Marijuana and Chemo Treatment for Leukemia  in Children

"In Oregon alone, there are 50 children registered to use medical marijuana for cancer alone."


"In Oregon alone, there are 50 children registered to use medical marijuana for cancer alone."


Would you let a first or second grader or any child use medical marijuana?  Some family members in Oregon say yes. Here is the story about a 7 year old Mykayla Comstock who has an aggressive form of Leukemia.




Mykayla is a registered Medical Marijuana patient, her mom gives her the drug everyday. Not surprisingly there are, some including her father who have concerns about this, I mean after all she is 7 years old. Doctor Sanjay Gupta joins us now with more and we would like to get his opinion on this.


Gliomas/Cancer - Medical Marijuana Research Papers Worldwide


Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Well, I mean you know the first question that law people are going to ask is this even safe to do and this ends up being the crux of a lot of questions surrounding marijuana. What is hard from a purely scientific standpoint is that it’s an illegal drug in the United States, so it’s hard to do studies on a drug that is illegal.

So you often look to other countries to try and get data and also here we are talking about a child, so it makes it more difficult to do these studies and children, so we don’t know a lot about the safety overall, we do know in Mikayla's case there are 51 other children in Oregon where all just registered to be able to get medical marijuana, so she’s not the only one. This is something that the doctors have obviously prescribed for not just her.


cancer is the #1 healt problem today - caused by chemical additives in most every product and food

Child with brain cancer


Q : So tell us how this Marijuana is administered, because it’s not like she’s sitting down and smoking a joint, right?

Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Well there’s all sort of different ways as well and people are used to thinking of it that way but it also can be in baked goods, it can be in a capsule form where you’re actually taking some of the active ingredients. THC is the ingredient people talk about quite a bit, it can give you that feeling of being high but it can also it’s very good nausea medication for example and this is this is not anecdotal anymore this has been proven in studies dating back to 1970s, so people who are getting chemotherapy for example can take this to try and prevent the nausea associated with that.  


Q : In Mikayla's case it did ease her pain and some have even gone so far I think she’s in remission right now. Right...

Dr. Sanjay Gupta:  Right… Right…


Q : Some say that the Marijuana helped kind of cure her leukemia. Is that possible?

Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Well you know if you’re talking specifically about its effect on the cells, I think it’s harder to say, but all the other stuff I mean chemo is a very toxic drug, probably a lot more toxic than cannabis is, but all the side effects that you get from that, the cannabis treats the pain as you mentioned ... just from the cancer itself ....a lot of those types of things can be treated to some extent with you know with the THC, the way that she was getting it.

Now Doctors will say are there other ways to do it, that are less toxic,  have a higher impact, we don’t know in her case exactly but it seems to work.  And as I say, in a lot of other patients who are young, we do know in people who start before the age of 15 who keep doing it throughout their life, even sporadically tend to have an impact later on in life it lose about eight IQ points on average.  Again these are hard studies to come by, that was a study out of the Netherlands, but for adults who do this you know at past age 15 or past that a lesson certainly the long-term impact in terms of safety you know there’s not a lot really written to say that that’s necessarily a problem.

CBD kills mutant cells that cause fibrosis and cancer.



people are born into a chemical additive society - rare cancers are now the norm

Child with cancer


Q:  Well it’s easy to sit back and criticize the parents in this case, criticize the mom, but when you have a 7 year old kid in terrible pain you want to relieve their pain.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Yeah, you know it’s and I read the whole article.  I have been following the story I don’t know what the relationship is it’s in the parents of the Doctor.... sure there are clearly Doctors in Oregon who think that this is a viable form of treatment I’m not sure what, where the communication breakdown is here.

Is there even Food and Drug Administration approved versions of this, they can be given in adults as well and children, so you know there are options for them they’re doing it a little differently.  I’m not sure why that is, but as a treatment though, in adults I think we're beyond the anecdotal beyond the sort of you know, there’s actual studies and children it’s harder to come by, but again you are getting more and more children as part of these registries.  




While it is very encouraging to have notable actors like Sanjay Gupta expose the benefits of medical marijuana, we expand on a couple of his comments.  One, is that he perpetuates the myth, however discretely, that marijuana is one thing.  A very large portion of cannabis based medicine focuses on CBD and other cannabinoids with differing pharmacological properties, than d9 THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid that is most abundant in most recreational and many medical varieties.

Next issues is that a study in the Netherlands found that marijuana lowers IQ in people that start using cannabis before the age of 15.  Is there any doubt that the parents of weed kids must be  stupid or very stupid to begin with?   While a small glass of wine might be OK is some southern Mediterranean countries, feeding a six pack of jugs of coffee to children is seen as stupid an any culture you can name.  

With that said, keep up the good work Sunjay

chemical additives cause childhood cancer




Marijuana is defined Federal Government as a dangerous non-medical narcotic.

  • Dr. Gupta, the majority of American's and half the State's Legal Medical Council disagree.

Marijuana makes you high, behave badly and damages the lungs.

  • Marijuana is taken orally, many medicines don't make you high at all, nor do they encourage delinquent behavior.

Marijuana is addictive and toxic.

  • This is a functionally a very false statement, according to hundreds international peer reviewed papers and reports.

Why is marijuana illegal.

  • Big corporations did not want marijuana to compete with their products.  Hemp and marijuana were an important source of oil, fiber, medicine and food for thousands of years. Marijuana was only declared illegal in 1930.  At this time, with the advent of new chemical drugs, processed petroleum oils, cotton and synthetic fibers, marijuana was ruthlessly lobbied against by a consortium of large corporations.  Moral groups, Hollywood, newspapers and the press created the false narrative about.

Mom and Marijuana saved the day.


dog and pony show, no medicine for you

Your tax dollars at work .. MAKE AMERICA BROKE AGAIN!


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Girl, 7, uses medical marijuana for cancer treatment

CNN - Dr. Sanjay Gupta



Despite several rounds of chemo, Sophie continued to gain weight and has a great quality of life despite having chemo once a week with short breaks from time to time. Her hair has grown back, she is advancing developmentally, and despite the nine blood transfusions she has required she is otherwise very happy and healthy.

After 13 months of chemo and high doses of cannabis oil, Sophie’s brain tumor was about 85 to 90 percent gone, and a massive cyst that had formed was about 90 percent gone! We were told that chemo would also not get rid of the cyst. We were told that Sophie would go blind in her left eye and her right eye would likely be compromised.

Because of the shrinkage we have seen from the use of cannabis oil, we have saved her vision, and the doctors at Kaiser Los Angeles are now in agreement that the cannabis oil has destroyed her tumor!  After an eye exam her vision was reported to be, “That of a normal two year olds.”


Pot for Tots: Children and Medical Marijuana  Judy A. Rollins, PhD, RN

Should Children Have Access to Medical Marijuana?

Medical cannabis for adults has gained acceptance across the United States. A recent survey of a randomized sample of over 1,000 registered voters revealed that 85% of Americans think adults should be allowed to use cannabis for medical purposes if a physician prescribes it.
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What about children, should they have legal access to medical cannabis? Certainly, Zaki's life altering story would make one think so. Anecdotal evidence indicates the effectiveness of medical cannabis in the treatment of various disorders or diseases. For instance, a liquid, non-psychoactive form of cannabis was found to reduce seizures for children with Dravet's syndrome, a rare form of childhood epilepsy


Medical Marijuana and Cancer

Experts at the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders at the Children’s Hospital Colorado work closely with families to provide the most appropriate treatment for cancer, while also seeking to minimize side effects and maximize quality of life.


Kids With Cancer May Benefit From Medical Marijuana; Pediatricians Group Calls For Rescheduling Drug To Allow Research

The Food and Drug Administration is currently in the process of reviewing the evidence surrounding cannabis’s use as medicine - a review known as the 8-factor analysis, which takes into account potential for abuse, among other effects..

Medical Marijuana, CBD and Epilepsy Research

Efficacy and Safety of Cannabidiol in Children and Young Adults with Epilepsy

“Food and Drug Administration agrees with the call by the AAP for rigorous scientific research into the uses of cannabis, those in the medical research community who seek to study cannabis." - Food and Drug Administration.


WARNING - FED STALLING TACTICS: Usually statements like this from the FDA are delay tactics, meant to stall the legalization and access to medical marijuana to Americans and folks in general, such is their "moral" code.



The Federal Government does not possess the functional acumen to deal with issues like medical cannabis, period.  The Feds need to simplify their operations and focus on the fundamentals, and get out of issues - to control every aspect of life - that are not within their mandate in the first place.  



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