caucasoid shaman whose accoutrements included a large cache of cannabis, superbly preserved by climatic and burial conditions."

Ignorance of the new Marijuana Laws is not only a defense, it'll be an epic fail.



It's truly a brave new world.  Everything we thought we knew is up for reevaluation.  The basics of physics, genetics, human nature, religion.


The first interesting aside-fact in this discovery (and others) is that Caucasian type people lived in and around Mongolia and Western China three thousand years ago.  China itself was composed of several different kingdoms centering around the large livers, drainage basins that allowed for massive rice production.


The Marijuana in the Cache was tested for Cannabinoid content (cannabinoid-profile) and DNA (genetics). 


The testing instruments are sophisticated and results are very reliable (if you're a top notch lab).


GC-FID-MS and HPLC-UV instruments were used in Cannabinoid testing.  These instruments can tell you how much THC, CBD, CBC etc. is in a sample of Weed.  In the testing of Cannabis genetics, DNA was extracted from leaves and seeds.  The China-weed is thought to belonging to Cannabis spp - psychoactive with seeds to originate from a yet to be identi?ed species.


"The HPLC, GC, and MS analyses con?rm the identity of the supplied plant sample as Cannabis sativa L. The Predominance of CBN indicates that the original plants contained D9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) as the major phytocannabinoid constituent."


Back to the Future - Marijuana in China now.

The Communist government and industrialists are ideally equipped to become a leading player in Marijuana.  In fact, if they so desired, China could be the number one producer within a decade.  If you doubt this claim, just look at world production in agricultural commodities - China leads almost every category, by a wide margin, in most cases; i.e. Rice, wheat, vegetables, meats.


China is already very active in the scientific sector, filing 650 patents for Medical Marijuana.  Note that the Chinese often do not patent discoveries, so the actual filings are just the tip of the iceberg.  Google Scholar reports that there are about 28,700 citations for China and Marijuana from academia.  Note too that these are only the publications that have been translated into English. 


The Chinese researchers efforts are generally of a high standard.  They have all to tools, with every bell and whistle.  Chinese  findings are similar and complementary to their Western counterparts. In a word, Marijuana works and is safe to treat a wide variety of disorders and symptoms. 


China, however, has yet to establish any kind of official business or initiative in the Cannabis sector.  But, they're ready to go, there's nothing missing in their war chest.  The easiest way for China to move to legalization of Marijuana is to classify it as a traditional herbal remedy, which, it is. DUH?  Again, rules and regulations against herbal and organic remedies are meant to get rid of competition and control the populace. The moral argument against drugs is nothing less than a tool to manipulate a naive and gullible populace.  Call it sheep herding if you will.

"Because Cannabis in Western medicine is becoming accepted, the predominance of Chinese patents suggests that pharmaceutical sciences are evolving quickly in China, outpacing Western capabilities, CTM [Chinese traditional medicine] is poised to take advantage of a growing trend. The writing is on the wall: Westernised Chinese traditional medicine is coming to a dispensary near you."  - Dr. Luc Duchesne

An example of a Chinese Patent is to process cannabis seeds into a superfood that boosts the human immune system.  Another Chinese Cannabis product patent claims efficacy in treating ulcers without therapeutic side effects. One more hi-tech Marijuana elixir is used to treat "don't give a shit" syndrome; constipation.


With all these wonderful things said, the world political leaders continue to put a damper on the industry globally. Only one company, GW Pharmaceuticals, produces Cannabis based drugs globally that cater to patients in any significant way.  Another issues, is that the consensus opinion is that raw, natural herbals with an abundance of various Cannabinoids and Terpenes is generally more effective - without side effects that can come with pharmaceutical-like (one ingredient=THC) strains. Such is the nature of pharmaceutical business.  If you can patent it, good = synthetics.  If you can't patent it, it's bad (no profit).  Organic medicines are the enemy of profit.  Plain and Simple. 

People from all over the country are rushing to California to get a piece of action.


"China had a long history of working with herbal medicines. In that sense it doesn't come as a surprise. This is a country with thousands of years of working with plants in medicines." - UK Researcher


"The Chinese are smarter and they are on to all the good ideas, The potential for cannabis as a medicine is monumental."- Mr Reynolds on the MMJ BIZ

Smoking Cannabis like many parts of the United States is illegal.  With that said, if you've ever been to Shanghai, you'll learn the open secret.  Illegal recreational drug use is out of control. 

Metro China has transformed from Kansas to New York in a blink of an eye.  Shanghai is New York or LA on Mega steroids, in every way.  Still, if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time, possession of a bag of pot can land you in prison for 10 years or if the locals need to set an example for the community, you get shot in the head. No kidding, see the following case where the high profile Chinese actor got six months or possession of pot at home.  If you know China, you surely this was a setup for PR purposes.   


Arrested For Marijuana, Jackie Chan's Son Could Face Execution

"Chinese actor and singer Jaycee Chan was arrested for marijuana consumption and possession in Beijing Monday. The son of Jackie Chan, he could face up to three years in prison or, at worst, even execution if convicted. Beijing police had arrested 32-year-old Jaycee Chan, real name Fang Zuming, and Taiwanese actor Ko Chen-tung. Both tested positive for marijuana consumption. The younger Chan was also caught with over 100 grams of marijuana in his Beijing home."


Any American familiar with the Marijuana scene by now will understand the hypocrisy and  what's down in in China.  These extremes in the basic nature of China in 2016  will translate into a world changing  Marijuana event if the powers let it be.....


"Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be
There will be an answer: let it be
Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be
Whisper words of wisdom: let it be."

 - Paul McCartney (who was busted in Japan for Weed)


An initial radiocarbon dating was  corrected to a calibrated figure of 2700 years Before Present Analyses included equestrian gear and correlation to tree ring data (dendrochronology) in China.


"While an earlier publication (Jiang et al., 2006) emphasized morphological features in identifying the cannabis, the current study used additional botanical, phytochemical, and genetic investigations to demonstrate that this cannabis was psychoactive and probably cultivated for medicinal or divinatory purposes. Great care was taken to prevent contamination of the sample throughout the analyses." - Multinational Investigation Team



"Gas chromatography of ancient cannabis subsections.


(A) GC of the 30–34 min region demonstrates several phytocannabinoids: cannabidiol (CBD), cannabichromene (CBC), cannabicyclol (CBL), and cannabinavarin (CBNV).


(B) GC of the 34–36.3 min region displays the highest peak, cannabinol (CBN), the direct non-enzymatic oxidative metabolite of THC, with possible cannabielsoin (CBE) at 34.2 min.

Decent Jobs in Medical Marijuana Industry

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(C) GC of the 36.3–40.5 min region displays cannabitriol (CBO) a THC degradant, and CBN variants (see text)."


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As cannabis is widely legalised, China cashes in on an unprecedented boom


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Phytochemical and Genetic Analyses of Ancient Cannabis from Central Asia

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