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“If someone has a $20,000 crop that mildews, they’ll do what they have to to get it to market.” - Jim Roe, Scientific Director of Steep Hill Laboratory



MMJ patients and doctors are encouraged to well consider the dangers that Organic contaminants in Marijuana born from microorganisms present.


Yes, both man and nature can sabotage the outstanding benefits of your favorite herbal medicine. Patients with serious health conditions, such as immune disorders cannot afford to be breathing in mold spores and nasty bio-toxins.  Bacteria from manure can cause food poisoning in edibles., fungus from humid indoor or outdoor.  


Smoking Moldy Cannabis - You definitely don't want to go there

If your immune system is compromised, smoking moldy weed introduce spores into your lungs where they grow into large mold balls.  This type of infection is difficult to shake and sometimes surgery is the only solution.

PRODUCT LABELING - Cannabis Industry Outperforms other types of Producers



Do a smell test. If your pot smells moldy, bring it back to the supplier.  In our strong opinion, all Medical Marijuana should be screened for mold, certain bacteria, mycotoxins (fungus metabolites), and fungus. 


Gross mold infestation is easy to spot.  Trichomes are the crystal resin factories (biosynthesize THC, Terpenes).  The resin can be confused with mold.  Mold grows on top of the trichomes and looks furry cotton candy under a magnifying glass.  Trichomes look nothing like cotton candy; they are "clean" looking kind of like a glass fiber optic material.


Fungus Spores can Survive Fire!

It is not so much the Fungus that's the issue; breathing  the spores is what causes most of the health problems. The spores can survive almost any kind of abuse; it takes intense hard X-rays to knock them out. So, NO WAY HOSE, you cannot effectively kill spores with fire! 


MMJDOCTORONLINE NOTES:   Patients that want to access Medical Marijuana that has been thoroughly tested for mold, bacteria, cannabinoid profile, terpenes and mycotoxins need to have a recommendation from a licensed California doctor.  Now, MMJ patients can get a legal medical evaluation from a licensed physician online.  This process is easier and more efficient for both patient and doctor.  Click here to apply.  Our staff are glad to serve you from 7 am to 11 pm, Monday thru Sunday.  Our documents are accepted by all licensed Cannabis Delivery Services, Marijuana Clubs, MMJ Dispensaries and Cooperatives in California.



Mold issues in marijuana are almost always due to moisture lock. If marijuana is packaged or cured in air-tight containers while buds are moist , this creates the ideal environment to incubate, or cultivate mold and microbes.  In an example of bad manufacturing practices, a double rig-off, some growers (like supermarkets) add moisture to artificially increase profits. while sometimes degrading the product. 


Photo - Mycotoxins, Molds, & Cannabis

Mycotoxins and Cannabis

While moldy pot and chemicals account for most of the toxic effects of marijuana, there is substantial scientific that cannabis abuse, or cannabinoid hypermesis syndrome is a thing.


Mycotoxicoses are diseases caused by mycotoxins, i.e. secondary metabolites of moulds.

Both animal and human studies have found that in extreme cases, Mycotoxins can cause death. 

It's a shame that too many medical professionals fail to recognize common mycotoxicoses disease.   Exposure to mycotoxins is mostly by ingestion, but also occurs transdermally or by inhalation. 


Mycotoxins in Medical Cannabis are best tested using a liquid chromatography (HPLC / LCMS).  These tests are very sophisticated and very accurate (when done properly).  Major mycotoxins groups include; citrinin, ergot, fusarium, ochratoxin, patulin, and aflatoxins. Aflatoxins are well to be carcinogenic.


Aspergillus is a common, but toxic fungus that inhabits some marijuana plants, given the right conditions. Aspergillosis is a condition where the actual fungus infests the victim's body, particularly the lungs. Fungus and baby spores become concentrated in dark, damp and warm places.  Susceptible individuals will experience allergic reaction, asthma and worse yet, they can get Aspergillosis.


"If you are growing marijuana and notice you have mold on your cannabis plants, you can use some organic fungicide, pure thyme botanical extracts, that kill fungus but are edible and healthy for humans. "


Microbial Testing

"You want to smoke some good shit, not smoke actual shit."


In Micro testing, a prepared weed is essentially placed in a petri dish - then food for the microbes. special nutrients are added - then the petri dish is placed in an incubator under ideal growing conditions (for the organism in question).  A few days later, the petri dish products are analyzed by eye, a microscope and other test methods to determine the actual level and type of microorganism contamination.  As a Medical Cannabis dealer, MMJ patient or doctor you never want to buy Pot that tests anything like this. (illustrated below).


MMJ Micro Test - Result: Bad, Bad Pot


MMJ Micro Test - Bad


Other Testing

While it is not cost effective to text every crop for everything, the bigger growers would do well to buy a microscope and learn how to use it.  With a microscope you check for foreign matter, including, insect parts, rodent hairs, feces, fungi, mildew, mold, and unknowns.  Before you freak out, what we're talking about is MMJ testing that meets or exceeds the industry standards for fruit and vegetables! 

Bacterial Testing - Fecal Coliforms

"The food industry has had it for a long time for salmonella outbreaks on eggs and lettuce, if states are going to allow Medical Marijuana, they should have controlled facilities and monitor those facilities and report to the federal government so there is some measure of safety."


The Ozone all-round solution  for Marijuana Growers - A Virtual Miracle Machine


Aerobic Plate Count (APC)

The aerobic plate count is used as an indicator of the amount of bacteria on a given sample and is valuable in evaluating product quality. While the test is fairly generic and does not differentiate types of bacteria, large numbers of microorganisms can indicate unsanitary conditions.


Coliforms Total & Fecal

Standard food, beverage, water microbiological testing always includes Coliforms bacteria.  Fecal Coliforms are bacteria the comes from feces (shit) The most common of these potential pathogens associated with Coliforms include Enterobacter, Fecal Coliform, and Escherichia Coli  Specific  bacteria that can infest Marijuana include:

  • Salmonella
  • Listeria
  • Escherichia coli 0157:H7


Hopefully this article raises Marijuana Nation Citizens and Rulers awareness about the dangers smoking or eating contaminated or rotten Weed.  If one does a sniff test, looks for mold and asks for a certificate of analysis with their choice of weed, - then we venture to opine that their herb is probably safer than the fruit and vegetables that they eat. 


We like to keep perspective, and remind people that the the LD-50 (dose amount which kills 50% of a human population) for many pharmaceutical drugs is lower than many pesticides.  To restate, some pharmaceuticals are more toxic than some pesticides and herbicides.


At the end of the day, if you take the proper care, chemicals and other shit in your weed should be the last of your worries.



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