Sessions good ship lollypop is going down.

Sessions grants convicted opioid maker rights to synthetic THC. This move reminds us of Napolean's Waterloo or Colonel Custer last stand with Americans playing being the victorous foe.

"The big corporations have had their way forever.  The score is 100 to zero.  They have all the money and have the rigged the entire system, save for ten percent, which is probably intended to keep the illusion afloat, that Americans are free and it is a democratic country.  But, the American sheeple have had enough.  There's some fight left in them.   They're not going to stand down on cannabis." - Johnny Rodriguez


It's a bad joke,  synthetic THC is legal and is now in the hands of a Pharmaceutical company that is playing a major role in supplying synthetic opiates that end up on the street.  Meanwhile, with a straight face, the Feds rule THC and everything else in the plant to be illegal and without medical use.   Of course, the Federal Patent office has granted hundreds of medical cannabis patents.  


Let us refer to Google Patent Search.  THC as a search term brings back more than two hundred thousand references, most of which are medical applications.  CBD, the second most abundant phytocannabinoid or active ingredient brings garbers more than twenty thousand patents.  Cannabis brings in more than two hundred thousand entries.  Terpenes, a major component of cannabis essential oil yields nearly four hundred thousand entries, with perhaps a third relating to medical applications.  Of course the US Government holds medical marijuana patents on the organic herb.  


"Cannabis will be the rallying point against the entire pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.  Absolute power corrupts absolutely is not a hunch, it is a certainty.  Pardon my French, everyone that doesn't need the weatherman to tell them which way the wind blows, knows the Fed in totally full of shit on marijuana." - Johnny Rodriguez

So, let there be no doubt whatsoever that the Federal Government has no case, to schedule cannabis as a dangerous drug without medical efficacy.   No one has died from weed, millions of Americans medicate with it, about seventy percent of the country wants it legal, while thirty state groups of lawmakers have seen fit to legalize cannabis in some shape or form.  No, the Feds do not represent the people, nor do they respect medical science, they respect the pharmaceutical companies pay offs.  


"People are wondering where Trump is on all of this Sessions related nonsense.  There is evidence that Trump is in the pocket of deep state, and there is evidence that he's part of a kind of rogue group of billionaires and rogue government factions plus other spooky groups that want to see America return to being a cash cow as opposed to a Venezuela, where the rich rule over a Mad Max state.   In that case, the average American will have a half decent job and have some play in the free market, as opposed to being dirt poor or worse, under the Venezuela model pushed by the Clinton-Bush-Obama backers. We predict that he'll come in and save the day, in a tactical and pragmatic way, perhaps at the point where he needs an instant boost of 10% boost in votes." - Johnny Rodriguez




This is why synthetic marijuana is legal.  The synthetic form is patented and can be manufactured via chemical processes, in a way that maximizes profits.  No matter that Federal funded pioneering work on THC and cannabis, research that proved that the whole herb was far more effective that a single isolated form.  Yes, they knew about the inferior effectiveness of synthetic THC, way back in the 60's through the work of Raphael Mechoulam of Israel.  Mechoulam, known as the father of THC,  is widely recognized as arguably the foremost expert on cannabis, cannabinoids and THC.  


One Google search of THC kills dead the Feds case against organic cannabis.


Feds vs Elite California Marijuana Dispensary

Major Medical Marijuana Dispensary Battles the FEDS - and WINS

cannabis medical patent


By now, anyone associated with cannabis knows that the Fed has been misleading the public since the get go, ever since marijuana was prohibited.   The War on Drugs, really, is a war on the people, to incarcerate and harass, to spoil.  It is a very rotten thing, that costs America hundreds of billions per year.


"They knew that the pharmaceutical and medical industry was bad, but the action of a Sessions to push synthetic THC into the corrupt domain of the pharmaceutical companies while, outlaw they outlaw the natural herb.  It is about total control, cutting out free market entirely.  It is a fascist regime and they ain't no human beings." - Johnny Rodriguez


Adding insult to injury is the scandal of the century, the Opiate epidemic that sees more body bags due to prescription opiate and fentanyl opiates per month than the 9/11.  There will be about four to five thousand street opiate deaths every month this year.   That is more deaths from every school shooting, terrorist event and mass murder for an entire year, per month.  Get it?  

Pot of my Life

History of Medical Cannabis and Hemp in the USA - Part 2


The headlines for this epidemic should be ten times greater than the murderous events that dominate the news, that is if each death is equally important.   A large portion of the opiate deaths comes from over prescription of opiates, to young people, mature adults and especially the elderly.  The situation has gotten completely out of hand, where in some precincts, opiates are prescribed like candy.


Earlier this year, the Federal Government just ended its leniency toward states’ rights for medical marijuana. Attorney General Jeff Sessions overturned a memo that granted federal leniency toward states’ marijuana rights.


“Today’s memo on federal marijuana enforcement simply directs all U.S. Attorneys to use previously established prosecutorial principles that provide them all the necessary tools to disrupt criminal organizations, tackle the growing drug crisis, and thwart violent crime across our country.”

It gets worse – Sessions DEA has just granted a Pharma fentanyl maker a partial monopoly over the sale of synthetic THC – made to mimic cannabis exactly, but it was proven long ago that synthetics are nowhere near as good as the real thing.  Would you rather eat a synthetic steak?  Kiss synthetic girl, make love to a cactus, eat rocks for breakfast all follow from Sessions logic.

weed patents


Jeff Sessions is a Tobacco Man.  He's defended cigarette companies in court against cancer victims.  Now he wants to take away cancer patients marijuana.    But this my friend, is the Waterloo for Sessions, the DEA and the War on Drugs.  This final showdown has been brewing for nearly one hundred years.   And now, the Feds have no legs to stand on, and the American people have had enough.  Enough of the Swamp, enough of the Republicans and Democrats who serve themselves always, and never the people, that is, with very rare exceptions.

In a move that resembles Napoleon's last manuver, Sessions vowed to uphold the Anti-American Controlled Substances Act of 1970 that prohibits the cultivation, distribution, and possession of marijuana and simultaneously, the DEA granted a bad corporate citizen the monopoly on the sale of a synthetic form of cannabis.

THC and CBD are classified as a Schedule 1 drug—meaning the government claims that these phyto-cannabinoids are dangerous, addictive, and have no medical value.  Of course everyone knows that CBD does not have any value as a street drug, because it does not get you high, nor is it dangerous, as the chance of death by consuming cannabis is about as probable as getting hit by lightning ten times in a month, which is to say, zero.


Bad corporate citizen Insys had six former executives and managers arrested on charges that they engaged in a nationwide scheme to bribe doctors to prescribe the opioid fentanyl. Now this same group of drug peddlers was chosen (carefully) to be a major part of a national syndicate monopoly to sell this shit chemical form of cannabis.  God bless America and God Bless Sessions.  


America has had enough.  This is their Waterloo.   Sessions, pack your bags for your one way trip to St. Helena.


MMJDOCTORONLINE NOTES:  Medical Marijuana patients are exempt from California State tax, that saves medical cannabis users up to $80 per ounce.  You can apply online for free - and complete a 420 evaluation by a licensed medical doctor to see if you qualify for a medical cannabis card or recommendation.  The process takes only a few minutes and patients can wait until they are approved before submitting payment.  Document are used at licensed Cali dispensaries, cannabis clubs, cooperatives, online delivery services - like those found on Weed Maps and Yelp.


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"Actually, Sessions actions against marijuana, as is the entire War on Drugs is a felony, a flagrant violation of the law.. Sessions are simply acting as a dictator and is violating his oath to uphold the 10th amendment of the constitution." - Edwin B.




Jeff Sessions announced that the U.S. Department of Justice will "stop protecting" states that have voted to legalize marijuana.  Sessions was slammed by lawmakers on both sides of the aisle following the announcement.

Marijuana users, both recreational and medical are a cooperative, social and laid back group, but in their cause, they have a passion that might be compared to a religious fervor.  If Trump tries to take their marijuana, he is messing with their emotional core, and they will vote as a block.  That marijuana block is roughly 10% of all voters.  Certainly that total will swing just about any recent election.



Jeff Sessions Is Steamed Over Senator’s Cannabis Blockade


After Jeff Sessions stepped up his attack on state-legal cannabis, Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner decided to retaliate by freezing the Trump administration’s Justice Department nominees. It’s now a month into the blockade, and Sessions is steaming.  TFB.

“It’s just getting to be frustrating we’re trying to confirm a number of important component heads at the Department of Justice,” but “we can’t even get a vote!” - Sessions   . MMJDoc, what does this tell you Jeff?

Senator Blocking DOJ Nominees Until Sessions Backs Off


After Sessions stepped up his threats against state-legal cannabis by rescinding the Cole memo in January, Senator Gardner vowed to block Trump administration appointments to the Justice Department. Gardner successfully prevented as many as 11 nominations from going to a Senate floor vote. Sessions said Monday that those positions include the heads of the department’s criminal, civil rights, and national security division


Meet the Lawyer Suing Jeff Sessions to End Cannabis Prohibition


in a lawsuit that could put an end to federal cannabis prohibition, a federal judge in New York acknowledged the healing potential of medical marijuana. “It’s saved a life,She has no more epileptic seizures.”

The judge then turned to lawyers for the federal government, who have argued that cannabis is a dangerous drug with no accepted medical benefit. “If there is an accepted medical use,” he told them, “your argument doesn’t hold.”

The case of Washington v. Sessions has generated great interest. Five plaintiffs, including former NFL player Marvin Washington; 12-year-old Colorado medical refugee Alexis Bortell; youngster Jagger Cotte; US military veteran Jose Belen; and the Cannabis Cultural Association, a nonprofit that helps people of color benefit from cannabis in states where it’s legal, have challenged the constitutionality of the classification of marijuana under the federal Controlled Substances Act




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