Are e-cigs toxic?

Are e-cigs as toxic as regurlar cigarettes or joints?


The off the cuff thinking, is to associate marijuana with alcohol and cigarettes.  One you smoke and the other gets you high.  However, the toxic effects of marijuana are nothing like either booze or cigs.  



Marijuana is not associated with an increase in traffic accidents nor fatalities, according to the analysis of fifty thousand traffic incidences.  Marijuana is not associated with lung disease, rather it is a medicine that treats some forms of asthma and cancer itself.  Marijuana is not associated with violence and in fact, states where weed is legal, DUI goes down.  


Despite all the good news about marijuana, the competition throws in all sorts of roadblocks to stop the public from consuming either medical or recreational marijuana.   But the foes of weed, big alcohol and big pharma and others (like the owners of prisons) are losing the battle big time.  


Even old folks that were once dead set in their belief that marijuana is evil, no longer believe a goddamn word the Feds and the establishment are saying.  Their propaganda now has the reverse effect on about 75% of the population, which is the percentage of cops, doctors and citizens that think that medical marijuana should be legalized across the country,.


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Marijuana is a very un-toxic substance.  In fact, it is impossible to smoke enough to cause a fatality.   In government experiments they showed that cannabis killed monkeys, that is until it was revealed that the monkey's had no oxygen and suffocated.  Your science tax dollars at work right there.  Sick.  


Even nicotine found in cigarettes is not very toxic, it is the tar - and the ADDED chemicals in cigarettes that cause the problems.  In the case of cigarettes, people commonly smoke one and more packages per day.  With high potency marijuana, a small joint - 1/4 the size of a cigarette will do for quite some time.  The total amount of tar from a joint or two, combined with the anti-asthma and anti-cancer properties of marijuana amount to a non-medical issue.  

As the establishment works their wonders, they decided to warp the science and regulations to stop people from using E-cigarettes, which are pretty much as harmless as a butterfly fart. The same people, the same regulators that allowed smoking in airplanes to suffocating levels did a U-turn and decided that E-cigarettes are a no-go.  This is a process of de-evolution, which, if unchecked leads to a planet the apes scenario, for sure.


Then we have logic and reason at our disposal, and the power of the pen, which, if unchecked, leads to evolution, freedom and wealth.  No question.  So let's take a look at what they've done with E-cigarettes and this is what we're up against  in terms of many aspects of Vaping medical marijuana.




In applying the same tactics used to demonize tobacco E-cigarettes, are anti-smoking advocates and regulators missing out on a chance to save thousands if not millions of lives?  

Of course they are.  Of course they don't give a shit, that is by and large, and generally speaking.

"There is so a lot of anecdotal evidence supporting the idea that E-Cigarettes have helped hundreds of thousands of smokers quit, Yet as an E-cig CEO, I'm not really supposed to say that, since the current rules prohibit us from marketing our products as anything but another vice." - Walsh, Scientist and so called High Priest of Vaping


British health officials released a landmark review of electronic cigarettes found that E-cigarettes are around 95 percent safer than smoking.  The study encouraged E-cigs to be labeled as an effective means to quit smoking.  E-cigs are a nicotine delivery system with the potential to make a significant contribution to the end game for tobacco.



The fact that the UK medical team stated that society should embrace E-cigarettes as a public health breakthrough rather than be shunned as an evil gadget undermines the crusade to help people quit smoking.  In effect, these regulations and propaganda against E-cigarettes effectively maintains, or better maintains cigarette sales.   As the public debates the pros and cons, the naysayers are grabbing onto propaganda as an information source, which corrupts the debate into literal nonsense.  


Editor Note:  We see that, in theory, the administration of nicotine via a stainless steel, glass assembly with a completely non-toxic solvent to be not only an excellent way to reduce harm to smokers, but to also administer a substance with medicinal properties.  Nicotine is much less toxic and much more effective as compared to many pharmaceutical preparations.   The problem at hand is that once the industry takes control of the E-Cigarette business - through buyouts, it will start to introduce somewhat toxic devices and ingredients, like using high temperature plastic and cheap, crappy solvents.  This is their way.


The dominant message from the establishment is that E-cigs are a menace.  The restrictions on E-cigarettes are generally  the same as cigarettes, with no recognition of the lack of carcinogens and tar.  Campaigns by anti-smoking groups (almost always funded by anti-social interests) had successfully fostered the perception that the risks of E-cigs are interchangeable from ordinary cigarettes, which is complete and utter bullshit.

What makes this all particularly confounding to the average person is that most American public health officials agree with the core claim of the British report: namely, that puffing an E-cig is significantly less harmful than a tobacco cigarette. So why is there reluctance to assist the use of E-cigarettes when 480,000 Americans die from smoking each year?  The same goes for Vaping marijuana.  The foes of marijuana want to restrict its use, every ounce is used amounts.

Then again the foes of marijuana and E-cigarettes love money and they are amalgamating their troops for a charge, a foray into the medical marijuana and E-cig business, which figure to total $100 billion, we say again, $100 billion per year in the not so distant future.  After all, the marijuana business is already around $60 billion per annum - illegal and legal - while cigarettes account for $35 billion in profits alone.

The medicinal ingredients of medical marijuana at its cannabinoids, THC and CBD, other related compounds and terpenes.  Tobacco, that is natural tobacco has many medicinal ingredients too, principal among them is nicotine.   It is no big stretch of the imagination to see that Vaping various combinations - based on scientific findings - to combine extracts of different strains of cannabis and tobacco and other herbals, with delivery by Vape to treat a whole host of conditions and symptoms.


"Nicotine, when removed from cigarettes, is relatively benign. Nicotine is both an upper and a downer depending on the state of the user.   It simultaneously sharpens focus and calm nerves. 

"In some ways I think of nicotine as the perfect psychotropic drug," Paul Newhouse - Vanderbilt University.



Nicotine improves cognitive functioning in a variety of conditions, from Alzheimer's to Parkinson's to the mental fog created by chemotherapy and HIV medications.


"The nicotinic receptors in the brain act as modulators rather than classic transmitters, scanning the system and stimulating what needs to be stimulated and relaxing what needs to be relaxed That's why you have a smoker who uses a cigarette to wake up and to go to sleep, which explains both nicotine's therapeutic potential and appeal for recreational use."  - Newhouse


Mitch Zeller, the director of the FDA's Center for Tobacco Products, the arm of the agency currently working on regulations for E-cigs, chimes in and concedes that the new products have presented a formidable challenge to the idea that nicotine is anything but a hazard. At the end of the day, the FDA will waste millions on a non-issue.   E-Cigarettes and Vaping are non-issue.

But the reality is, until Rome falls as it were, that the the various governmental levels will play the game of tug and war, and waste millions of tax payers dollars, completing hundreds of useless debates.  Butterfly farts are not an issue.   And Donald Trump knows about this kind of thing.  Freedom to use E-cigs and Vaping will benefit millions.  We live in interesting times, we see that Trump and his Army just might do something really good here, for the people, for the planet.


We live in interesting times.  We shall see. 



MMJDOCTORONLINE: In California, until 2018, to purchase M-Juice for Vapes, everyone still needs a medical doctor's recommendation, which is a document that allows you to purchase medical cannabis and derivatives thereof, at dispensaries, delivery services, cannabis clubs, clinics and other MMJ points of access.  This Telemedicine process takes only a few minutes to complete and clients don't pay unless the doctor approves your file.  Your recommendation is valid for one year, at which point it can be renewed online.  Come 2018, medical marijuana card holders will pay 15% less for marijuana from dispensaries than recreational users.  


How much, what form, how to start, what about vapes and edibles, what ater they all about?












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