If you have health issues, you may qualify for a medical doctor’s cannabis recommendation in California.  Here is how.

If you have health issues, you may qualify for a medical doctor’s cannabis recommendation in California. Here is how.




Save up to $80 per ounce
Qualify for special discounts at select dispensaries for medical users only
Full access to medical high grade strains
Access to the most potent concentrates
Get better treatment in Court disputes, if weed is involved
Lower the chance of prosecution by Feds for weed possession


Under the new laws expressed on Jan 1, 2018 and moving forward, there is a cannabis tax charged by the State of California and some of its cities and counties.  Medical cannabis patients, those with a recommendation from a licensed California physician don’t have to pay this tax, which varies from 25 to 35% or more.

Cannabis ID California

How I Got A Legal Marijuana Recommendation and bought weed legally - In Minutes - Without Leaving Home

Medical Cannabis patients, those with a valid recommendation can save up to $80 per ounce, and perhaps even more in precincts that tax gouge.  There are other reasons why you want to have a cannabis ID card and 420 evaluation. Medical marijuana patients have full access to all strains in a dispensary.  Recreational users may not be allowed access to very potent and exotic medical strains.

Federal officers, at airports, parks and facilities that find cannabis on your person, tend to be lenient, and not charge you with possession of a controlled substance, for the US Fed law still has Cannabis grouped in with Heroin as a drug.

You do not want to test positive for cannabis and not have a valid Cannabis ID Card.  If you get cannabis DUI, but your limits were not too high, Judges tend to be lenient to those with a medical marijuana card, and can sympathize with a person with residual cannabis in their system, which is used to treat a legitimate condition: pain, epilepsy, PTSD, insomnia, cancer.  If you get involved in a dispute with your spouse, employer, Insurance Company, landlord, and there is court action, having a licensed medical doctor’s recommendation can paint an entirely different picture, say in a custody case: deadbeat stoner vs responsible legal medical patient.


The process is simple and can be completed 100% online in minutes.

Under the new California Cannabis laws, doctors may practice telemedicine in their treatment of patients.  This includes completing a 420 evaluation. Patients just type in a brief statement about their conditions and symptoms on an internet form.  Usually a doctor reviews the application shortly thereafter on his remote device and chooses whether or not to recommend medical marijuana. Once marijuana is recommended, then a Cannabis  picture ID card can be made. An electronic copy of the recommendation usually is sent within minutes of a patient’s approval, with the hard copy and plastic ID following in the mail.

Qualifying conditions and symptoms are at the discretion of the practicing physician, which often include cancer, epilepsy, stress, PTSD, pain, gastrointestinal issues, inflammation, cramps and many other conditions.

MMJDOCTORONLINE NOTES: patient recommendation process follows the guidelines listed above.  Patients don’t pay until they are approved. Documents are valid throughout the State of California and in some precincts in Nevada… at dispensaries, online delivery services, cannabis clubs, cooperatives, and other licensed vendors of cannabis based medicines.



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