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Pass a drug test (last minute)


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The Certo method really works just last week I had to take this drug test in order to get this job at Best Buy I smoked 3 days prior to taking the test and passed. I took one of the certo packs with gatorade the night prior at about 2am with 2 500mg B10 pills along with 2 cups of water and then another at about 7:30am 2 500mg B10 pills along with 2 cups of water had the test at 10 am pissed approximately 3 times and PASSED, IT REALLY WORKS NO BULLSHIT (Real Lifesaver! ????????)?

(HOW TO ACTUALLY PASS)One thing im seeing in the comments is that "I failed" or "Didnt work" Then your doing something wrong.. Certo doesn't Cleanse your body, it just coats/ Filters your pee. You Have To and I mean Have to pee around once or twice before the Test so you can empty The last bit of dirty urine out of your system. So you wanna fill the cup with the 3rd piss you take and My friends I Guarantee You will pass TRUST me.. I myself am a heavy smoker im talking i Smoke like 3 bowls an a blunt everyday maybe even more and i'm from Cali so we smoking that Fire ???? Only... But that's it guys/girls... You don't have to come back to this video and comment "omg it actually worked" I don't need to see That because i Know for a fact that it'll work.. i'm 17 an on Probation btw I been doing this since i was 14 Guys....No need to thank me... thank me by Smoking a blunt after your drug test. Stay Smoking My friends........?

After many attempts of failure , I finally passed with certo for probation . You need to drink TWO boxes of it . Put two in each Gatorade and you're good my brothas?

To help everyone, since i see a lot of peoples questions left hanging and not answered, I'm going to tell you my story.  I am 27 years old and was a chronic, chronic smoker since about 12.  The certo(Sure gel) method worked for me about 5 times when i was younger, but with some twists.  My method: Take two packs of certo that come in box and mis with gallon milk jug of water.  Drink this down about two hours before drug test and piss at least 3-4 times.  Also, 2 hours before take a super vitamin b complex pill that will restore yellow color to urine.  If you want to be super safe, start taking creatine a few days before and that will get you past any problems with weight in diluted urine.  HOpe this helps, and stay calm. No matter what happens, its happening for a reason.  Good luck.?

How To Pass A Drug Test Last Minute!


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So you guys got a last minute drug test and smoked weed the night before or month before because weed stays in your system longer then any other drug.. No need to worry get yourself certo which you could get in your local Walmart also lemon lime gatorade to match your piss.. Drink half the gatorade pour the certo package shake it up and drink the rest fill he gatorade bottle with water so your piss doesn't get too yellow do this 2 hours before the test. This process usually just holds the THC in your body it doesn't flush it out. Also guys this is not a 100% guarantee but it worked last time I did this procedure good luck and read down below for exclusive deals and follow us on instagram (link below) if you're into the 420 space duecess! ^^


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Also forgot to mention if you’re taking a swab test all you need to do is just eat and brush your teeth the morning of and you should pass with flying colors.


Drug Screen Lab Test Procedure Explained!


Cannabis might be legal locally, the Fed and your employer may disagree, and reprimand you for testing positive for THC.


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Medical Maura - I describe one of the basic protocols from a urine drug screen/test. Whether it be for pre-employment for a job, post-accident at work, random, or just suspicion by your employer.

Jay Zack Dela - A very informative video. I just have question, just had a pre employment drug test and i accidentally flushed the toilet on my way out of the restroom after i was done peeing. The tech wrote on the consent form under remarks is : Pt flushed toilet. But she didn't request me to do it again. And just continue to put my initials and sign the papers. Will this affect my employment opportunities? Will they redo the test again? Im worried. I really want to land this job. A reply from you would be a big help. It was my first time and i didnt really heard her say don't flush.?


The Cannabis Conundrum for Employees - The Drug Test

Understand Marijuana Drug Testing



veteran who knows his stuff on weed testing


Gravity Records
Refuse drug tests. I personally will never pee in a cup again for any corporate or governmental reason unless forced against my will.
it is degrading and absurd. drug tests do not test for impairment, only past usage. if alcohol or tobacco was similarly criticized or persecuted, there would be riots on the streets. Time to call our senators and congressmen. Find a way to end this national embarrassment. No wonder why unemployment is so high!!!!?

brs rafal
i'm a truck driver and i get random testing by dot
i like to enjoy occasional weed use  but my system is constantly dirty and idk when i'm get hit with random could be tomorrow or in 5 years yea crazy so my number one choice to pass will be someone clean urine number 2 is quick fix synthetic urine they say it works wonders gladly never had to use it but i did test it at home i passed so as long as temp is good i'm good . this is kinda crazy ppl drink everyday and innocent weed is penalized harsh i mean ppl do coke and dope and system is clean in 2 days its not fair?

Lita Villa-Coult
I too gave up my meds for work! Ironically, after a little over 2 years, I ended up helping my father pass on with Cancer, his chemo sucked... and I helped him find some relief with Cannabis, he was so weak I blew it into his lungs for him...yes, I, it did cost me my job on a random within a couple of weeks of my return...I would do it again!  Now, I have been injured even worse and rely on Cannabis Even More, giving it up now would be more painful than I could bear! ?

andrew donohue
its a blatant violation of my rights as a human being. the fact that i have to submit myself to a body search to get a job is disgusting.
the fact that someone can smoke crack and be clean in a week yet if i smoke pot im still positive for THC is also disgusting. the fact that someone can go home and get trashed on booze every night but still have a job but i technically cannot smoke pot at all is also disgusting. i will decided what can and cannot put into my body. alcohol is far more dangerous in every regard?

Dumdumdumdum Dum
I got the job contingent on that I pass the drug test. I just stopped smoking going on 8 days now and the test is a day away.
I took a dollar store test and it's hard to tell if I passed or not. Really I'm commented because I find it crazy that business have the right to drug test you at all for the job, especially weed. It's just more control they have over us, it pisses me off. Also I wonder how many of these do it yourself test for other things like stds, parasites and what have you that they could make available for cheap for the public. These DIY test are somewhat of a recent thing that I notice and wonder if they could have made them available for the public awhile ago but haven't because of the money they make having a doctor do it.?


How Accurate Are Drug Tests?


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Well i smoke Weed like Snoop Dogg i did Drug Test this morning. i did  however use NC STRIP 7 DAY CLEANSE PILLS and although i failed a 20NG/ML Home Drug Test last night Labs Minimum Amount is 50NG/ML more than double of the amount in my home test. The results at the Pre-Employment Test said i passed on all drugs but came up Inconclusive for THC so now there sending it to the lab what will they do to my urine there and should i be worried??


Another confirmation testing method for urine drug tests use LC-MS/MS (liquid chromatography with 2 mass specs). It's basically the same principle, but liquid is the mobile phase instead of gas.  Because you don't have to heat up the sample, you can test a larger variety of drugs and metabolites that wouldn't survive in a GC.  It's much more expensive to run, but pain clinics use them for drug compliance testing (e.g. are you on your prescribed oxy and zoloft?).  Our lab also gets addict recovery clinics and regular doctor's offices too.  Any yes, the point-of-care test shows false positives all the time, but it's useful to have anyway, especially to make sure lab samples weren't switched.  Anytime there's a questionable result or the hint of a switched sample or any other weirdness, we always rerun it just to be sure.  And sometimes we re-rerun it if we aren't convinced it's good.?


I've tested positive for Amphetamines and I have never taken any in my life.  They say cold meds can set it off as positive but the only thing I've taken was Mucinex and I doubt that would cause anything.  The type of test I took was a swab test the one you put in your mouth to get it wet with your saliva.  I requested that they send it for a second test so I'll know next week what the results are.  I should be good because I know I haven't taken any such drugs but for me to come up positive makes me wonder how accurate these drug tests really are.?

I remember getting clean for a little over a month and I failed a drug test. I was so upset. It really depends how much you smoke and what you smoke too. I smoked dabs which are 100% THC and weed that was around 24-28% THC. I was dumb to think I would pass lol.  If you want to get rid of THC from your system a super fast way, try doing a niacin flush. Niacin pills are available at Walmart in the vitamin aisle for like $8 a bottle. Take 2 every hour with lots of water, drink lots of water throughout the day, pee as much as you can, and exercise a little if you can, but DO NOT exercise 24 hours before the test. You will definitely fail.?


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