A therapist helps a patient to overcome her fear of becoming a drug addict, like her ex-husband.

A therapist helps a patient to overcome her fear of becoming a drug addict, like her ex-husband.


"Believing in the fallacy that the people who smoke marijuana become useless, hippie, losers is not only just plain ignorant, it's an evil concept.  


Therapist: A patient came to me and asked about medical marijuana.  She currently has hyperthyroid and also had breast cancer in the past.  


marijuana ain't dope


Patient: I hold a big grudge and prejudice against weed.  My husband and his deadbeat loser friends were into drugs and smoked a marijuana.  


Therapist: Think back.  Did your husband mix weed with alcohol and other drugs.  When your husband was smoking weed by itself, was he ever violent or extremely troublesome?   Or, when he smoked weed, did it make him lazy or a bad father?  


"Believe it or not, some folks that take opiate painkillers by the handful, and talk about the dangers of taking dope.  We are talking zero knowledge here."


It is true that smoking marijuana can relax and sedate a person.  This is an important function of medical marijuana. About one person in twenty gets addicted to marijuana and they can get addicted to the lazy, on holiday feeling.  But these people are almost never dangerous nor difficult.  They lack productivity and this is a real issue when a family is struggling to make ends meet.   To be clear the addiction strength of cannabis is less than the cravings for sugar, alcohol, caffeine and of course narcotics, which are the worst.


At the end of the day, people that smoke marijuana usually consume less alcohol and hard drugs than drug users that abstain from cannabis.  So, your husband might have been using marijuana to calm down moderate his harder drug use.  

Medical Marijuana - How to Find Your Way



cannabis is norml


Patient: Marijuana looks risky, but I don't want to miss out on something important, something that could help me, because there seems to be scientific evidence that it might help.


Therapist:  Your fears about marijuana are common to people that have a) no experience with medical marijuana and b) no exposure to the science.


Another thing to know, is that the US Federal government is dishonest about marijuana.  Understand too that pharmaceutical companies that compete with medical marijuana as a medicine are dishonest about marijuana.  In other words, their work is largely propaganda, designed to keep up the profits of $trillion dollar global business.  

Physicians, Medical Marijuana and the Law

How to Become a First Time Medical Marijuana Patient


Anyone that had a serious illness probably took several potentially addictive painkillers, like morphine, opiates, and even synthetic fentanyl, which is 100x stronger than heroin.  If you simply take a list of the substances that you've taken in your life and google "Drug Name + Deaths" and  "Drug Name + Malpractice" and then note the number of deaths and cases of malpractice.  Google your drugs with side effects.  


With that said, Google itself has become increasingly crooked, and the foes of medical marijuana are buying rankings, where pro-marijuana articles appear less and less.  Meanwhile, websites that have virtually non-existing readership, nor moral backing appear at the top.  Such is the nature of the ethically bankrupt powers that be.  Nonetheless, the avalanche of information from passionate patients, grassroots websites and legit doctors have overwhelmingly dominated over a multi-billion dollar campaign of big pharma and friends.


So in your research, look at international studies conducted by doctors and scientists not employed or funded by competing interests, which are the top 10 pharmaceutical manufacturers.  Countries that tend to honest about cannabis are Israel, Netherlands, and Europe generally.  With that said, there is a lot of great research out of the US on marijuana.  In fact, the US is the leader in both great research and also propaganda.


At the end of the day, who do you believe?  It's up to take care of yourself, to self educate, and make better choices.


marijuana is one of the least harmful drugs - fact


Patient:  I have had enough ugly experience with messed up people, including my daughter's father, these people rely on weed to lift them enough to go on just simply daily life.


Therapist:  It sounds like that your former husband is in serious need of council, not so much for marijuana, but for using it as a crutch, which stops him from dealing with life, and getting his act together.  Another thing, is that couples can sometimes stress one another out, for various reasons and this can seed and trigger drug abuse.  While you might not be at fault at all, we all should try and take a fresh look at ourselves, look at our issues from a new perspective, and then consider a new approach, whether it be reconciliation, therapy or separation.


With that said, HIS abusive situation has nothing to do with YOUR medical needs.  It would be quite childish to say, I'm not drinking grape juice because you're drinking wine.  If we can deduce, you sound like you're nothing like your Ex.  Also, there are types of marijuana that are not psychoactive, which are the ones that you probably should take in any case.


"Marijuana with CBD vs Marijuana with THC is as different as grape juice and wine.... and neither will give you a hangover."


I want to know more about it how I can use it for my own health, With cancer threat, hyperthyroid....

There is a lot of success in treating many cancer symptoms and the disease itself.   When it comes to thyroid issues, firstly you want to be taking in organic kelp and also raw desiccated thyroid tissue of swine.  Organic iodine and the peptides of thyroid tissue will allow your body the chance to rebuild the thyroid physically.  

Cannabinoids, especially THC and the non-psychoactive (does not get you stoned) are well known to balance the metabolism.  Of course, you can take too much, so you'll have to know what the proper dose is.  Again, CBD and THC is much safer, probably, as compared to the many medicines that you're already taken.


With hyperthyroidism, you must have several of the following symptoms; fatigue or muscle, weakness, hand tremors, mood swings, nervousness or anxiety, rapid, irregular heartbeat. palpitations, skin dryness, and trouble sleeping.

"Holy shit. I’ve been probably the purest individual you will ever meet. Totally straight-edge. It is a known fact that I’ve never done anything at my school. Up until today. I went to a concert and finally tried smoking marijuana (a joint) today. I took 4 hits. Big mistake." - Standard Rookie



Since you come from China, with the high levels of chemical contaminants, you probably have, like most Chinese, neurological damage and latent toxicity of stored toxic metals like mercury, lead, cadmium or other heavy minerals.  It is good not to freak out thinking about all of this, because you've survived up to now and effectively dealing with your issues will make a stronger, healthier and happier person.


Patient: Where and how I can buy them safe?

Therapist:  I see that you have already overcome somewhat your prejudices before you came.  

This is a common situation right now.   The benefits of medical marijuana have come into the light of day, from so many directions that most people are willing to give it a shot.


A new patient should start off with 15mg of CBD and 3 mg of THC - in oil form extracted from natural cannabis - with dose taken two hours before bedtime.  Then after 2 weeks, add 10mg of CBD (25mg total CBD) and 3 mg of THC (6mg THC).  After another 2 weeks increase the dose another 10mg of CBD and 3 mg of THC.  Keep increasing the dose every 2 weeks. Keep a diary.  When your sleep quality, pain and energy levels are best, you've found the sweet spot for your medicine.   You should cycle 12 weeks on and 3 weeks off.  

General Guidelines:  

General Health: 2 -15mg CBD,THC oral
Chronic pain: 5-100 mg CBD, THC oral
Sleep disorders: 10 -160 mg CBD, THC oral

Cancer (active): 1000+ mg CBD, THC


THC can be beneficial in micro-doses (very small) for hyper-responders (get dizzy, anxious when smoking marijuana).


MMJDOCTORONLINE Notes:  To purchase CBD and THC oil, or any other form of cannabis in California and Nevada, patients still need to have a medical marijuana recommendation from a licensed doctor.  Fortunately, this process is quick and easy, using an online service.  We provide Cannabis ID Cards, 420 Evaluations, Grow permits for use at dispensaries, delivery services, cannabis clubs, cooperatives and other points of MMJ access.




How Three Pro Athletes Are Fighting Marijuana Prejudice in the NFL and NBA

Amid growing concerns of an EPIC opioid epidemic impacting not just the NFL but the overall U.S. population, professional athletes are speaking out about the healing properties of cannabis. Cliff Robinson, former NBA all-star with the Trailblazers, described how his Uncle Spliffy Sports Cannabis products  will benefit amateur, and professional athletes and enrich the athletes' experience and improve outcomes, with better focus, recovery, and relaxation."


cops know marijuana is not bad, but they use it to investigate other crime


It’s Time To Get Over the Prejudice Against Marijuana! by Keith Stroup, NORML Legal Counsel

How, What, Why, When and How Much CBD?


There is an urgent need to protect responsible marijuana smokers from discrimination in the workplace - requiring an employer show how impairment on the job degrades performance - before an employee can be terminated.  Then there are unfair child custody laws - which should requiring a showing of abuse or neglect before removing minor children from the custody of their marijuana smoking parents; and unfair DUID laws - which should require proof of impairment before charging a marijuana smoker with driving under the influence of drugs.. These are three areas of the law where we will continue to fight for common sense, fairness and equal treatment for medical and recreational marijuana users..


OPINIONS The societal prejudice against marijuana

While weed has never been as popular as alcohol in American history, cannabis has been used in various ways since antiquity. Hemp fiber and seeds were always used for clothing and food, in biblical times and for thousands of years. Herodotus, the first historian, reported that the Scythians consumed hemp vapor at funerary rituals.

In America today, the primary obstacle to the decriminalization and legalization of marijuana is the common, uninformed and reflexive prejudice against it and its users. This attitude of condemnation is commonly shared by people who nonchalantly celebrate the use of alcohol, a universally more dangerous and addictive drug. Double standards, man. Now, I know what you are thinking: in the name of Gilgamesh, not another legalization argument.


Damn Hippies! : The Societal Prejudice Against Marijuana

This article discusses the parallels/similarities between alcohol and marijuana, and the utter hypocrisy of it all. The various judgements people have against marijuana are examined, and the reasons why these people think these things. I feel as though this quote sums up the message of the article well,


"The judgment that marijuana is the friend of the apathetic loser, like other attitudes, is narrow-minded. Do you think that marijuana abuse is the only thing that will keep someone from holding down a job?"


The reality is, many hard working, successful, driven individuals consuming marijuana in moderation. Believing in the fallacy people who smoke marijuana become useless, hippie, losers is just plain ignorant.


"The process of disinformation is way of big governments, whether it be the Communist Chinese, Stalinist Soviets, Hitler's Nazis, the European Community and US Federal government's."   


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