Charlie Mansons run free while Cheech and Chongs are Enemy #1

Charlie Mansons run free while Cheech and Chongs are Enemy #1

"More people were arrested last year (2017) over pot than for murder, rape, aggravated assault and robbery — combined" - Washington Post


Does the FBI focus on busting the Cheech and Chong's of America while the Charles Manson's roam free?  


Is it irresponsible to say that the obsession of the FBI against cannabis gives murders and rapists greater freedom to commit crimes, crimes like this week's high school shooting, but a disturbed young man?  Consider that the 17 year old confession was aired before and after the shooting.  


Consider that the FBI was alerted to the pre-crime confession of the shooter.  Consider that law enforcement is involved in more than half a million cannabis related "crimes" and several million investigations per year.  With most of these marijuana "crime" dedicated resources, how many criminals might be captured, how many tragedies avoided and how many families would be spared of having a loved one put in the pen for several years for a non-violent crime while the Charles Manson's of the land run free.

The War on Drugs continues to be the scourge of America.  As the opiate epidemic, homicide, pedophellia and other nasty crimes, the FBI and DEA continue to waste resources pursuing the trivial cannabis possession and use, that poses no risk to society whatsoever.  While these "law enforcement" agencies run around chasing non-crimes, real murders are left unattended to do what they may, as in create mayhem.  




"Well, there are a lot of rogue government organizations out there.  About eighty percent of the employees of these groups try to do a good job, but the other 20% are not playing for Team America, they're playing for Team Me and Team Special Interest.  That's why things are so screwed up."  - Johnny Rodriguez



"Marijuana possession remains one of the single largest arrest categories in the United States, accounting for over 5 percent of all arrests last year. More than one in 20 arrests involved a marijuana possession charge, amounting to more than one marijuana possession arrest every minute."- Washington Post


All the while, about 70% or the country believes that cannabis should be legal, and 0% believe that small time cannabis events should be put in front of people threatening and committing murder.  Now, 30 states have voted to legalize cannabis in some form, and a most of the remaining states are set to join in the near future.

So the FBI does not side adhere to the will of the state legislators.  The FBI does not adhere to the will of the people.  The FBI does not adhere to common sense, or even natural human law.  No, the FBI pursued a cannabis user rather than a killer.

The gross incompetence of the FBI has come to light recently in a number of cases.  Thousands of taxpayer dollars were spent to try and uncover that a Trump Assistant for International User was a cannabis user.  Are they kidding?  Were they also trying to prove that the Russians sold him a bag of weed too (joke). But the rest of the story, sorry to say is no joke, or a very sad one.

In the end, the FBI got their man, and Nikolas Cruz was denied security clearance for using weed at some point.  Meanwhile, nearly one million government people have top security clearance.  Of course no congressmen have high enough security clearance to see what the FBI and CIA might really be up to.  


“Criminalizing drug use has devastated families across the US, particularly in communities of color, and for no good reason, Far from helping people who are struggling with addiction, the threat of arrest often keeps them from accessing health services and increases the risk of overdose or other harms.” - Maria McFarland Sánchez Moreno, Executive Director Drug Policy Alliance


The list goes on.  The Boston Marathon Bombers plot was revealed to the FBI by Russian Intelligence.  Those evil Russians provided the names, the Tsarnaev brothers, their nationality, their training location, but all was ignored.  


At the end of the day, law enforcement, all law enforcement is there to protect the people from crime, real crime.  Trivial matters should never enter the wheelhouse of the FBI.  Only serious crimes, like dealing with a ton of illegal cannabis maybe, but not witch hunts for a herb that is legal in most of the country.  

Caught with more than an ounce, ouch...



It is probably a good idea to disband these non-functional nonsensical government agencies all together, and start fresh.


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In 2016 more people were arrested for marijuana possession than for all crimes the FBI classifies as violent, according to 2016 crime data released by the agency on Monday



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