"Holy shit. I’ve been probably the purest individual you will ever meet. Totally straight-edge. It is a known fact that I’ve never done anything at my school. Up until today. I went to a concert and finally tried smoking marijuana (a joint) today. I took 4 hits. Big mistake." - Standard Rookie

"Holy shit. I’ve been probably the purest individual you will ever meet. Totally straight-edge. It is a known fact that I’ve never done anything at my school. Up until today. I went to a concert and finally tried smoking marijuana (a joint) today. I took 4 hits. Big mistake." - Standard Rookie

"Thank you very much for the advice! If I ever try smoking again, I will definitely only take one hit."


A not so well known fact is that the first time people smoke marijuana, the experience is not that great.   Over a short period of time the body adapts, where a generous portion of the population actually enjoys the experience.  In the enjoyment phase, anxiety, stress, high blood pressure, inflammation, pain and other symptoms are dialed down.  In complete opposition to alcohol, there is no tendency to violent and abusive behavior, and there is no hangover.   This is why sportsmen, who swear off all drugs, sex and junk food accept cannabis into their spartan reigemes.


"Holy shit. I’ve been probably the purest individual you will ever meet. Totally straight-edge. It is a known fact that I’ve never done anything at my school. Up until today. I went to a concert and finally tried smoking marijuana (a joint) today. I took 4 hits. Big mistake." - Standard Rookie

It should be noted that cannabis is not one thing.  The cannabis people refer to is a high THC version, which resembles only slightly the original versions of herb.  Back in the day, Indian Hemp as it was called, contained about 15% of the THC in most of the popular strains used today.  However, the original Indian Hemp varieties contained several other cannabinoids, which are more medicinal and balancing than psychoactive.  


Old school kinds of weed are making a comeback, as their medicinal properties are being rediscovered.  CBD, the second most abundant cannabinoid and non-psychoactive (won't get you stoned) of most strains has become a focal point of attention.  CBD has anti-seizure, anti-inflammatory, physical and psychologically neurologically balancing,  


As you can see from the following chart, the various ingredients of cannabis have many varying properties, and differences between strains is as great as the differences between the physical and mental attributes between people.  i.e. Mike Tyson and Mother Teresa will behave vastly differently.


cannabinoids and what they do

First time smoking marijuana (self.Marijuana)



blushHoly shit. I’ve been probably the purest individual you will ever meet. Totally straight-edge. It is a known fact that I’ve never done anything at my school. Up until today. I went to a concert and finally tried smoking marijuana (a joint) today. I took 4 hits. Big mistake. Apparently I’m a really lightweight and my friends say they’ve never seen someone as bad as I was. It started out first pike the placebo effect — I felt like I was thinking about being high that I thought my high was not a high but just me thinking about it. Turns out it was my high.
  I remember everything but I couldn’t stop myself from being obnoxious. I don’t know how to explain. I literally felt like I was in a different universe. Some futuristic universe. I was trapped in a floating mind and my body was so slow and HD and close up and then far away, all at once. I would do something and my mind would travel into the future to tell me to stop but I couldn’t. I only realized I did something until five seconds after.


Physicians, Medical Marijuana and the Law

How to Become a First Time Medical Marijuana Patient



Every time I blinked I saw new perspectives of my vision and I was in a different position. I went from the middle of the crowd to the edge and I have no idea how I got there. I talked to this boy and told him I was so sorry after he told me he took my “wall space”. I’m not even sure how we started conversing . And everything was just so wobbly and scary and zoomed-in, then zoomed-out and I felt like I was collapsing.  People had to hold my hands for four hours. Holy shit. I wrote down everything I felt in my notes on iPhone and it’s crazy ridiculous. I remember it all though. I was like. Aware of being high too but then when I thought about my awareness it felt like years and years of thinking about awareness and then I’d try to distract myself and then it felt like another few years. It took my so long to complete one action. Is this normal oh my god it’s like 2 AM where I am And I smoked at 5pm. And i still feel nauseous.  I also didn’t eat anything at all prior to my high, so that could have possibly greatened the effects? I’m also a really skinny girl lol.


coolDrink water. Breathe deeply. Honestly sounds more psychological than reaction to the weed, which for most people has much more mellow effects and only lasts a couple hours. Your first couple times can be very different, though. It's also possible you're allergic. Don't panic. You'll be fine tomorrow. If you have someone you trust, talking with a friend can really help.

coolWhen I had no tolerance I could certainly feel minor lasting effects for 8-12 hours after smoking.

coolLmao, you'd be dying then if you ever did wax. But depending on the strain of weed it probably was a lot and if you really have no tolerance or experience with drugs then that's how it always is at first but it keeps getting better as you do it more

coolThis. And then years and years later even the most potent form of it you can get only gets you "kinda" high lol tolerance is a bitch

cryingI keep hearing remarks like this about how tolerance is a drag. Is that still the case if you use only once every week or two?

coolNot at all. I smoke like once a week and I get really high. When you overuse anything that interacts with your brain long term all using it will do is normalize things. Nothing wrong with daily use medically or just because you like it. However, for optimal effects taking some time off from time to time is a good idea. Same thing goes for coffee. Take a week or month off every once in a while.

coolOnce, twice or thrice a week would keep you at a low-medium tolerance but daily smoking will give you an increasingly high tolerance until you take at least a 24 hour tolerance break. It certainly affects the duration across the board but the strength of specific effects also varies on tolerance. Hallucinations are the first to go, with more tolerance headspace starts to be gradually less abstract and apparent. More and I have much less dulled reflexes, anxiety and munchies. I also will feel withdrawal reducing my hunger and increasing my anxiety until I partake. Too much tolerance and I even lose the euphoric, relaxing effects far too quickly after smoking.

coolI like to have enough tolerance to reduce anxiety and munchies but it really depends on what you can afford and how much the memory retention is needed in your workweek. But IMHO having no tolerance (2 weeks to 2 months based on buildup) can make this drug much crazier that needed and requires more careful dosing.

coolNah, it'll take way longer to build up a tolerance that way. This is more of from an every day usage for years type thing.

coolVery similar to my first time. If you decide you want to smoke again, which I recommend, take one hit and chill. Also I recommend you be in a safer place than a concert. My first few times were very insightful for me.

cryingYeah I agree. My friends told me next time I’m only allowed to take one hit and to be somewhere more mellow. The concert setting was too much — so many bright lights and everyone was moshing. I guess that’s probably how I kept changing positions.

coolWere you drinking alcohol prior? That will mess a first timer up because your brain doesn't have a baseline to comprehend what is going on.

cryingActually I wasn’t. To be honest, I’ve actually never even drank alcohol yet LOL.


coolHmm.. A youngin' huh? In that case, it may just have been bringing out your inner immaturity.. ;).. Honestly, take it easy on the weed until after high school. Alcohol too. Experience it for sure, but your brain is still developing, it really is, you probably don't have a good idea of how to instinctively act like a natural grown up person when it comes down to it and this brought that out. But also, you will learn from this experience and 'grow up' a little just from this reflection on your experience of it.

cryingAhh, yeah you got me, I’m quite young: 17, actually. Although, it was really surprising to many that yesterday was my very first time; most people my age have done far worse! And I know I know, that’s why I’ve been pretty straight-edge my entire life. I don’t intend on smoking anytime soon, maybe in college, but the experience was pretty terrifying. I definitely learned a lot. For some reason, in the beginning I thought I’d be immune. I’ve literally tried to be hypnotized before (lol) and it never works, so I assumed the same would happen to me with marijuana. Not the case.

coolAfter I typed my first comment I wish I had read all the other comments first before typing. The guy who talked about not doing it in a public, busy, loud, setting.. but rather in a relaxed setting with friends and some light music was dead on. It makes a big difference. You should be relaxed with your thoughts. Also the second time is always better, your brain has to learn how to interpret it. Some people like it some people don't. To me it's the greatest thing on earth short of My Wife and Kids..

coolThis is normal for people with low tolerance and very active minds. Pot has psychedelic properties. This often gets overlooked in popular culture.

coolI would suggest not using it in a party type of setting until you are more familiar with it. A quiet, secure setting, with close supportive friends and some chill music would be better. And at a lower dose.

coolCannabis is a cerebral substance. It will make you think. It's not an inhibition deadening sedative like alcohol. It can set off a firestorm of creative thoughts and ideas in your head. That's why Carl Sagan liked it so much. :)

coolYou might want to ask the folks over on /r/Psychonaut for opinions and advice on the experience you had. Or look at posts there regarding psychedelic pot experiences.


laughAhh that’s good to hear! At first, I thought nothing was going to happen to me because immediately after I smoked I felt completely normal, while my friends said they already felt it. But then I couldn’t feel my legs and I was wobbling like crazy and everything happened SO fast.

coolI agree, I don’t think I’d get high again anytime soon. It was a really scary experience, if I’m being honest. I couldn’t get out of it, and on my notes I kept trying to type it out to my friends telling them my mind and body were two different people and I didn’t mean to do the things I was doing and I didn’t know how to get out. It was like a glass wall between my mind and my physical, tangible self. And yeah, I kept thinking and thinking. Even about the dumbest stuff, I kept thinking for so long. I wanted to write an essay but I couldn’t type correctly.

coolIf you do try it again, be sure to have some water and a snack (like chips or something) within easy reach. If you find it to be too intense you can eat and drink a bit and you'll level out pretty quickly.

coolA mindset that helps is to try to just observe it all passively (knowing that you're just fine since no one ever physically OD's on cannabis) and let the visuals and sensations just wash over you. Passive observation can give you some great ideas and insights.

coolJust one more point to this comment, take it slow next time. Take one hit and wait 10-20 mins to see how you feel before you take another one. Marijuana affects everyone differently and no one has the same high, you have to learn how your mind and body are affected by it. If you take it slow and learn how to just observe and not get anxious its a very fun experience that can show you things about yourself that you didn't know. High tolerance also eventually levels out to be the same mellow vibe that weed is known for if you started off with intense psychedelic highs (I had very similar highs to yours when I started smoking, it only gets better from there!)

yesThank you very much for the advice! If I ever try smoking again, I will definitely only take one hit. Not sure what the equivalent is in other forms of marijuana consumption, but I’ll be sure to take the least amount possible. I am extremely shocked at my reaction to marijuana actually — I really didn’t think it would be anything like what I experienced. My friends said they had a “good high” and I kept asking them how that felt to them, or how marijuana in general is supposed to feel, considering I was freaking out and couldn’t feel anything except my own mind. It’s comforting to hear that you had similar experiences!! I’m glad it’s not just me.

cool!!!!!!! Sounds like you smoked spice bud , you shouldn’t never try it again because of that .

 A therapist helps a patient to overcome her fear of becoming a drug addict, like her ex-husband.



Note: Spice is a mixture of synthetic cannabinoids and sometimes contains hard drugs.  While natural cannabis is generally very safe to use, Spice can kill.


cool Or just had a very intense high, when i started smoking a few years ago I had very similar experiences no matter what strain i smoked until I built up a tolerance. Weed affects everyone different (:

cryingSpice? I’m not sure what that is but I know the joint thing was vegan if that even matters

coolBruh. I’ve smoked a lot of weed in my time - all different kinds. Idk what you smoked but I guarantee that wasn’t weed. And if it was, most of that experience was psychological. Tbh I’ve never heard of anyone having experiences like that from straight up weed, especially not on just 4 hits. Sorry. Not trying to be mean

cryingI don’t know what I smoked either at this point too tbh. But my friends smoked from the same joint, around the same amount of hits I took, and they were completely fine. I’m really confused on the whole psychology vs actually effects of weed — what’s the difference? And it’s alright! Yeah, my friends we’re really concerned, they thought I was going to pass out and they didn’t know what to do.

coolMy first time I smoked way to much but I was ready for it. I did dumb shit also. Went to go get food and went to my house on accident lolol. It mellows out once you know what to expect


coolFortunately it started mellowing out for me about four hours after and I started to actually see reality again, but my mind was still messed up, like I’d still think about something and I kept thinking about it for so long. I’d think 30 minutes passed, but I realized the same song was being played in the background.

coolIf you're too high in public, without access to any high CBD mj products, get some caffeine in you.




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