Hero against Monsanto

How the cure for Bee Colony collapse and Cannabis are related and why Dr. Stamets discovery could bring down Monsanto.

Not all fungus is bad.


Bee colony collapse disorder has been directly attributed to Monsanto, both a chemical warfare and agricultural pesticide manufacturer.  While their toxic sprays do not necessarily kill the bees outright, it kills a fungus that the bees need to ward off parasites, mites and viruses.

While certain fungus and mold is bad news to marijuana growers, this article explains  why you want to use natural methods to control unnatural mold growth in your marijuana - due to  the use of unnatural growing conditions.  The natural fungus in the soil is actually beneficial in many ways and  is NOT a hazard to weed consumers, and in fact contributes to normal and healthy growth.

Moldy weed is caused by too much moisture, a lack of air flow and proper lighting - that contains a little bit of ultra violet. By spraying ignorantly to kill moldy weed, the good fundus are killed as well, and this invites other pests, viruses and bacteria to infect the plant.  


Pesticides (especially Monsanto's glyphosate) are killing off naturally occurring fungus like a mega holocaust.  Bees pick up and absorb an essential fungus in their normal course of life-work.  This common fungus contains compounds that are anti-viral anti-pest, and by inoculating bees with the fungal extract scientists found that bees life was extended life and lab assays showed it was a fungal metabolic by-product that killed the killed virus....    


So what has this got to do with cannabis?  Everything.   Big corp, the big pharmaceutical companies, big booze and the rest of the usual corporate suspects have already moved in, and are buying percentages of various successful marijuana grow operations.  These big company's standard operating procedures are to use chemical agents to insure that products are sterile and "safe" to consume.  


"There are good bacteria, there are bad bacteria, there are good fungus and mold, there are bad.  Currently, mainstream industry and agriculture makes little distinction between the two.  Don't call it science, call it moronic.  At the end of the day, the mainstream is simply compliant agents of the powers that be.  And those powers do not give a shit about the average person.  They are less than nothing in the final calculation. "  - Johnny Rodriguez


So you're looking at toxic, fast food weed, that fully complies with FDA regulations, while wholesome organic producers will have a hard go of it, complying with burdensome and corrupt regulations.  Which is the same thing that happened to agriculture throughout the world.  But thanks to the internet, these simple facts are getting out to the public.  It should be noted that the general public does not really affect any change, but the alpha men and women, who are the leaders within their local spheres, are getting the news.  A news which is so obvious, but hidden in plain view, due to the fact that the situation is so ridiculous, so low brow.


Mosanto was born of the military industrial complex, and is a major manufacturer of chemical warfare agents.  Their products kill everything, from insects to mammals to humans to fungus.  After using agent Orange to destroy the foliage in the Vietnam, and ruining the lives of millions of Vietnamese throat cancer, the good military continued to use the product.  Even as recently, the late 1980's Agent Orange was sprayed throughout Canada.  The military was successfully sued for causing thousands of cancer deaths.  



It's easy to grow weed without Monsanto, if you know how.



Today, the Canadian military has substituted Agent Orange with roundup, another cancer causing agent.   Using it by the ton, and having the example of the Agent Orange fiasco, if logic is to be used, the aim must be to destroy both the environment and public.


"What can you say people who were sprayed, got cancer, won in court, then allowed the military to spray yet another chemical on them. I'm talking about Gagetown military base in Canada. Yes in the 1980's it was agent orange and now in 2018, its glyphosate sprayed down by the ton on the community, in an effort to give the military base a golf course look so they rationalize. .   Maybe the elites have a point, their time immortal opinion seems to be, the masses are so stupid, that they're totally expendable. "  Johnny Rodriguez


If you want to check out what Johnny Rod is saying, just Google it.  It is a good thing that not everyone is standing down.


Whether or not the use of Monsanto (and their kind) is deliberately intended to kill off everything from weeds to fungus to humans, anyone that is in the path of their mayhem must consider taking action for their own survival.  Many of the lower elites (tens of millions to lower billions of $$) now understand that they too are in the cross hairs.  They are getting cancer.  Their children are becoming autistic.  They have been in bed with some pretty despicable folks.  


agent orange in canada

Monsanto's track record speaks for itself, if you listen.



So When it comes to cannabis, the general public can head the Monsanto's off at the past.  No matter what these people say, their words will have no traction, except for a handful, which perhaps deserve Monsanto weed for their gullibility and stupidity.  According to Darwin, it is not the survival of the stupidest that makes for success in the long run.


We have Dr. Paul Stamets, a top and independent intellectual of world fame coming in to save the day, to discover the cause of colony collapse disorder, which leads to the bigger issue of irresponsible jackass use of toxic man made chemicals on everything, pesticides, herbicides, cosmetics, soap, cleansers, etc.    


What makes matters worse is that human hygiene products and cosmetics contain several chemical additives - most of which are known irritants, and worse yet, are not at all necessary to preserve or enhance the product.  Finally, this soup of chemicals in our everything don't even have a profit motive as they don't provide functionality and make the product more expensive.    No matter what you conclusion you draw of what is the intent of using unnecessary chemicals, these groups need to be culled.



Colony collapse disorder - starts at 3 minutes - extracts of fungus prolong bee life and reduces bee virus.


joe rogan and paul stamets


Nature and intelligence Paul Stamets

Joe Rogan talks to Mycologist, Paul Stamets and is mind blown when he says we are related closest to the Fungi Kingdom.


Mycoattractants and mycopesticides US 7122176 B2  GOOD FUNGUS ATTRACTS BEES - KILLS PESTS

The present invention relates to mycology, entomology and the use of fungal mycelium as insect attractants (mycoattractants) and biopesticides (mycopesticides). More particularly, the invention relates to the control and destruction of insects, including termites, fire ants, carpenter ants, flies, beetles, cockroaches, grasshoppers and other pests, using pre-sporulation fungal mycelium as an attractant and/or infectious agent.


Bees Colony Collapse Disorder - Diagnostic Lab - WSU

The laboratory is inhabited by persons conducting population genetic and systematic research on honey bees and other organisms. At the population level, we are especially interested in genetic changes associated with honey bee colonization events, pest introductions and host shifts of phytophagous insects. Various molecular approaches used in the laboratory for honey bee population analysis and intra-specific taxonomy have proven applicable also to population level investigations of the Mediterranean Fruit Fly (Ceratitis capitata) and Colorado Potato Beetle (Leptinotarsa decemlineata). Currently, systematic studies are underway within the Apidae, Meliponinae and the homopteran family Cicadellidae based on morphology and mitochondrial/nuclear DNA sequences.



We can no longer deny that the pesticide industry is causing incredibly detrimental effects to the earth, people, animals, plants & insects too. The rapid decline of the world’s bee populations is being attributed to Monsanto’s chemical concoctions that are being sprayed over farmer's fields around the world. (Though the number of countries who have kicked out & banned Monsanto is growing) The use of chemical pesticides is a practice that absolutely must stop and new methods must be employed before it’s too late.


Monsanto, inventor of Agent Orange, Nerve Gas, Dioxins and weed spray Roundup is in court again, the charges are serious, it kills people.

California Judge Studies if Monsanto's Roundup Causes Cancer

In 2006 a patent was granted to a man named Paul Stamets.


Even though Paul is the world’s leading mycologist, his patent has received very little attention and exposure. Why? As stated by executives in the pesticide industry, this patent represents “the most disruptive technology, we have ever witnessed.” And when they say disruptive, they are referring to it being disruptive to their chemical pesticide industry.


Yet with Monsanto generating nearly $16 BILLION dollars in 2014, they certainly do not want anything getting in the way of that money flow. That kind of revenue gives them a lot of resources and abilities to suppress information that may be damaging to them.



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