Trump Marijuana  Policy or Lack Thereof Threatens  to Undermine Hard Won Trust

Where is Trump going with Marijuana


"If Donald Trump fails to support Pro Marijuana Legalization, he'll have to face the music."  Johnny Rodriguez


While we don't necessarily agree with Johnny Rodriguez on every point, his aggressive and to the point opinions are shared by a great number of pro-cannabis American citizens.  In an nutshell, a summary Johnny R's feelings of the moment is as follows:


If Trump and his administration don't support rescheduling cannabis as a non-narcotic, support states rights to govern over cannabis and completely decriminalize all small time use and cultivation of marijuana, then Donald Trump, are guilty of:


  • Compliance with the Global Pharmaceutical Industry, the arch-rivals of Medical Marijuana

  • Compliance with the failed War on Drugs

  • Violation of the Will of the People

  • Violation of the Constitution

  • Violation of Natural Law

  • Violation of the Free Market

  • Fiscal Irresponsibility

  • Suppressing the Largest Crop and Commodity

  • Financing Organized Crime

Lebron James, Clint Eastwood, Pussy Generation and Cannabis Legalization



" 93 percent in favor of medical marijuana; 71 percent would oppose a federal crackdown on legal marijuana." - Quinnipiac Poll:




According to study after study, (see further reading) from 1996 to present, cannabis legalization is typically associated with a significant lowering  of the following grim statistics.


  • Lower DUI rate

  • Lower Accident rate

  • Lower Overdose rate

  • Lower consumption among youth (under 18)

  • Lower Suicide rate

  • Lower Burglary and robbery rate

  • Lower violent crime, murder, assault and rape

How to handle an On-site Weed test situation



medical marijuana usa


"If Donald Trump and Mr. Jeff Sessions accept this data as valid, then by NOT LEGALIZING MARIJUANA, their detractors and perhaps the majority of pro-cannabis folk will assume they've sold out, that they are compliant with deliberately creating higher higher rates of crime and abuse; DUI, overdose, youth consumption, suicide, burglary, and violent crime. " - Johnny Rodriguez


Tough words by Johnny, but really, he has a point.  If Trump is real, he has to put his money where his mouth is, so to speak, and get on with it.  His healthcare bill is getting watered down, his tax reforms look to be delayed.  Why doesn't he tackle marijuana, and push the new simplified federal regs through?


"If Donald Trump,  Mr. Jeff Sessions. et. al.  fail to fully legalize cannabis - doesn't that mean that  they want to spend tens of billions of dollars of taxpayer dollars on a 100% failed war on drugs.  They want to incarcerate and damage the lives of millions of Americans for possession and use of a drug that was legal and used medically across the world for thousands of years. " Johnny Rodriguez


While we're not quite sure of this conjecture, Johnny could be right.  At least there are a lot of people that are jumping off the wagon, thinking that Donald's group is the new boss, same as the old boss.  Which is to say, they're really going to dump $100 billion into the war on drugs, incarceration and the rest, while suppressing a $50 billion dollar stimulus to the economy, while depriving many Americans of a medicine that might well save their lives.


federal government - nothing but lies for 60 years about marijuana




If Donald Trump, Mr. Jeff Sessions invokes marijuana laws, or any other that contradict existing State laws, they knowing and willingly are violating  the charter of the declaration of independence.  That puts a dagger into the heart of Donald's narrative that won the election, fully and completely.






"Jeff Sessions says he's a man of the law and Donald Trump says he's the voice of the people.


Under their own guidelines, acting in any way against marijuana - what so ever - means Trump and Sessions are liars of the highest order." - Johnny Rodriguez  


Well, maybe Johnny is too harsh.   But American's have seen it all before.  Many, if not most, had given up on the political process; most of the population can't be bothered with the double speak anymore.  Then came Trump, and a lot of people listened.  A lot of people listened to Obama too, but he lost all credibility with his compliance with the deep state, and effectively did nothing for the plight of minorities and threw daggers into the hearts of many pro-marijuana advocates.  


In light of the never ending historical double speak of past Administrations, Trump can expect little patience with his new won followers.   He needs to muzzle Sessions now or face the consequences.  He's probably got 60% of the popular support now, but much of the heart of that following could be ripped out with any more BS speak from Sessions.

uncle sam was once for  marijuana



Make no mistake about it Donald, without many of the marijuana smoker's vote, you wouldn't be there.  Many of the 65% of Americans that believe that recreational marijuana should be legal in America, also supported Donald Trump - based on what he said and promised.


"In the last toss-up election, without the pro-marijuana crowd votes, there would be NO TRUMP PRESIDENCY. Marijuana in part why much of the traditionally Democratic pro-marijuana Bernie crowd voted Trump.  They saw through the Clinton-Obama double speak, let's decriminalize marijuana and help the black man, the women, the minorities.  


Meanwhile, after twenty years of pulling the strings, nothing happened.  Worse yet, under the democrats, the prison system thrived, and enforcement of anti-marijuana federal laws helped to very effectively fill the prisons.


who has the power, does the shadow know?


Now, Trump has to surely deal with the powers that be, who appear to be dead set on sabotaging anything and everything he tries to do.  Then again, Trump has a faction of the deep state supporting him, there can be no doubt.  Where it all gets sketchy is what the heck is the dynamics of the deep state.

The shadow government are the masters and motivators of the War on Drugs, which has nothing to do with helping the people, and everything to do with the establishment controlling the population while making a ton of money.  Along the way, the minions, that are the politicians play their part in convincing a once gullible public that, in some part, their legislation makes sense, in some way it's good." - Johnny Rodriguez


So Trump has to deal with a restless crowd that have heard that same old story too many times.  If he doesn't deliver very soon, people are not going wait for four years and vote him out.  The conjecture is that marijuana will rise up and rally against the Trump regime in masse.  


Mice : We didn't do it!

Cops Claim Mice Ate Their Marijuana - 1200 lbs of it!



Throughout his life, dating back to the 19890's, Trump has said he's against drug use of any kind, but it's far better to legalize it than give the money to scum drug dealers and gangsters.  He also said, he's totally in favor of medical marijuana.

We saw the appointment of Jeff Sessions, who, from this desk seemed like a somewhat honorable law abiding man, who's supposedly hell bent on enforcing the laws of the land, with particular favor given to the constitution.   


"Sessions is a square from the 50's, who know nothing about marijuana and mouths off straight from the script of Reefer Madness.  Obama, Bush, Clinton and the rest kept farcical laws against marijuana  on the books, with the sole purpose; to invade your privacy, there is no doubt.... to stop the people from doing what they want with their bodies and their farm land." - Johnny Rodriguez


We have to agree with Johnny Rodriguez, that America isn't a land of freedom, when the state supersedes personal responsibility, and the state is involved in pretty much everything a person does.  


"It's the same movie that's played out in so called socialist countries throughout the world.  In those socialist regimes always the same script, big brother monitoring of the worker class, an enabling class that organizes the masses to comply, and a very tiny ruling class that lives like the kings that they are." - Johnny Rodriguez   




In the marijuana business, people are freaking out.  People have dropped small fortunes on the industry based on perceptions about what Trump said.  Then Sessions opens his puss and says something completely different.  His rhetoric is encrypted and people can only guess what he'll do, or what Trump will tell him what to do , or even what the shadow will tell him what to do.


Johnny is definitely right on this a lot of investors are scared, and the deals are crumbling.  The cost of inaction is mounting, sorrow, lost income, confusion.  Why all this horseshit Johnny asks?

“In the business, people are freaking out, a lot of us were huge Trump supporters, and still are. But people are running scared, and deals are falling apart. That comment [about greater enforcement] is in direct contradiction to the America First principle he’s talking about.” Mr. Lee

“If Trump enforces a federal ban on cannabis … it’s going to choke the whole industry." - JR


A panic began on February 23, when WH Press Secretary Spicer terrorized the industry by saying the Trump Administration might practice “greater enforcement” of federal marijuana laws.   Meanwhile, Trump still has (yes, it's his baby now), cannabis classified as a Schedule I, which means it has no identifiable medical use, is a narcotic, in the class of heroin.  Meanwhile, eight states and even D.C. have legalized recreational marijuana.  


"Spicer's statements are clearly irresponsible.  Is he trying to sabotage Trump?"  - JR



the current paradigm, same as yesteryear

Right now, about 30 people per 100,000 Americans die of illegal opiate overdose per year





When Atty. Gen. Sessions convinced many there would be a federal crackdown on the marijuana industry, many investors got cold feet and backed out of deal that have been pretty much locked up.

An example; for two years, Virginia-based Skill Stix Dabvertising, planned to conduct cannabis cruise from Miami to Jamaica, while providing a B2B networking platform for legal marijuana companies.  Under their business plan, cannabis would be allowed on the ship, either at sea or in port. Marijuana would be available for purchase when passengers disembark in Jamaica. Activities on the $1,500 cruise were to focus on cannabis seminars, seed to sale, financing, branding, packaging, and the kitchen sink.



Mega cruise line Norwegian expressed interest, and Skill Stix Dabvertising negotiated a deal, backed by private investors with an upfront payment of $7 million, due in March.  Now the deal is on hold.  Two years of effort all round have a good chance of going down the tube.  Basically, the Feds could seize a Norwegian cruise ship, and even go as far to seize their bank accounts and shut down their operations in the US and BEYOND.  The DEA have established the precedent of going anywhere in the world to grab people and seize assets of anyone they "suspect" of participating in "serious" narcotic offences.


“I’m terrified that if I put this money up, what happens when the DEA comes out and starts raiding shops and everybody runs from the entire industry, Federal law could even give the government the right to claim a bong that’s up for auction as a door prize on the cruise as drug paraphernalia. That would give the feds the right to seize the entire ship. Norwegian, for its part, is starting to freak out, reiterating its “zero tolerance” policy for weed on the ship, and tightening the rules." -  Lee CEO of Marijuana Cruises


Again, Johnny R's arguments have us thinking.  Trump is not protecting the people from FED threats.  Either he is unable to control his administration or he's compliant.  We suppose there is one more possibility, that he's waiting a while to tackle cannabis and reign in his rogue administrators.    No matter how you slice or dice it, the business environment for the cannabis industry sucks right now.



Federal laws against cannabis don't seem to the target of job-killing regulations.  

“I won’t commit to never enforcing federal law,” Sessions said in a less but slightly disturbing tone.



In Oregon, Washington, Colorado and other states, crime, drug overdose, DUI, suicide and even cannabis used by youth is down.  These statistics - in combination with marijuana's non-toxicity, should be enough to make cannabis legalization at the Federal Level a slam dunk.  Any other result, means that the power's that be that run the show, do not care - at all - about good results.


“We’re cautious about saying, Medical marijuana laws definitely reduce homicide. That’s not what we’re saying, the main finding is that we found no increase in crime rates resulting from medical cannabis legalization. In fact, we found some evidence of decreasing rates of some types of violent crime, namely homicide and assault.”

“This new FBI information, along with continued education of the public on the realities of the negative aspects of smoking cannabis  -  which there are considerable negative attributes - will make the dialogue between those opposed and in favor of legalization on more of an even playing field. It takes away the subjective comments about the link between cannabis laws and crime so the dialogue can be more in tune with reality.”

"None of the seven crime types increased with the legalization of medical marijuana, in fact the data suggested just the opposite, future study is required."

“The results are remarkable, It’s pretty telling. It will be interesting to see what future studies hold.” - Dr. Robert Morris



`Good People Don`t Smoke Marijuana.`` - The not very funny Jeff Sessions



Study: cannabis legalization doesn’t increase crime


Legalizing cannabis  may decrease the amount of crime, according to new studies recently released.

In a study published in PLOS ONE, researchers focused on the crime rates of Part I crimes, which consists of homicide, rape, robbery, burglary, larceny and auto theft, in relation to cannabis use. Researchers found that cannabis did not increase violent crimes.

"We believe that medical cannabis legalization poses no threat of increased violent crime," Robert Morris, the study's lead author, said to the Huffington Post. "In fact, for some forms of violence — homicide and assault — we found partial support for declines after the passing of this legislation."


Legalizing Medical Cannabis  May Actually Reduce Crime, Study Says


Legalizing medical cannabis causes no increase in crime, according to a new study. In fact, legalized medical pot may reduce some violent crime, including homicide, University of Texas at Dallas researchers wrote in a journal article published this week.

The study, published in PLOS ONE on Wednesday, appears to settle concerns, simmering since the first states approved medical cannabis nearly two decades ago, that legalization would lead to more crime.

“We believe that medical cannabis legalization poses no threat of increased violent crime,” Robert Morris, the study’s lead author, told The Huffington Post.


If Legalizing Cannabis Was Supposed To Cause More Crime, It’s Not Doing A Very Good Job


When Colorado legalized weed more than a year ago, opponents of the move warned that crime would rise. But half a year after the first sales of recreational cannabis began, the state’s biggest city has yet to see an increase in criminal activity.

During the first six months of 2014, violent crime in the city and county of Denver was down 3 percent from the same period in 2013, according to the most recent available data. Three of the four main categories of violent crime that are tracked in the data — homicide, sexual assault and robbery — are all down from the same six-month stretch last year. Aggravated assault, the fourth category, is up 2.2 percent.

Burglaries and robberies at the city’s dispensaries of medical and/or recreational cannabis are on track to hit a three-year low, according to a separate report from Denver’s Department of Safety, first reported by The Denver Post.

Overall, property crime in the city is down by more than 11 percent from the same six-month period of 2013.


Medical Marijuana's Legalization and Crime Rates


Using FBI data, the researchers looked at rates of murder, rape, assault, robbery, burglary, larceny and auto theft. None of these types of crimes increased in states that legalized medical marijuana, according to the study, which was published in the journal PLoS One.


Since cannabis legalization, highway fatalities in Colorado are at near-historic lows


Cannabis Decriminalization Drops Youth Crime Rates by Stunning 20% in One Year


The San Francisco-based Center on Juvenile & Criminal Justice (CJCJ) recently released a policy briefing with an analysis of arrest data collected by the California Department of Justice’s Criminal Justice Statistics Center. The briefing, “California Youth Crime Plunges to All-Time Low,” identifies a new state cannabis decriminalization law that applies to juveniles, not just adults, as the driving force behind the  plummeting arrest totals.

After the new pot law went into effect in January 2011, simple cannabis possession arrests of California juveniles fell from 14,991 in 2010 to 5,831 in 2011, a 61 percent difference, the report by CJCJ senior research fellow Mike Males found.


Colorado Crime Rates Down 14.6% Since Legalizing Marijuana

Feds vs Elite California Marijuana Dispensary

Major Medical Marijuana Dispensary Battles the FEDS - and WINS


And what’s better than low crime rates? How about a projected $1 billion in cannabis sales that will translate into $100 million in revenue for the state of Colorado, according to budget projections by Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper. The world stands in awe, and every other state should take notes. Reduce taxpayer money on crime and use tax-income from cannabis sales to build libraries and schools, heck even a new community park named ‘High Times’ would be apropos.


MMJDOCTORONLINE Notes:  Despite Johnny Rodriguiz perhaps being correct on many points, California and Nevada seem well positioned to interrupt any Federal interference in state policy and business into the near future.  To comply with California and Nevada law, medical marijuana must be purchased from a licensed supplier of cannabis based medicines.  Not only that, until 2018, recreational marijuana cannot be sold legally, so a doctor's medical recommendation is required.  

Fortunately , you can still get a 420 evaluation on the internet.  We provide same day service for Cannabis ID, growers permits, physician's recommendations and yearly renewals.  The process takes only a few minutes of your time and patients don't have to pay unless they are approved.  

Documents are valid in both states, at dispensaries, compassion clubs, delivery services, cooperatives and other licensed vendors of marijuana related medicines.



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