How I Got A Legal Marijuana Recommendation and bought weed legally - In Minutes - Without Leaving Home

Cannabis ID California

Medical Marijuana Legal in Minutes

I just wanted to get a Medical Recommendation without grief and  I found the way.


I have to admit that I seldom smoke Marijuana recreationally.  I'm among the minority of the population that does not enjoy super high THC strains.  I don't feel paranoid, simply my senses are massively dumbed down.  Conversations don't hold value and I just want to shut the whole show down.  However, on occasion, I do enjoy a very mild "old-school" strains with a nice bottle of Cabernet.


Recently I've become interested in CBD strains because, as a medical researcher of sorts, I have become convinced that a high CBD fairly low THC strain would be very beneficial to treat my minor,  but increasingly significant inflammation issues.  I also believe that a little of the right herb is a health tonic.  I believe the research reports that say nerve cells can regenerate, bones grow stronger, that it kills Cancer.  What can you say, I am a mercenary medical researcher who believes.


I happen to think the pleasures in life are meant to be good for you.  Would every person with common sense not agree, it is gluttony that is the sin, not any particular drug, food or what have you   I think half a bottle of fine wine or less on a routine basis is a fine healthy thing to do - if fermented grape juice agrees with you.  Of course, those prone to addiction or "auto-gluttony" have to watch their step with any feel good thing.


Ok, onto the point.  I don't have a Medical Marijuana Card and I need one now that I decided to use CBD strains that can contain a bit of THC.  It would be way too stupid of me to have a completely clean record and blow it simply because I could not take the time to fill out a form to get legal on the internet.  I know me, I might up a non-intoxicating joint in the car because I forgot to take my dose for the day at home.   While I have never gotten a traffic ticket in 20 years, I can see myself getting pulled over at some road block.  Then bam, I've set myself up for a shitty experience.  No thank you, we're not going there.


Busted for Pot in California?  Really?

How a Medical Marijuana Card can Save you from Getting Busted.

Since I am not really in the loop, rather than go to some random clinic or doctor to find of how to get legal for pot, I chose to go online.  I do a lot of stuff online, and have been ripped off once in awhile, but I've learned to spot those pesky scammers.  Scammers are not so smart actually, because if they were, they could run a more profitable legitimate online business.  You just see if a business has been around for a while and then google the company name + scam.  That little process pretty catches most of the scammer fish.


I am a kind of guy that has to do his research.  If I don't check things out things properly, I create my own Bad Karma.  Someone said, God gave us a brain, why not use it?


So I spend an hour researching Medical Marijuana Recommendations and ID and short listed MMJDOCTORONLINE, 420Evaluations, County Government Services among several good looking candidates.  I thought at first that I'd use County services, but it turned out that I would have to go to the adjacent county to apply.  And once I did that, the fee was $150 with a waiting period of a week or so.


Then I went to my shortlist, at the top was MMJDOCTORONLINE.  Their domain had passed the simple scam-scan test. The good news came when their home page said - loud and clear - exactly what I wanted to hear.


"Get your Medical Marijuana Card NOW. - It's FREE to apply. 100% Online.  - You pay only when your MMJ recommendation is approved." - MMJDOCTORONLINE Homepage


Their price for both a Recommendation and ID card was 1/3 the price that the county charges.


Right there, I was good to go, ready to make the move. 


If you have health issues, you may qualify for a medical doctor’s cannabis recommendation in California.  Here is how.


I type fast and it was easy to answer the simple questions on the form. For my ID card, I just uploaded a photo from my phone.   In less than five minutes I was done.  Within an hour and a quarter-ish,  I was texted the doctor has approved your Medical Marijuana Recommendation. 


I heard that you sometimes need an official hard copy of your Doctor's Recommendation for Marijuana to get Weed in person. I found out that the delivery service I shortlisted took e-documents, so I fired them off.


Long story short, 10 minutes later I was able to buy an ounce of AC/CD - 15% CBD and 1% THC at a good price (so my research suggests).   These guys got the medical-weed to my door in another 35 minutes.  If only the entire medical system worked this way.


This experience really drives home the effectiveness of private enterprise as opposed to big corp and big government.  These entrepreneurs provided the perfect services - they are self financed - they figured out sophistic grow techniques without government grants - they figured out how to use Telehealth to make the medical-prescription process cheap and fast.


In a nutshell, I think there is no doubt, whatsoever, that these private resourceful Americans in the Medical Marijuana business have outcompeted the standard, bloated corporations (in their respective businesses), by a country mile.  These are the people that will make America Great Again.


MMJDOCTORONLINE Notes:  A California licensed doctor with experience in Cannabis is on call to process your online marijuana evaluation for MMJ - 6am to 11 pm every day including Saturday and Sunday.

A basic Medical Marijuana Recommendation costs less than $50 -  this document allows users to grow at home or in a marijuana collective, possess, use and purchase Medical Marijuana from any licensed clinic in the State of California.  MMJDOCTORONLINE also offers packages with automatic 420 recommendation renewal, cultivation permits and Marijuana ID Cards.

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