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How to Pass a Marijuana Drug Test - How to get THC out of your system.


There are several good reasons why you want to learn how to flush marijuana and especially THC out of your system.   In today's weird world, marijuana is legal in half the country and it's a criminal event in the other half.  Cannabis laws are a joke, in that this herb was widely used across America for two centuries before big-business conspired with the Feds to have everything cannabis related made illegal, no matter if the product contained any "drug" component.


Nevertheless, we Americans are caught up in this farce.   So let's deal with it.


If you're employed at mega-corp or the Federal government, you are likely to be subject to anal workplace drug testing.  Certainly, no one employed in a professional position should be taking

real narcotics, and there should be zero tolerance for crack, heroin, fentanyl type substances. This kind of policy is understandable.  However, getting in trouble for one joint or one beer is a travesty, this kind of thing didn't happen even in Nazi Germany, in Mussolini's Italy nor in Stalin's Communist Russia.  American's perhaps deserve their fate, simply by cowering to ridiculous rules brought down by rediculous people.  No matter, it is what it is.


In this farcical paradigm, a THC positive could easily cost you your job, and big brother will have you on file as a drug offender / addict, or what have you.  Likewise, you might be applying for a juicy big-bro job, complete with benefits, holidays.   With that job,you're going to be able to afford a hot partner, a beautiful house, and whatnot.  You can't afford to blow it all on a stupid marijuana positive.


THC and the other cannabinoids are fat soluble, which means functionally that they collect in fatty tissue and remain for a long time.  Some of the THC is transient, and cycles through the blood, liver and urinary tract for a relatively short period of time.  The tactic to clean THC out of your system.  


"People have passed a mouth swab THC test within 48hrs of smoking . People have passed a urine test after 3-4 days, but this is cutting it too close for comfort."


Most THC and its metabolites stay your system, in measurable amounts, for about a week to 10 days.  If you like to partake on a regular basis, it takes longer.  Daily smokers will want to go cold turkey for at a least a month before voluntarily taking a cannabis drug test.

Take Vitamin B, electrolytes and amino acids before any drug test.


The half-life of THC metabolites ranges from 3 to 7 days depending your metabolism. This means that in a week THC metabolites decrease by 50%. In all but the most sensitive tests, THC metabolites clear in 3-4 weeks to the point where they are not detected.  With that said, you don't want to start dieting near test time because THC bound in fatty tissue can be released, creating a positive when you've been "clean" for a whole month.


Understand Marijuana Drug Testing


Normally, the cutoff for THC is around 50 nanograms per ml urine (one nanogram = 1 million mg).  Drinking a bottle of wine the night before will assist in clearing some of the alcohol soluble metabolites.  Before the test and a few hours after eating, you need over hydrate, and drink about 3 quarts of water with electrolytes of Ca, Mg, Na (sodium) especially and K.   The low quality product that Gatorade will do, but a higher end quality product is much preferred.  


Come time to pee, any THC metabolites in your system will be diluted down (reduced) very substantially.   With this said, overhydration more than 6 hours before the test is a total waste of time.  This technique only works the day of the test.

Hydration is key to passing a marijuana drug test.


How to handle an On-site Weed test situation


If your test date is a month off, you can go on a low calorie diet, low fat diet, or juice or water fast two to four weeks out.  One week of low calorie consumption will cause the body to metabolize and burn fat, which also mobilized THC from the tissues.  You must not diet or fast within ten days of testing and in fact, you can go ahead and gain a couple of points.  This technique instructs the body to store fat and not burn it, so most of the THC that remains in the fatty tissues stays put and doesn't show in swab, urine or blood testing.


When you over-hydrate, the urine turns white, which alerts the tester that something fishy is going on.  To overcome this issue, take a vitamin B capsule the night before and in the morning of the test.  You should also take an 1 g amino acid tablet with a couple of grams of creatine on the morning of the test (3-4 hours before D-hour).  Again, the reason being that amino acids that are too low in the urine indicate to the testers that something fishy is going on.

Don't exercise in the two days prior to testing.  This can mobilize THC from the tissues and show up in the blood or urine.  When you pee, let the first two seconds or so of urine go in the toilet before collection.  Urine sitting in the tubes can concentrate the THC.  


There is synthetic urine tests, but we draw the line right there.  That's the line where it's fraud.  

Hydration and taking vitamins is a quite different matter as opposed to faking a sample and if you're caught, you could get in a whole heap of trouble.  

At the end of the day, the way we've suggested to get rid of marijuana out of your system are pretty healthy things to do.  A one week fast, proper hydration, take vitamins and drink some wine.   At the end of the day, drug testing is meant to screen out bad employees.  By adhering to the above program, intelligence, discipline and work ethic is required, and those are the exact qualities that your employer is looking for, or should be.


MMJDOCTORONLINE Notes: If you find yourself in a marijuana testing situation, if might be critical to have a medical doctor's recommendation for marijuana.  Though some corporations and the Federal government might not recognize your Cannabis ID, there are many instances where having legal status - will save your job - and avoid a black mark on big-brother file.  Cannabis ID, 420 recommendations and grow permits are available here, same day.  The process is 100% online, and patients don't pay a fee unless your doctor approves your application.  Our documents are used in California and Nevada dispensaries, delivery services, cooperatives, compassion clubs and other suppliers of cannabis based products and medicines.  


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wikiHow to Pass a Drug Test    Even Wiki is on your side.....


Perhaps you are working for a business that requires a standard drug test, or maybe a drug test is a conditional to a legal settlement. A drug test might use a urine, hair, blood, or saliva sample. It is obviously to your benefit to test negative for drugs.. The best way to pass a drug-test is to understand how long drugs remain in your system and abstain from drug use for the correct amount of time.


Rehab Q&A About Us How to Pass a Marijuana Drug Test – A Comprehensive Guide


A major drug addiction organization want's you to pass the test!  ....  Drug-testing is an industry standard in most countries and cannabis and its major psychoactive component, THC levels are most commonly tested. Despite the fact that many countries have already made rec-marijuana use legal, American law still permits employers to deny employment to anone based on failed cannabis drug test.  For this reason that many people seek a foolproof method to pass a drug test, even if the time frame to do so is very short.

Cannabis -THC detection times based on use.  

One timer  5-8 days
2-4 times / month 11-18 days
2-4 times / week-  23-35 days
5-6 times / week-  33-48 days
Daily use / 49-63 days


Marijuana, Alcohol and Driving


How To Pass A Drug Test For Marijuana


Are you about to get tested for cannabis? Passing a drug test for marijuana is an unfortunate reality for many Americans. Typically testing occurs for those applying for new jobs or those who work in industries where an existing employer has a random drug test policy. Even with the legalization of medical and recreational cannabis in states throughout the country private companies are drug testing more than ever and marijuana is still number one on the list.

How to Pass a Drug Test for Marijuana: What type of drug test am I getting?

First you need to figure out what type of drug test you will receive. The most common type of drug tests performed is a urinalysis which tests for the presence of cannabis and THC in your urine


How to Pass a Urine Test for Weed


A lab-based urine test is performed in two steps: the screening test. A lab takes a urine sample and mixes it with specific chemicals, usually just by dipping the drug test strip that is covered in chemicals into it. In case of a positive result, a confirmation test is performed, which uses gas chromatography/mass spectrometry. These methods are expensive but very accurate.

Drug testing is regulated by the Department of Health and Human Services . HHS-certified laboratories have a cutoff level (minimum concentration for a positive) of THC metabolites in urine @ 50 nanograms per milliliter. If you want to pass the drug test, you don’t need to be absolutely clean, but you must have less than 50 ng/mL of marijuana metabolites in your urine.  A urine test is commonly used for pre employment drug testing, but it can also be used for other random drug testing, e.g., workplace, schools, prisons, and drug-rehab-centers.




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