Gourmet Cooking with Cannabis - 10 Essential Facts & Tips about Edibles

Delish Marijuana Edibles

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Did you know that Medical Cannabis oil is a SUPER FOOD?  Cannabis can be infused into pretty much any of your favorite dishes - any recipe that calls for butter or oil will work fine.   You'll not only get a healthy dose of your favorite medicine, you'll be adding an incredible amount of nutrition to your diet.  Edibles take about 30 minutes to affect you, so be careful eating your first culinary creation. 


What's in Marijuana, the Super-food?

THC D9 - Delta Hydrocannabinol - psychoactive ingredient, a medicinal

CBD - Cannabidiol - non-psychoactive ingredient, a super medicinal

Cannabinoids - many kinds in trace amounts, with yet to be discovered properties

Essential Oils - essential fatty acids and terpenes, nutritional,medicinal

Sterols - medicinal

Amino acids - contains amino acids vegans lack, well rounded profile

Flavonoids, phyto-phenols, vitamins and more


The active  ingredients, THC, CBD and the rest are easily extracted from the Cannabis plant using your favorite oil or butter and then heating the soup for several hours. Recipe here.  Note: Do not use a Microwave.


"Weed doesn't make you stupid. being stupid makes you stupid."

- Kendra Meldrum, of no fame - a prophet and she didn't know it!


10 Must-Knows' about Edibles & Cooking with Cannabis

Select Your Marijuana:  Think about what you want or need.  Day or Night effects, low buzz, balanced, or inert.  Ask the grower for the certificate of analysis for Cannabinoids, THC and CBD so you can calculate the dose. 


Dose:  From the THC and / or CBD content , calculate how many mg is extracted into your butter.  Efficiency of extraction should be 80%,. plus or minus.  If you start with an ounce, that is 28 grams or 28,000mg of pot.  If THC is 10%, then you have 2,800 mg of THC.  That is enough for 100 doses of 28 mg per.

Top 10 cannabis gourmet recipes.



“Sarah Palin has revealed she has tried marijuana, but she did not like it. You know, it’s amazing: 200 million Americans have smoked marijuana. The only ones who don’t like it seem to be elected officials. Ever notice that?” - Jay Leno


You can get a full explanation with math lesson here; How to calculate THC dosage in recipes for Marijuana edibles.   If you're not into math, you can make a butter that is of approximate in THC content.  Make a test brownie to monitor the effective dose.  We advise you to start conservatively and work your way up, rather than mess up and get too stoned for a day or two.


Cannabis is Good Medicine

Marijuana is Medicine - So says the American Medical Association

Extraction: The medicinal ingredients of Cannabis are fat-soluble, not water-soluble.  Oil, butter and dairy products all work well.

Temperature: 100 to 170 deg. C or 200-340 F but don't go over.  No microwaving.

Flavor: If you don't like the pot taste so much, use less marijuana to make the butter.  Add your favorite spices like oregano and flavors and you'll come up with something delicious.

Dining:  Consume edibles in a relaxing environment.  Serve low dose edibles to guests and bring on more at their request in half an hour.

Time: Warn people that psychoactive effects come in 30 minutes.  Wait and then be medicate to great.

“The AMA is urging the Federal Government not to classify marijuana as a dangerous drug and do more research. That’s what they said. It’s a big story, yeah. Yeah, that request came not only from the AMA but also from KFC.” - Conan O’Brien

Bad Trip: There are hyper THC responders out there that can freak out, panic and become ridiculously paranoid.  These people will be fine in a while, move them to a calm place and keep have someone assure them the big bad wolf has gone away, until the effects wear off.  

Case in point from the animal kingdom: Siberian Meat Eating Husky Eats Edible ... Becomes a Vegetable.

Activity: Why not plan an activity that fits the expected mood /realm of existence.  Music, study, bottle of wine looking at the sunset.  Live.

Booze, Coffee and Chocolate:  All go well with Edibles in the right quantity.  Remember, everything in moderation, except moderation itself.

Eating Fat: Increases the absorption of THC and increases the buzz.


Words of Wisdom from One who Knows

"If you eat cannabis with fatty and protein rich foods, the effects of marijuana last longer in the body. If you eat cannabis in sugary candy form, the high doesn’t last as long.  After eating an edible, After waiting 2 hours. If you don’t feel high enough, don’t consume another edible, eat something fatty instead to increase the effect of the marijuana.  If you feel too high, Catalano recommends drinking orange juice or fruit juice to raise your blood sugar. XO"

- Julie Dooley from Julie & Kate Baked Goods


"Why can’t you inject marijuana? Because you’ll get a budclot!"


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