How I Got Weed in Minutes Without Leaving my Couch (California)

Medical Marijuana Recommendations and Delivery Fast

Medical Marijuana Recommendations and Delivery Fast


A short story about a California man that got both a medical marijuana recommendation and ordered online at world record speed.  At the end of the story are quick notes, that basics you need to know about the New Marijuana Laws in California.


Editor's note:  Technically, delivery services are required to see the original copy of your doctor's recommendation or Cannabis ID Card.  

A short time ago I didn’t have a medical marijuana card and now weed is being delivered to my doorsteps.  Here’s how it happened.  We tried out a new delivery service here in San Francisco, that started as a platform for medical dispensaries to deliver medical marijuana to patients around the city.  

fast marijuana delivery services

If you don’t have a medical marijuana card, you can sign up on the web, sign up on your phone and get connected to a Doctor in minutes and after a short consultation, that Doctor can then prescribe (the legal term is recommend) you medical marijuana, which you can then order on your phone and have it your door in less than an hour.

So I don’t have a card, I sometimes have pain in my wrist, I believe its carpal tunnel and other aches and pains, so I’m going to give this a try.

Busted for Pot in California?  Really?

How a Medical Marijuana Card can Save you from Getting Busted.

So after I fill out all the medical history, I go to a payment screen, so after waiting for a moment, a Doctor who is based in L.A., he reviewed my medical form that I filled out earlier which included a couple of questions, mainly about what kind of pains I had, and a couple of questions about my family’s medical history.  But it took literally a few minutes; I got the message, yes, you can have a medical marijuana card.

So now I’m going to switch over to my phone and check out the types of weed that I can buy on the net.   Looks like there are various types of weed differentiated by THC content, and some other things, weed cigarettes, espresso beans with THC, various types of chocolates which are kind of awesome. I’m going to go with Sour Diesel which has a THC content of 21.8%, 55 dollars for an eighth of weed and I’m going to give it a try.

fast medical mmj recommendations


Oh! Shit! That was quick, he’s outside. I received my package in ten minutes because the delivery man happened to be in the area making another call. The company says this wasn’t planned. They say however that the typical delivery is made in about 30 minutes.

Patient: So sixty bucks?

Delivery man: Yep! 49 actually with a special discount, I got change if you need it. There you go.

Patient: Thanks.

Delivery Man: Alright, Thanks Man.

Patient: Thanks Man.

So I just got my weed delivered to my door, it costs 49 dollars in cash, the delivery service did not take credit card, but your credit card is good for the Marijuana ID Card.

It’s pretty incredible though, considering an hour or so ago I didn’t even have a medical marijuana card and now I have marijuana delivered to my doorstep.  


420EvaluationsOnline:  We supply Cannabis ID Cards, Doctor's Recommendations, and Cultivation Permits, all 100% online, for use in California and some jurisdictions in Nevada at dispensaries, online delivery services, cooperatives, compassion clubs and other MMJ access points.  And, patients don't pay until a licensed doctor has approved their 420 evaluation or other documents.



Medical Doctor Online

Telehealth, Medical Care Online and Medical Marijuana

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1-Must be age 18 or older
2-Have identification - California driver’s license, passport, state-issued photo ID
3-Have a qualifying medical condition, chronic pain, anxiety, cancer, AIDS, arthritis, seizures, muscle spasms, nausea, migraines, PTSD
4-If you have another health issue not listed above, mention it, and the doctor will consider if medical marijuana can be recommended


Click and fill in the form

1-A knowledgeable person will review your application within minutes
2-If your application is incomplete, you'll be notified right away
3-A doctor will then complete a 420 evaluation, and under normal circumstances, your file will be processed within a few hours   
4-Patients are notified - same day - if they are approved , and patients don't pay a fee if they're not approved



FAQ like ... Q- What am I legal to do now with cannabis in California?
A- Possess, transport, obtain or give away to other adults 21 or older no more than one oz of cannabis or 8 grams of concentrated cannabis.
A- Cultivate up to six plants per residence and possess the cannabis produced by these plants (subject to "reasonable regulations" by local governments).




1-Smoke cannabis where tobacco is prohibited
2-Possess, ingest or smoke within 1,000 ft of day care, school, youth center while children are present (except within a private residence without children present in the room)
3-Manufacture concentrated marijuana using volatile solvents without a license
4-Possess an open container or marijuana paraphernalia while in the driver and / or passenger seat of a transport vehicle
5-Smoke or ingest marijuana while operating a transport vehicle
6-Smoke or ingest marijuana while riding in the passenger seat or vehicle compartment



*Besides smoking marijuana, there are 5 other main ways to take cannabis based medicines.

*Smoking weed is a quick and easy way to medicate.  The drawbacks are, you need fire and there is a small hazard in that.  Some people don't like smoking period. Smoking weed generates a stench, and its smoke can be  very annoying to particular others.  People new to marijuana worry that smoking weed is a bad for their lungs, even though the research indicates that lung conditions such as lung cancer and asthma might well be treated by vaping marijuana.  Then there is the phobia or stigma associated of being a "dope" user or addict.  

*The other methods of dosing cannabis come from the medical industry, which in turn had its origins in large part from traditional herbal practices.  You can eat it, put ii in a pill, rub it on, or inject it.  The job of the chemist is to make a formulation that absorbs the ingredients into the body.



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