Dorian Yates on Getting High & Healthy - London Real

Getting High & Healthy - London Real

Dorian Yates on Getting High & Healthy - London Real

Two famous lads share a joint, which leads to a serious discussion on marijuana done by medical doctors at UCLA, on how cannabis works so well, in so many areas, for so many people.



Runners high?  How ultra-marathon runners are using cannabis for endurance, pain and recovery.


The Voyage Begins:


dorian yates london real

Silly Boys


Brian Rose: Dorian asked me to meet him on the Beach.  I didn’t know what for, but he had always trusted me, and now it's time for me to trust him.

Dorian Yates: Ryan Rose lives on camera, smoking weed, we're smoking for health, smoking for awareness and just to crucify him on it.  Okay, so you promised me Brian, at the start of the week, it was very smart of you to wait until the end of the week to smoke with me.

Brian Rose: It was?



Dorian Yates:  Yeah, well listen man.  You've done the yoga, we've done the Tai Chi, training in the gym. You're fuckin fit dude, so like I said, it's not just a guy sitting at your interview,  he does this stuff himself.  So now he's going learn to do it better.   

tai chi




"Arjan's Strawberry Haze was created by Arjan and introduced on the market in 2006. In 2005, Strawberry Haze won 1st prize at the Green House Very Important Smokers Panel. The buds of Strawberry Haze smell of strawberries and provide a sweet taste, which is heightened when roots are given free reign in soil. It is characterized as a tall plant with long branches. It is a simple plant to grow and maintain, as it is known to be adaptable to humidity. Flowering time is approximately 10 weeks with a THC level up to 20% and CBD of 1.2%." - Leafly


Brian Rose: Thank you. It’s part of my education process.

Dorian Yates: Here we go, final take of London Real Sunday, and what's the date?

Brian Rose: October.

Dorian Yates: Sunday 9:00, Sunday 9:00.  Yeah, we are in this today. I wanted to do it this way. So here is number two [I'll the two tokes] amigo.

Secrets from the Tour de France are going mainstream - microdosing is a very effective way to medicate.


Brian Rose: What is this stuff? This is fine stuff.

Dorian Yates: It is actually what we got from Joe's club, while we're there. This is Strawberry Haze

Brian Rose: Okay

Dorian Yates: Very good, good quality Sativa yet, or you're not going to fall asleep by the way. I think you're going to be thinking about thinking... about thinking and stuff.


"Dorian is smoking a strain with some CBD in it, and it's good for creativity or even a workout, because the cannabinoids, the major ingredients work together to make for a creative energetic buzz.  Focus is better and its effect is to dilate the bronchioles. Perhaps this is the reason why cannabis smokers tend to have moderately better lung function than non-smokers."


Brian Rose: Here we go, I’ve gotten this. Thank you Dorian.

Dorian Yates: You were welcome, sharing is caring. There you  go, you know what to do.  Let's go, let it go.  You're not bad man,  not bad for being a kind of virgin

Brian Rose: Things are definitely getting real now (with Strawberry Haze).

Dorian Yates: Anyone worried about Brian's lung health, I just referred back to Donald Hotchkins 20-year study with UCLA, check it out.


“The first Marijuana strain I've ever experienced that made me horny. This could easily replace Viagra if you suffer from Erectile Dysfunction issues. For 2 weeks on my vacation I did nothing but have sex with my wife and smoke/vaporize this. It's almost like having sex on E if you consume enough.”


UCLA Looks At Cannabis and Cancer

In this day and age, it is incredible that some doctors haven't a clue about medical marijuana, and echo, over and over again, pretty much old wives tales and urban myth.  There are things like the endocannabinoids system, CB1 and CB2 receptors, a myriad of cannabinoids, anti-oxidation, anti-inflammatory action, anti-seizure and not the least, the ability of these wonderful molecules to normalize apoptosis, which is programmed cell death in old and rogue cells.  

Summary of tentative takeaways from this study.

For 22 years, UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology offers free psychosocial care for cancer patients and their families. The medical panel features two psychiatrists, Dr. Garth Terry and Dr. Thomas Strouse, and policy professor Dr. Mark Kleiman.  

Dr. Terry explains the "feedback loop" by which endocannabinoids modulate the action of neurotransmitters like dopamine.  There are receptor on cells called CB1 and CB2 that are affected by cannabis ingredients, THC and CBD to alter body systems.

Terry published an National Institute of Mental Health, NIMH study using two CB1 inverse agonists labeled with a radioactive tracer to find receptors in the brain and body.  His study found that CB1 receptors are abundant in the cerebral cortex cells, basal ganglia, cerebellum and, surprisingly, in the brain stem.  Receptors in the brain stem directs life-or-death processes like respiration.  However, an excessive intake of cannabinoids is not associated with misdirecting brain stem function to critically dangerous levels.

Terry has conducted IQ studies to showing declines in IQ for people who smoke a great deal of pot, especially before the age of 18. The declines were reversible after 30 days' absence, except for adolescent users. Terry said this fit with findings that cannabis users' hippocampus volumes are lower, and that cortical measures of CB1 receptors are lower in cannabis users. After 30 days without cannabis, those receptors come back, but the hippocampus volume doesn't.

"Hippocampus - The hippocampus is a major component of the brains of humans and other vertebrates. Humans and other mammals have two hippocampi, one in each side of the brain. The hippocampus belongs to the limbic system and plays important roles in the consolidation of information from short-term memory to long-term memory, and in spatial memory that enables navigation. "


Variability of supply and receptor differences in people are problematic, does-consistent THC and CBD by the milligram can be difficult to measure.

Donald Abrams's study on pot smoking and neuropathic pain "groundbreaking" and said the average 34% pain reduction it found would be enough to win FDA approval for any drug. Neuropathic pain is common in diabetes and HIV patients, and that chemotherapy can induce it as well.  The Wilsey study on vaporized, low-dose cannabis for pain, therapeutic doses can be lower than psychoactive ones.

Oral THC:CBD spray helped patients step down from opioids ("which is a good thing") and lessened sleeplessness and nausea, there is "credible evidence that cannabis is helpful for neuropathic pain."

Synthetic marijuana, Marinol, was studied for pain, but the side effects outweigh the benefit.  Big Money has come into the marijuana industry in recent days, Strouse ended with the question, will Big Marijuana safeguard the public health, or will it act like Big Tobacco did?

There are claims that marijuana can't be a medicine because it isn't a single chemical, but noted the irony that the FDA has approved the chemical (THC) they call most dangerous.


10 Medical Marijuana Industry Facts


MMJDOCTORONLINE Notes:  Why become a medical marijuana patient when recreational marijuana is now legal?  Because medical patients are tax exempt and the savings can be $75 per ounce.  The process of getting a medical recommendation for marijuana in California is easy and can be completed online.  The process takes only a few minutes to punch in the required information about your conditions and symptoms and patients don't pay until the've received approval from a licensed medical doctor.  Documents are used at dispensaries, online delivery services, cannabis clubs, cooperatives and other points of legal access.




Cancer & Medical Marijuana

Sx different compounds in Medical Cannabis have anti-tumor properties was the conclusion of a related study conducted in 2013. It was found that including Cannabidiol (CBD), Cannabigerol (CBG) and Cannabidivarin (CBGV). --  St. George’s, University of London


Skin Cancer
2 million cases in the US of  Non-melanoma diagnosed in 2012.
75,000 cases of melanoma diagnosed in 2012
13,000 deaths per year.
754,000. number of Google hits for Medical Marijuana and Skin Cancer
Medical Marijuana extracts and oils are used in California by Cannabis Doctors to treat Skin Cancers

Lung Cancer
226,160 new cases of lung Cancer per year in the US.
accounts for about 28 percent of all Cancer deaths
is the leading cause of death both in men and women
kills about 170,000 people per year in the US (2010-2015)
5-year survival rate is 16 percent (all stages)
Cigarette smoking is the number one risk factor
Marijuana smoking. according to literature, does not cause Lung Cancer

Breast Cancer
226,870 new cases of invasive breast Cancer were expected to occur during 2012 in the U.S. Breast Cancer ranks second as a cause of Cancer death in women
816,000 hits - Google of "Medical Marijuana and breast Cancer"  yields
Medical Cannabis and Cannabinoids are widely prescribed to treat Breast Cancer symptoms

Prostate Cancer
1 in 6 men in the U.S. will probably get Prostate Cancer
second most common Cancer in men
about 250,000 new cases each year (US)
about 30,000 men will die annually from the disease (2010-2015)
Cannabis and its derivatives are prescribed by California Doctors for Prostate Cancer symptoms

Colon and Rectal Cancer
134,784 people in the United States were diagnosed with colorectal Cancer in 2012
about 50,000 die per year in the US from colorectal Cancer (2010-2015)
is the third most common Cancer
Medical Marijuana components THC and Cannabidiol are prescribed, where legal, worldwide to treat lower bowel Cancers

Kidney Cancer
64,770 new cases in 2012
13,570 deaths in 2012
key risk factors are tobacco, obesity and hypertension
THC and Cannabidiol, effective in treatment of Kidney Cancer

Bladder Cancer
73,510 new cases of this Cancer were expected in 2012.
five-year relative survival rate is 80 percent
Surgery is used in 90 percent of cases

Lymphoma - Non-Hodgkin
symptoms of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL) is swollen lymph nodes
30 different kinds of NHL exist
70,130 new cases in 2012

Thyroid Cancer
fastest-increasing Cancer in both men and women
lump in the neck is the most common symptom
56,460 new cases of thyroid Cancer predicted in 2012 in the US
1,780 deaths from the disease

Endometrial Cancer
abnormal bleeding is an early sign
47,130 new cases  in 2012
treatment  includes surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and/or hormonal methods
--  Source, in part: American Cancer Society,

Cancer- colorectal Anandamide, induces cell death in colorectal carcinoma cells

Cannabinoids and Cancer: potential for colorectal Cancer therapy


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