How to Get a Decent Job in the Medical Marijuana Industry in California Part 2

Great Medical Marijuana Jobs in California

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In the second part of this series, we elaborate on the 15 most in demand jobs in America's fastest growing new-business sector.


“Some [lawyers] are reported to charge up to $100,000 just to file the paperwork. It is not uncommon to charge $5,000 per day.” - Sick!



Edibles Manufacture

Pay scale: $40-$90K per year

Cannabis might be legal locally, the Fed and your employer may disagree, and reprimand you for testing positive for THC.


For those who like to cook or work in a kitchen there are several positions:.

  • Packaging
  • Formulations
  • Chef
  • Assistant

MMJ Edibles include: oatmeal, brownies, baked goods, candy, coffee cake, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, and onto infinity.


With a little training anyone can easily cross-over to MMJ cuisine, or the less ambitious can  assist the master-edible chef.  Being a chief chef requires that you can cook very well in a commercial kitchen, especially bakery goods very well.  Also to successfully cross over to MMJ cooking you'll have to learn about psychoactive-THC, extracting bud, different strains and oils.  But if you're a real chef, you're going to learn real fast with the right guidance. 


Cannabis Concentrates Processor
Pay scale : $50-$90K

Cannabis Alchemy, creating concentrates from scratch


Jobs in this area are on the upswing as Vaporizers (which use concentrates) are increasingly in-demand. To be a good at cannabis concentrating you need to acquire some considerable skills; you're going to have to serve as an apprentice somewhere down the line to do it right.  You also need to be trained in industrial safety - to avoid blowing yourself up - or burning down your employer's facility.  There are many nuances to learn.  Products vary widely, so there is definitely room for the creative mind in this business.  There is also need to tweak and improve many processes.


Pipe & Glass Man
Pay scale: $ 50-$150K per year

Glass blowing, assembly, sales of MMJ paraphernalia

A glass blower with a good business sense can make a ton in the Cannabis biz.

There are pipes, bongs, vaporizers and other paraphernalia to manufacture and sell. Whether you make, distribute or market MMJ peripherals - the demand for product and good people is on the rise, big time.

Bike Courier and Delivery
Pay scale: $20 per hour and up.

Marijuana will join the ranks of Pizza delivery services

Marijuana will join the ranks of Pizza delivery services to use Bike Couriers.  If you can run a Pizza delivery service or deliver a newspaper, you've got a job in MMJ Delivery.

Pay scale: Industry standard wage

Decent Jobs in Medical Marijuana Industry

How To Get A Job in the Medical Marijuana Industry in California Part I

Security guards everywhere can apply.

If your resume can demonstrate a solid track record in security, you are qualified to work in the MMJ industry right off the get go.  You can learn the ins and outs in an afternoon..

According to the LAPD, Banks are eight times more likely to be robbed than Marijuana dispensaries.  This means if you're sick of your bank security job, the Marijuana Business is statistically a safer place to work.  People that have worked as a doorman in a club, can also reduce their stress levels working in the MMJ business,  Trustworthy people are needed to check the paperwork and ID, insure money is transported and deposited in the bank. 


Weed Reviewers
Pay scale: Varies widely!

Just like there are wine tasters, there are also Weed reviewers!


Just like there are wine tasters, there are also Weed reviewers! Websites like Wikileaf, Leafy  the Cannabist and others are becoming huge platforms for MMJ strain information and reviews.  Some Websites let customers get in on the action rating their experience of forums.  Marijuana, like wine comes in a thousand flavors, As a reviewer, you'll have to know about things like bouquet, cannabinoid profile (amounts of cannabinoids like THC, CBD), psychoactive effects, different genetics, terpenes (which account for the fragrance and effects).  As you can probably tell, a good Weed reviewer is demands quite a bit of skill to perform at a high level.  People who enjoy the intricacies of wine tasting are the ones that might want to give this job a go.

Trimmer and Manucure
Pay scale: $20 to 40$ per hour.

If you like old fashioned honest work for an honest dollar.


If you like sewing, knitting, picking fruit or similar types of manual labor, you might find your niche trimming bud for a living.  Good trimmers are always in demand and can earn up to $40 per hour. If you work 10 hour days, six days a week come harvest time, we're talking $2000+ in a week. But those are super star wages.  Many trimmers make $1000 per week, which ain't to damn bad.


MMJDOCTORONLINE NOTES: Without patients with doctor's recommendations, clearly, there would be no customers nor jobs.  We provide Medical Recommendations, Cannabis ID Cards, Growers Permits, fast and affordably, 100% online.  In effect, we help fuel the entire Medical Marijuana business at the core. To learn more click here.


Tour Guide
Pay: $15-$30 per hour

Think vinyard tours marijuana style.


With so many buyers and small time growers of Marijuana there is a demand for tours of some of the finer operations. Just like there are tours of wineries where you're shown the fields, grapes, maybe see a short flick on the fermentation process and a tasting event to cap the event off.  The parallel with the MMJ business, is to show tourists the seedlings, adult plants concentrate divisions, edible production facilities and so on.  You can get technical and talk about genetics; what makes a particular strain so grand. This job probably won't pay that well, but is a fun stress free way to enjoy or start in the MMJ business. 


Manager - Business Admin
Pay: $50K to $200K per year

Can you run a retail business?


It you have successfully  run a small retail outlet or even any business for that matter, you're well on your way to qualifying as a Manager of MMJ Business Admin, somewhere, somehow.  Many veteran MMJ growers are not necessarily good businessmen.  They need your help, big time.  With organization and having things like payroll, paperwork, accounts payable and receivable, supplies, utilities and what not taken care of, the talented growers and alchemists can fly.  A great Grower combined with great business admin complemented with people skills is the ticket to many of millions of dollars in profits.  This is no exaggeration.



Pay scale: $20-$30++ per hour

A budtender does exactly what you think might do they do.

A budtender does exactly what you think they do. They serve customers Weed over a counter.  We're talking Budtender here.  He knows everything.  And just like a bar, no establishment is great if the bartender sucks. Budtenders can make or break an MMJ business.

Like a bartender, they talk to the patrons, offer some sage advice, and they know if they like their their cocktails on ice. In the case of MMJ you'd be talking about the different marijuana strains, day and night weed, what knocks your socks off, what's good for the theatre, epilepsy and an instant holiday. 

IT - Apps, E-Marketing, Website
Pay scale: $40-$140 K+ per year

Good great IT people are encouraged to apply their craft

There is a lot of opportunity to make large sums in this sector.  Companies like Leafy and the Cannabist are paving the way. There are literally hundreds of startups making an impact.  Some of the small timers have turned the corner and are hauling in some serious doe.  Anyone that is very creative and was successful in Facebook marketing, E-campaigns, or knows about software and apps that work in a similar business (agriculture, restaurants, supermarkets) can easily adapt to the MMJ business and probably succeed there too. However, the operative word is successful not wanna be.  The MMJ business world does not need any more fake-it-until-you-make-it types.

Retail Shop Owner

Pay scale: $100-$200 K++ per year

Can you manage a 7/11?

If you've been the boss, or even assistant manager of a chain store like 7/11 or some such, you'll probably have the skills required to open your own shop.  If you don't have those credentials, go get them before you break into Marijuana retail.  If you don't know what you are doing, you could lose your house.


With that said, MMJ is a fabulous business to get into if you know what you're doing.  You want to know the lay of the land, the law and have experience with the Medical Marijuana business.  If you are short on knowledge you can get a minor partner or consultant to shore up your weak areas.  There are lottery systems that award MMJ business licenses, and that's a good way to go; win the lottery.  Into the future, it looks like anyone with the financial means will be able to open up a Cannabis shop without state interference.


All said, all done: If you are a solid people person with common sense and a great work ethic, you'll do well in the MMJ business.


Pay: $70-$200 K+ per year
No farmer no Marijuana


Without farmers there is no food in the stores and no marijuana in the dispensaries.  Due to nasty weather, fluctuations in the commodities market, the evil Monsanto and other factors, many very capable farmers barely get by.  Growing top notch marijuana takes a lot of skill, but a good farmer can learn.  There are many good folk on YouTube that can help get you up to speed.  Probably, definitely you want to work in a grow operation before you go it on your own.  Or you can start small and learn the hard way.  Not too much harm done.  There is a lot to know about this plant and its incredible diversity of strains.  If you have a nose for business, there is plenty to learn, such as what strains are in demand today and tomorrow. Also, there are rapidly growing opportunities as a seed supplier.

Seed Harvester

Pay: $20 to $40 per hour

Like Vegas?

Harvesting and selling seeds is a specialized in MMJ farming. To sell Cannabis seeds, you'll have to know the law - well - and be willing to sort through a myriad of paperwork, rules and regulations.  For the brave or ill informed souls, a potential pot of gold awaits them at the end of the rainbow.  There is a lucrative market for the right  seeds and clones - infant plants.  Basically, you don't want to go into MMJ seeds if the profits are needed to pay the mortgage.  If you like excitement, Las Vegas, are clever and tend to be lucky, MMJ Seed farming just might be for you.


Pay: $100K+  per year

Life's not fair, MMJ consultants can and do earn a ton.


Some well placed consultants make a ridiculous amount of money.  Making the big money is about being in the right place at the right time - and last but not least - having the right connections.   People that want to start a Marijuana business, in most cases need critical advice, advice that can make or break the startup. Marijuana law, rules, permits and guidelines for everything Marijuana is required reading.  Specialized consultants can be called upon to assist in concentrate, edible, production, growing, retail setup, collectives and dispensary applications.  If you think you've mastered any particular area in the MMJ business, and you have the ability to convince others of that belief, you're probably going to do well as an MMJ consultation. 

Cannabis Consultants Are A Growing Necessity

"It is clear that the Cannabis industry is in the midst of change. What was once a completely underground market is rapidly becoming legitimate. Accordingly, the industry is attracting a variety of professionals – in the form of both business owners and investors.


It is becoming increasingly obvious that those with the right knowledge, skills, and experience will be able to make a living in the cannabis industry – a comfortable living at that. That being said, it seems that many choose the marijuana market in particular because it is something they believe in on a personal level.


Case and point: Kenny Morrow, who has been a part of the cannabis legalization movement for well over 20 years. As acceptance for medical marijuana grows, the value of industry-specific knowledge continues to skyrocket. As a result, those who have dedicated their life to cannabis may soon be rewarded with legal, well-paying opportunities to use their wealth of knowledge and experience."

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