Gary Johnson finally makes sense, and he's making no idle threats to Trump on Marijuana.

Gary Johnson finally makes sense, and he's making no idle threats to Trump on Marijuana.


Jeff Sessions announced that the U.S. Department of Justice will "stop protecting" states that have voted to legalize marijuana.  Sessions was slammed by lawmakers on both sides of the aisle following the announcement.


Marijuana users, both recreational and medical are a cooperative, social and laid back group, but in their cause, they have a passion that might be compared to a religious fervor.  If Trump tries to take their marijuana, he is messing with their emotional core, and they will vote as a block.  That marijuana block is roughly 10% of all voters.  Certainly that total will swing just about any recent election.


"Actually, Sessions actions against marijuana, as is the entire War on Drugs is a felony, a flagrant violation of the law.. Sessions are simply acting as a dictator and is violating his oath to uphold the 10th amendment of the constitution." - Edwin B.



Criminal Jeff Sessions


Gary Earl Johnson is an American businessman Johnson, CEO of Cannabis Sativa, Inc., a medical cannabis business, is a supporter of marijuana legalization, author, and politician. He was the 29th Governor of New Mexico from 1995 to 2003. He was the Libertarian Party nominee for President of the United States in the 2012 and 2016 elections.


“Trump is grossly underestimating the anger that will follow Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinding a Justice Department policy on states legalizing marijuana." Gary Johnson

"The decision by Attorney General Jeff Sessions with regards to marijuana enforcement flies in the face of democracy and good public health policy. Sessions rescinds Cole Memo that kept Feds out of legal marijuana states, It was announced that the U.S. Department of Justice will stop protecting states that have voted to legalize marijuana. My simple question is if the administration’s position is that abortion, transgender rights and gay marriage (plus everything else) must be controlled by the states, why does a natural plant need to be controlled by the federal government?"


What is so bad about this God-created plant that man must impose ridiculous punishments on others who use it? Legalization, both medically and recreationally, has been very successful in the states that have done so. In addition, it is a relatively large economic boost for those states. Congress, will you do something about this or do we have to wait for the cannabis lobbyists to buy you out?" - DP OPINION |


"Spare me the ethical arguments please. The foes of Marijuana are not law abiding, they are manipulative, and ruthless criminals.  Jeff Sessions is the tip of that spear."

New Rules - prior marijuana use won't prohibit you from guarding TRUMP!



At the core of the issues is state rights and freedom.  The Feds have been overstepping their mandate for a century and things have come to a head with the election of Donald Trump.  He stated clearly that marijuana is a valuable medicine, but he strongly disagreed with the recreational use of marijuana.  Nonetheless, he said, let the states decide.  And those statements among others to allow freedom to reign, freedom from over regulation, freedom to start a business, freedom to have a little spare cash for living, apple pie and a return of the American way got him elected.


"I'm not worried at all.  Trump tried to make some of his "supporters" happy and took on Sessions, Bannon, and others.  He watches them and gives them the rope to hang themselves Once he's seen their true colors, he does his you're fired thing.  Sessions himself wants to be gone too.   With this daft move on marijuana, he signaled his undying loyalty to his real bosses, big corp, big pharma, big tobacco, big prison etc."  - Edwin Balbuoy


We aren't sure about Trump, but we're betting on him to come through, as he has on so many issues.  Punishing pedophiles, lowering taxes, bringing back big manufacturing, cutting regulations and so much more.  Then there are the questions, like keeping the failed Drug on War going, keeping soldiers in Afghanistan.  At the end of the day, with Trump, he has unique strategies in dealing with issues and time and again he turns the situation 180.  This could be the case with marijuana.  

Crooked Hillary, crooked Clinton, election fraud, government,leaks,email,scandal,marijuana






"Is Trump a rat or not?  With the marijuana issue, we'll really find out.  The only rational thing I can come up with is he's trying to get the Fed to look as stupid on Weed as possible, so as to have the people stand up in arms, at which point, he can fire Sessions, and save the day, and get the votes." - Johnny Rodriguez


Machiavelli would be proud?

We can only draw one of two conclusions about the latest, greatest gaff by Jeff Sessions on marijuana.  In no uncertain terms, Jeff is saying he wants to go down hard on states that have legalized marijuana.  Sessions is also a backer of Big Tobacco, arguing in court - against victims, that cigarettes aren't' that bad.  So everyone knows Sessions is totally full of shit.  Why does Trump put up with him?

Then there is the enigma of Trump himself, who swore off alcohol after his brother died from alcoholism.  That did not stop him from selling booze, millions of drinks in his casinos, and even coming up with his own Vodka label, which he never touched (we believe him).


Out of this quagmire of bullshit, what can we learn?  Well, if the strategy is to make the Fed look stupid, at Sessions expense, well it's working.  If Trump's strategy is to have American's for Pot rally together, the strategy is working.  If Trump's back door plan is to "give in" to American popular opinion.  Is it possible keep motivating the population to speak out against Sessions as excuse to eventually say to the powers that be we had no choice but to let the states rule over their own marijuana, there was too much pressure from them.  


Let it be clear that the big pharmaceutical,law enforcement,coton, oil syndicate, that formerly ruled solely over Washington policy funded Sessions and his kind.  Be sure that this same syndicate will move into the marijuana industry in the event Sessions "fails" or whatever the plan really is.  


"I hope it dooms his reelection. Trump promised to leave marijuana to the states," Johnson

“I am a states person. I think it should be up to the states.”

Sen. Cory Gardner (R-Colo.) asserted that Sessions had told him before his confirmation as attorney general that he didn’t plan to try to reverse his state’s policies legalizing marijuana, and threatened to block all Justice Department nominees until Sessions lives up to the commitment that he made to me. Not only that, Trump needs to live up to a similar commitment he made in his campaign.


"I would like to know from the attorney general what has changed,What has changed the president's mind? Why is Donald Trump thinking differently than what he promised the people of Colorado? ” Gardner


We conclude that Sessions is marching to the orders of Big Pharma, we conclude that Trump is letting him hang himself, we conclude that Trump will stall until pro-marijuana forces are behind him.  We conclude that the States rights and citizens rights in regard to marijuana prevail.


Or Trump is the ultimate Rat.  


Everyone wants a part of the $50 billion dollar US cannabis business


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Sessions Goes For Pot, Burns 10th Amendment

Tom Long

Check into Session's holdings of Vanguard Corp. and other companies that make money running the prisons. At one point our jails were 25% pot convictions, figure in dispute, but it still represents big $$$.  Then there's the $trillion we've spent on the war on drugs... only to have far more drugs of higher potency.  I believe the war is against competition. Big Pharma protects it's turf, Clowns in America protect their drug routes and turf, politicians, city officials, political parties, terrorists, gangs, and on, band on... No one wants anything to be legalized, especially if it benefits us!?

About states legalize pot:
What about the states legal pot income that is TAXED and declared to the IRS??

Rick p
I think Pot is being used against Sanctuary cities and States as most have legal Pot, Pretty Big stick choose between Illegals or Pot and all that money, I think money will win in the end and no more Sanctuary cities or States will be interesting to see how it all plays out..?

This happens in all aspects of science. Even physics. It's a greed powered lie and cognitive dissonance cluster fuck.?

Steve Carnall
They could care less about you losing your sight. They dope our food so we can go blind, and get sick. Oh, but that's all ok for them. But how dare we use an herb. It's because they are the united states of greedy liars. The liars that worship their Sunday Sabbath pagan god. They think they are Christians. Soon we will see. They all about prestige. And the money. They have made me their enemy. I won't be voting for Trump again.?

Sterling Michaels
Gloves are off Jeff session is a b** and he needs to be removed he's a criminal he's scum and he needs to go!!! He KNEW about Fusion One!!! Medical marijuana is one of the most highly effective and diverse healing plants in the entire world and these wall Street's c** Suckers that Jeff sessions support need to be incarcerated with him!! We Intel Vets KNOW and will RELENTLESSLY PURSUE HIS REMOVAL & PROSECUTION!?

steve bailie
Cannabis is a medicine always has been .?

Howling Mad Murdock
No goddamn Keebler dwarf looking little old fuck is going to tell me whether I can smoke or not.?


Steve Carnall
Sessions seems to be working with the nasty ninth. ,We know they are deep state globalist slime. Sessions you deep state crapper. Tillerson, he lies too. If Trump Mafia doesn't like that, then you a deep state united states of liar globalist slime.?

Sessions is an old timer. He only likes booze.?

The marijuana industry has to take it to court. It got the money too.?

reader 1
the private jail owners will profit and profit and profit .....?

Kent Torok
it's all part of the plan .... A Distraction .... Keep Telling The Truth ..... Value the truth .... Share the truth?
Time for Jeff Sessions to LEAVE!   President Donald J Trump will lose a lot of votes come 2020, FIRE ???? SESSIONS NOW!?

Sessions says he's taking a law and order approach? Then do it for Hillary Clinton and the rest of the treasonous rats who have hijacked the republic!?

america great
Investigate Sessions who is traitor, he betrayed his supporters so bad , he is nothing but deepstate servant !?

Eric the Red
What would Trump say about the reversal of the Cole Amendment ?  He has no f**king idea.  Trump is on autopilot.?

Eric the Red
Congress needs to de-fund the DOJ/DEA's ability to enforce Session's dictates.?

timothy jump
lil jeffie the little tin horn wanna be dictator?

John Walker
Soros had much to do with moving the war on drugs to become made into a problem for people who like being stupid. Soros is a foreign entity. Just put hemp education in the elementary school classrooms, along with honest US history. This will straighten things out. Legally.?

Bianca Hughes
Nothing more than a distraction, stop investigating BS and go after the real crimes against America. It's getting old. Serve the American people or get jailed for treason.?

Steve Carnall
Right. They use the cannabis thing as a ploy to pull votes and get leverage for some other issue. Then they twist it. Sorry Trump. I still see you. I thought you was better than that. I've got you on probation.?

Aimee Curry

Richard s
This may be a way of forcing this issue to the forefront..  Trump likes to follow the law, whatever it may be...  Time to change federal law.?


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