The various apparatus involved in THC distillate manufacture.

The various apparatus involved in THC distillate manufacture.


This is a Crohn’s patient's story, inspired by his first good night's sleep in a long while.  His friend donated some THC Distillate which he simply ate and...


"I've been using medical cannabis for my Crohn's disease for about 4 years now, always wanting to share with others how it changed my life, but has taken me until now to have the confidence to be this public about it.  So now I'm finally going to talk about how I use medical marijuana for Crohn's and its symptoms. "



Here is how I use it for Crohn’s Disease.  My inspiration for this one was, I had a good night sleep last night, which anyone with Crohn’s knows the value of, and I know a lot of people who aren’t sick, they struggle with insomnia and this is something that can benefit a lot of people.  So anyways, a lot of people might not know that Crohn’s affects your entire body.  It affects your mental health big- time, and some people are starting to become more aware of that brain connection, I know that’s very real, as a patient who struggles with this.

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I deal with anxiety and depression everyday.  Its part of my life and its part of the disease, and that of course manifests itself into insomnia.  Not to mention having to run to the bathroom all the time.  It was worse before my surgery, but still if I haven’t medicated, I have to get up to empty my ostomy bag, probably 6 times a night but just getting the sleep seems to be the hardest part most nights.

I have to get up to empty my ostomy bag, probably 6 times a night


Another thing people might not realize, that restless leg syndrome is a huge deal, it is a well known symptom of Crohn’s disease.  There’s been at least one study I’ve seen with a really large number percentage of Crohn’s patients and colitis.  Restless legs, it sounds like something minor, but it’s one of those things that it eats away at you, and it’s so annoying.  It just doesn’t go away and you can’t relax, and that can have a really serious compounding effect.




I made a recent post on my Instagram and Facebook a couple days ago about how I’ve sort of given up on cannabis as my full-on treatment, because I can’t afford it anymore so for the last 4 to 6 weeks.   I’ve had to actually go back on to taking Zopiclone for sleeps, so it’s a sleeping pill.  I hate taking it, its super habit-forming you build a tolerance to it right away, I’m foggy the next day.  it works and you know it’s better than not sleeping, but I really don’t like going down that road.



So like those guys and my Doctor and I talked to him about the restless legs and how I just couldn’t seem to get it under control without cannabis, with the problem that  I can’t afford anymore.  So I’ve been taking Clonazepam for that which I don’t even know much about.

I know it’s an anxiety medication and it’s helping for that, and it does help with the restless legs, but its' really frustrating to go down that pharmaceutical road, when they know that cannabis is safer and takes care of both of those issues.  Plus, it helps heal my Crohn’s, heals the wrong word, but it helps manage my Crohn’s and it actually helps treat the disease as opposed to this pills that I’m just using for side effects of the disease.

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My inspiration for making this video came about 3 days ago.  A friend of mine reached out and just donated to me a gram of THC distillate.  Here it is, the cap is kind of coming off the end there. As you can see it’s just like clear liquid, it’s really thick and goopy so this is 99% THC and it’s extremely strong.  

MMJDoctorOnline:  This distillate is probably very concentrated in THC, but is less than 99%, distillates and concentrates in liquid to semi-liquid form are usually in the 75 to 90% range of THC or total cannabinoids (THC plus CBD and others).  THC is the component that makes people high and treats a number of diseases, while CBD is not psychoactive and won't make you high.  


the various forms of THC distillate.



The distillate comes in a graduated syringe.   it’s really easy to dose precisely.   I had been dabbing this as well, so you can use this. I’ve got a procedure, so you can vaporize this stuff.  That’s what I do for appetite and pain relief.   I don’t have much pain anymore since my surgery, but appetites always an issue.  So you can take a little dab,  of this if you want to inhale it.


"Dabs are potent solvent extracts of cannabis flowers (bud) which contain wax, essential oils, THC, CBD, cannabinoids and other non-polar molecules.  Dabs include butane hash oil or hash oil.  Shatter refers to hardened, processed hash oil; made by removing the volatile by heating.  Shatter has a peanut brittle in texture at room temperature and runs like honey when heated."


I did a dab last night - this is what I used to always do with my regular RSO or Rick Simpson Oil (a THC concentrate).  I just to put it in an empty gel capsule.  So I had put in maybe a third and a gram of this stuff (friends' donated distillate) so it is close to 300 milligrams but that is a lot.  


MMJDoctoronline:  Doses of 300 mg or higher are used to treat very tough conditions, such as cancer and full-blown Crohn's.


I do have a high tolerance (for weed) and many people could probably just put like seriously like a little tiny dab under their tongue (30mg-ish) and that would good.



But anyways, I took that around 8:30p and by 10:30p I was struggling to keep my eyes open.  Yes, it gets you stoned, that’s not a bad thing. I was relaxing on the couch.   I ate a lot of food and I watched YouTube videos about Deathless (termination of life).  

I don’t think that’s a bad way to spend an evening, especially for someone who deals with chronic anxiety and struggles to eat most days.  I was struggling to keep my eyes open, went to bed, and lights out.  I woke up at 7 this morning totally fresh, feeling great.  I was only up once last night like I said normally it’s about 6 times I’m up, if I don’t have cannabis in my system.

MMJDoctorOnline:  This illustrates the profound difference between alcohol and marijuana.  They are completely different.  You don't wake up fresh after a high dose of booze.  You're wiped out and throwing up, not eating and then sleeping like a baby.  



So this is nothing new to me.   I’ve taken similar stuff (distillate), I’ve taken like the old black goop Rick Simpson oil every night, a gram of that a day seems to be what keeps me in remission.  I talked about how that just isn’t financially sustainable anymore. This was a donation, again really grateful to my friend who gave me this.



I’ve seen this stuff is cheap as about 30 bucks a gram so 30 for one of these syringes that by far the cheapest I’ve ever seen it, but that’ still for me would be about 10 bucks a night, so it’s not cheap.  The frustrating part is I can just ask my doctor for these pills, and they’ll hook them up for free, it’s just a couple of few dollars I know.


lecithin and cannabis oils for edibles - good trick



So anyways, I just want to share the video this really really works, woke up refresh I was out like a light. I only woke up one time in the middle of the night. The other thing I forgot to mention.  Whenever you’re doing edibles, always throw in some Lecithin.   I know some people might freak out, its soy, organic soy is probably better or sunflower, but I’m not too worried about it right now because it did the job.

So don’t be a spy phobe, just do it works, but anyways the Lecithin the soy Lecithin or Sunflower Lecithin if you add a bit of that in it really helps the THC cross the blood-brain barrier apparently I don’t know exactly the mechanism on how it works, but it’s supposed to make cannabinoids more bioavailable to the brain so in that gel capsule I probably fill it half-full of the distillate the other half with the soy Lecithin.  The THC distillate plus the Lecithin takes about 2 hours to really peak and you'll probably start noticing it in about an hour.

MMJDoctoronline: To purchase THC distillate in California, you must have a medical doctor's recommendation - until 2018.  We provide 420 evaluations, Cannabis ID and cultivation permits, all 100% online.  The process takes only a few minutes and patients are usually approved the same day.  

In 2018, when any adult is allowed to purchase cannabis based medicines, a marijuana medical card is still desirable, because patients don't have to pay about $50 to $80 per ounce in tax.  Our documents are used at dispensaries, cannabis clubs, cooperatives, delivery services and clinics in California and many places in Nevada.

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But yeah, so there’s my first video. I just want to talk about how helpful this THC distillate was last night for me.  I wish there was something I could afford all the time.  I think this is something that should be available to anyone.  You shouldn’t have to be sick are at least like chronically ill to be able to have this available.


so many people I know are on Zopiclone or other stuff - because they have insomnia while marijuana just seems like a safer, well I know it’s a safer solution.  And it’s not habit-forming the way Zopiclone is,  and I know first-hand what that can be like, and what dependency issue with pharmaceuticals are like. So that’s my first video,  high THC for sleep it works.

patient's lifesaver - thc distillate




THC Distillate Facts and Everything You Need to Know

Benefits of Using THC Distillate - Not only is distilled THC a very clean and pure extract, you can use it in almost any method you like, making it an extremely versatile medicine.

Clean Smoke - Thanks to having had all the impurities and chemicals removed, you’re left with a very clean smoke or vapour. Most of all this greatly improves it’s overall appeal to users who are adverse to harsh smoke.

Effective Immediately - Distillates effects are felt almost immediately after consumption. Due to having already had the THC activated, it will bring extremely quick results for patients who need fast acting medication.

Commonly Used by Medical Patients - Since the introduction of RSO ( Rick Simpson Oil ) high THC extracts are a proven method to incorporate high doses of cannabis to patients without having to smoke an entire tree a day. THC Distillate only requires a drop or 2 for it’s effects to be felt. Couple this with an almost immediate onset of effects, distillate is a perfect application for medical patients.


Eating THC distillate for insomnia and restless legs from Crohn's disease.

I've been using medical cannabis for my Crohn's disease for about 4 years now, always wanting to share with others how it changed my life but has taken me until now to have the confidence to be this public about it.

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